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Dead Calm December

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:24 PM GMT on December 13, 2011

December 28, 10pm
Stormy Days

The weather has changed this week! Stormier and more exciting! Rain has returned and wind along with it. As I wrote on Christmas we had a 38 mph gust, and today the gust topped out at 28 mph, but it has been pretty breezy/gusty for much of the day. Rain is back, for this week anyway. Since Christmas we have added .79" rain. Still not overly impressive - I think the wind has been more interesting, but it is a start on the rain after just about none all month till this point. After a brief break tomorrow, another stronger system may be heading our way. We will have to monitor how this one goes.

Besides the weather, it has been a busy week thus far. Kids coming and going all directions, wedding plans, wedding dress shopping (we have one! But it won't be in our possession until next August!) and a full afternoon with our church wedding coordinator today. Whew! I think when January comes it will be time to rest!

December 25, 11 pm

Merry Christmas!! The day is winding down and just as all of you have had busy days and lots of excitement, it is nice to settle into a chair and just be a little quiet right now.

But before that, I will say that a weather change happened today. The wind blew!! Right around noon today the wind sharply rose and soon we had our highest gust in a long time - 38 mph! It was windy through our brunch time and things blew around on and off of the deck. We found that a section of our gutters (just a few years old) is coming loose from the roof. But overall it was just a little excitement for a brief time. Our lights did blink but no outages, however a lot of places around did end up with several hours of outages today.

We also had a little rain today. More is on the way all week ahead. It is nice to change to the weather we expect in December. We have a few days left to accumulate enough rain to avoid the driest December ever record that we are on track toward - if the rain does not materialize that is expected.

December 24, 9:30 AM

Light rain this morning! Currently 45 degrees and .10" rain for the day. The pattern is changing! Just in time to perhaps keep us from the driest December ever - we shall see!

The larger family will gather here in a few hours, after Christmas Eve service at church, a big dinner that I have to get into the kitchen soon for, and then we shall celebrate the birth of Jesus with gifts aplenty and good times together!


December 21, 11:53 PM

Another quiet day. But it is dipping below freezing this evening.

Sunrise: 7:54 AM --- Sunset: 4:19 PM (PST)
(tomorrow will be 0 min, 0 sec shorter)

Over the Cascades tomorrow to visit Leavenworth, Washington. With five high school girls. Should provide some interesting story material.

December 18, 9:30 AM

After two days in a row of 50 degree days (feeling pretty warm!) this morning it is foggy and murky again. Our biggest rain event of the month came in late last night and we are up to .16" from it so far! Wow! The week ahead looks a little more wet than the previous weeks have been, so things are changing slowly.

Lots to do today! Including going on a caroling outing to homes of seniors that are pretty well homebound. Gotta run!

December 13, 8:20 AM

Our December weather has been the picture of Peace. Nothing has happened! So far two weeks of utter calm.

To be succinct, we have had alternating periods of calm sunshine, dense fog, fog that has lifted higher above us, and lots of frost. No wind. No rain. It has been a cold month for us, and the frosty fog at times has been "the weather" for this month. The majority of days have topped out at just about 40 degrees, and the lows have been in the upper 20's to right about 30. However yesterday under finally sunny afternoon skies we only reached 38 and this morning's low was 25. It has been a remarkably long period with virtually no wind. Our highest wind "gust" so far this month is only 10 mph, and most days it is about 4 mph. The rain has disappeared too. For the first 13 days of this month, one of our traditionally wettest months, we have only received .19"! Hard to believe!

No significant change is coming, either. A couple of weak disturbances may brush by in the next few days, but all indications are that any precipitation may be spotty and/or just nothing but some lazy overcast.

Well, I have enjoyed the fog and the cold air, so all is not lost. It does feel like Christmastime with that nippy air, and the bare trees reaching into foggy skies really says "winter". No fog this morning; just a high (higher than Mt. Rainier!) cloud deck, and a beautiful sunrise a few minutes ago. It won't be long now until that same sun is setting, bringing on the long, dark night.

Now onto a day of Christmas preparation - errands and lunch with my mom, gift wrapping (my worst part of Christmas), and hopefully enjoying a day in the Christmas Season.

December 13
Sunrise: 7:48 AM --- Sunset: 4:16 PM (PST)
(we will be losing 42 seconds tomorrow)

Updated: 6:20 AM GMT on December 29, 2011


A Spell of Quiet Fog

By: PugetSoundPost, 12:33 AM GMT on December 02, 2011

December 6, 11:30 PM

Another round of dense fog this morning, thickening as the sun was rising. Although the fog eventually rose higher, the skies never cleared. Gray and gloomy all day. Our high was 40 after the morning low of 27. Most telling was our high wind of only 3 mph today.

The air stagnation advisory continues today.

It is possible we will see a little drizzle tomorrow to shake things up a bit. A weak disturbance is in the area. But then high pressure is set to resume. I got some Christmas shopping done today with my mom. Had to hurry before she got too tired with it. Now I am too tired to think about it and will call it a night.

December 5, 10:30 PM

Nothing too much has changed weather-wise for us. Dense fog is appearing but not consistently. High pressure is dominating everything. On Dec. 3, Seattle recorded the highest pressure here since the early 1940's! With this, the scenario has been dense fog at times during the night/early morning, or slowly rising fog all day and therefore cold and gloomy, or sunny skies, just like today. It is clear tonight so far, and currently 29 degrees. We have been running close to 40 each day and upper 20's to around 30 each morning. No wind. Our high wind today was 4 mph. Hang onto your hat! A little rain may come on Wed, but then the high will rebuild and no real change to the weather is in sight. The air stagnation advisory is set to continue through the week.

The house is now all decorated and ready for Christmas, but although the house is ready, I can't say the same. Lots to do!

December 1, 4:30 PM

The cold dense fog that we had hanging over us all day has gradually risen this afternoon. I can see some blue sky above now, but in the valley below us there is still fog hanging in the air. We haven't had much fog, so this is a welcome change in the weather. Very high pressure, the highest in a few years, is ruling the land right now and this quiet, chilly, foggy (with possible afternoon clearing) pattern is going to persist for a few more days. A very quiet beginning of December and meteorological winter. Although quiet outside, it does feel like winter! Our high today has only been 40 (but it was middle 30's for many hours) and our low this morning was 30, giving icy windows for some to scrape this morning. At 4:15 this afternoon it is back down to 36. Our high wind today has been 4 mph, recorded around midnight. The rest of the time it has been zero miles per hour.

The sun has set now and the fog seems to be lowering again. I am really enjoying it! It looks like a pattern change may occur in about a week - chance of snow possibly on the horizon!

Life has been busy since Thanksgiving - kids home and out-of-town company in the area, holiday prep and then putting it all away, college application stress (thankfully my daughter met the most important deadline last night!), helping my mother along, and now trying to accelerate into the Christmas season. The quiet weather belies a faster current here on the ground! Hope you all are off to a good start to December!

Sunrise: 7:36 AM --- Sunset: 4:19 PM (PST)
(losing 1 min, 41 sec tomorrow)

Average High Temp: 50
Average Low Temp: 35
Highest Temp for the month: 62 (Nov. 9)
Coldest Temp for the month: 26 (Nov. 20)
Coldest High Temp: 42 (Nov 20)
Highest Wind Gust: 27 mph (Nov. 24)
Wettest Day: Nov. 22 (1.38" rain)
Days of measurable rain: 24

Total Rain for November: 5.09"

Updated: 7:34 AM GMT on December 07, 2011


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