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Deep Into Fall

By: PugetSoundPost, 9:28 PM GMT on October 26, 2011

October 28, 8:00 AM
Rain Coming

A cold front is edging closer this morning, and rain will be here in just a few hours. The sky ahead of the rain is pretty this morning - a solid deck of middle and high clouds, but some interesting textures and shades of gray.

Yesterday started with dense fog for a few morning hours, but glorious sunshine appeared soon enough and it was another picture perfect fall day. A high of 55 yesterday, after two mornings in a row of lows of 37. This morning was only 40, with the incoming clouds. I did go outside yesterday in the sunshine and made another pass around the yard - pulled out more spent flowers and put away the last of the deck chairs for the season. Kind of a nice feeling to put things away snugly and anticipate what winter may bring.

October 26, 2:30 PM

I haven't written much this month. In some ways there hasn't been a lot to report, but nonetheless the season has been marching on and bringing subtle changes that do add up over time.

Since I last wrote, we have averaged 61 degrees for highs, not counting today yet, which so far at 2 pm has only reached 49. The middle month dry spell has ended and we have had six days of rain in the last ten so far. There is a chance of some rain today, but so far it is dry, in spite of a solid cloud cover. A weakening front is in the state, so some amount of rain can't be totally ruled out.

Autumn color is perhaps peaking and on the sunshiny afternoons that we have had at times recently, the color is glorious! Those hours of calm sunshine turn into picture postcard autumn scenes. Then the clouds roll back in and the dreary part of autumn returns. Leaves are beginning to drop, but they still have a long way to go before the trees are really bare.

This morning here at my house we dipped into the 30's for the first time since the middle of last May, but only down to 37. No frost threatening yet. So while winter has not arrived for us, I think it is creeping closer. The temperatures are taking a step down, both today and for the forecast ahead, beginning to make 60 look a bit more unreachable, but still not impossible. Fall has certainly deepened and with the near passing of October already, winter is not too far away. Last year at this date we were less than four weeks away from a significant snowfall, which is something to keep an eye out for, given that another La Nina winter is due. I'd be happy with just a good old-fashioned NW "fall storm" most anytime now.

October 26
Sunrise: 7:43 AM --- Sunset: 6:01 PM (PDT)
(losing 3 min, 11 sec. tomorrow)


By: PugetSoundPost, 5:22 AM GMT on October 12, 2011

October 16, 6 pm

The weather changed again. Since I wrote on the 11th, the pattern changed right away. We haven't had any rain since then, more sunshine at times, but also a cooling trend. The highs over the last five days have averaged 59. The lows over the same period have averaged 43, so a pretty rapid decline since even a week ago.

Today has been mostly cloudy, with some fog this morning. The sun did come out and burn off the stratus late this afternoon, so currently it is mostly clear, but also 49 degrees at 6 pm. Our high today was our coolest of the season - only 52 degrees. We are expecting a brief warm up over the next two or three days and more sun, so we are still a little flexible with ups and downs, but fall is definitely digging in deeper in the Pacific Northwest.

October 11, 10:15 PM

Lots of water under the bridge since I last posted. We are now into middle Fall and the weather has paved the way. Without bogging down with a lot of specifics, suffice it to say that when we turned the page to October, a switch seemed to be flipped and dry and sunny September was taken off the tracks. October has mostly been gray, overcast, cooler and a lot of off and on rain. Today is the 11th day of the month, and we have had 11 days of measurable rain. For the most part it has been in small amounts. Until today.

This was our most stormy day of fall so far. A high wind of 24 (actually it was 25 mph yesterday, but only a little rain) and it was blustery all day (our power was out for 1.5 hours this morning) along with periods of hard rain, coming in bands all through the day. At this hour we have totaled .61" today. And for the month we are up to 1.72". Temperatures have struggled into the low 60's, sometimes only the 50's, with today's high of 60, during a quick but partial sunbreak, as pretty representative of the month, but the nights are not dipping too much yet. Trees are beginning to turn more colors, and in the wind today, leaves were starting to swirl across the streets a little more. Certainly Fall.

Moreover, more than a season shift has taken place. So has life. My eldest daughter, I am pleased and happy to announce, is now engaged to a wonderful young man! Pretty exciting times around here - our first to accomplish this milestone! No date yet and it won't happen for quite awhile. The engagement occured on Saturday, the one exception to what I wrote above. Saturday was a beautiful and sunshiny day, although not necessarily expected to be so terrific. Just perfect, for a perfect day for my daughter!

October 11
Sunrise: 7:21 AM --- Sunset: 6:28 PM (PDT)
(we will lose 3 min. 22 sec. tomorrow)

Settling Into Fall

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:20 PM GMT on October 04, 2011

October 4, 8:20 AM

Since I last wrote the weather here in the Pacific Northwest has changed. I believe gone are the days in the 80's, which we enjoyed not too many days ago. Fall has settled in around us and its footing seems more sure. Although it is still Early Fall for us.

The temperatures are still pleasant, bouncing from the low 60's to low 70's, depending on the cloud cover. The nights are not too chilly either, ranging from the upper 40's to around 50 for lows. Markedly increasing rain chances do let us know that Fall is here. So far nothing too dramatic rain-wise, but we have had measurable rain each day of the month so far. That is a pretty big shift from what ended up being a noticeably dry August and September.

Fall color has not arrived substantially yet. There are tinges of color here and there, but so far it is quite meek. I look forward to the time when the trees are colorful, but at the same time are dropping those leaves in large amounts, and ideally they are swirling around on a gusty fall day. That time is not here yet.

Rain showers are in the forecast off and on for the next few days. Some days may wind up dry, sprinkled in with the rainier ones. Typical. I do see that the temperatures are trending down over the next week. It looks like reaching even 70 is starting to fade further away from our grasp, which is no surprise either.

We still have garden and yard work to do and I need to think about digging out sweaters and fall recipes again. And, what about a few fall decorations in the house? Lots to keep me busy.

October 4
Sunrise: 7:11 AM --- Sunset: 6:42 PM (PDT)
(we will lose 3 min. 24 sec. tomorrow)


Average High: 77
Average Low: 53
Warmest Temp: 89 (on the 4th and 11th)
Coolest Temp: 44 (on the 29th)
Warmest Low: 63 (on the 23rd)
Coolest High Temp: 62 (on the 26th)
Highest Wind Gust: 31 mph (on the 25th)
Wettest Day: 9/18 (.29" rain)
Days of Measurable Rain: 8

Total Rainfall for September: .97"

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