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The Final Countdown

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:31 PM GMT on August 25, 2012

August 25, 8:30 AM

The sun is brilliant this early morning! A nice start to the ONE WEEK countdown!

Yes, just one week remains before my daughter's wedding. Very hard to believe we are now this close. The past ten months have been very full months, and at the same time have flown by. And here we are, with only seven days to go.

We are close to ready, but not completely so. A few things are still dangling and I am anxious to be able to call them "done". It is kind of an awkward time - we busily rush toward an exciting day, while also watching my daughter pack her things to leave us and move on to a whole new life. Not easy as a mom. But part of God's plan for life.

Everything needs to be pretty well finished in the next four or so days. At that point we are then into the launch timeline. A party day for all of the girls, two days of decorating and setting up the church, and then it will be here. But, also in the next four days we have two birthdays! One for my MIL and the next day is my other daughter's big day! Yikes!

The weather has not been too spectacular. Just a very few days of heat a couple of weeks ago and since then the morning clouds and cooler weather have prevailed for the most part. A couple of days ago our high was just 70. Today should be quite nice and warm, but this doesn't last too long ahead. The small hint of fall has crept onto the scene. The mornings are dipping back into the 40's suddenly and the decreasing light is making a difference too - both in temperature and just the feel of passing summer. All are signs that our September wedding is very near, even if it is the first of September - surely starting to look and feel more like that month is nearly here.

One unusual weather fact: yesterday was officially our 33rd day in a row without measurable rain. August is typically a quite dry month, but I don't recall any August going this long without any rain. That may change in the next few days, per the forecast, but nothing too harsh appears to be out there.

August 25
Sunrise: 6:18 AM --- Sunset: 8:01 PM (PDT)
(we will lose 3 min. 16 sec. tomorrow)


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