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Summer, Officially Only

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:14 PM GMT on June 21, 2011

June 24, 8:15 AM

Summer Rain

A first-hand dose of western Washington "summer weather" hit me yesterday, or last evening specifically. Our summer swim league (outdoor) is well underway, and last night's meet proved quite memorable. While the meet started rather benignly, under partly cloudy skies and sunbreaks, it sure didn't end that way. Soon after I began a timing shift, those sunbreaks were long gone and the rain set in! Not surprisingly, actually, since before I left home I had commented that I think we will have rain before the night ends. Just didn't think it would be as wet as it turned out to be. Well, it surely rained and rather hard at times too. All of the volunteers that were stranded on deck to keep the meet running were soaked! And, how about writing swim times in pencil on soaked through paper?? With only a handfull of seconds before the next event starts? Officials were rushing the events very fast and I would go on and say it was a very hectic evening. But it was fun too - three of us working in our lane to keep it going and laughing along the way.Plus then tearing down and putting everything away late in the evening - soaking.

I had expected possible passing showers, or maybe more of a drizzle, but this was quite a bit more than that. In the end we totaled .24" here at home and thankfully it wasn't too cold out there - after all this is summer (ha!) but standing wet for too long does take a toll on your "chill factor" - after all, this is not Hawaii either! Steam blowing off the pool surface felt good when it suddenly nudged past me. Ahh, the joys of our summer.

Ever since the first day of summer this week, it had downgraded into cloudy and cooler-than-hoped days. Rain and drizzle at times as well, even before last night's soaking. This morning is cloudy and heavy again. A low centered over western Canada is directing our weather and it will continue for a few more days. Below normal temperatures and cool showers are on tap for the foreseeable future.

Already we are losing 18 seconds of daylight by tomorrow. The march toward winter is starting to organize its troops up and out of bed, pulling on their boots and stumbling to the morning camp coffee pot, moving slowly toward organizing into march formation.

June 21, 7:15 AM

A nice start to the morning is underway, heralding in the beginning of summer! Some high, benign looking clouds are filtering the sunshine a bit, but not too much as a write. Bright sunshine is beaming in the window - a welcome sight, given that so many mornings lately have been gray and dull. Today promises to be a pretty nice day with temperatures climbing to more summer-ish temperatures well into the 70's.

But it will be quite short-lived, and may not even live to the end of today. A weak ridge overhead is going to move east of the Cascades this afternoon, allowing yet another offshore trough to approach and spread marked cooling, another deep marine push, and by tomorrow night into Thursday we should be well-shrouded again under heavy stratus clouds, drizzle, and even light rain for the next few days. Wow.

Today is supposed to be the warmest day of the week, but yesterday later afternoon turned out quite nice and bright. An entire day of that would be wonderful, rather than just the last handful of hours in the day.

Well, even though the calendar page turns to "summer", everyone in the NW knows that summer does not really start until sometime in July, usually after the 4th. And, summer hasn't quite started for my high school daughter, either. The last day of school for her is not until tomorrow!! Too many extra days this year, due to snow that mostly never fell! But, that could be the subject of a whole 'nuther story. Meanwhile, I will take our cat to the vet today to have a tooth pulled. I'm sure he is looking forward to that!

June 21
Sunrise: 5:10 AM --- Sunset: 9:10 PM (PDT)
(losing 2 seconds tomorrow)

Flower Weather

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:46 PM GMT on June 13, 2011

June 18, 10:20 PM

A wet day today! Cloudy all day, cool, and light rain fell for a lot of hours beginning overnight and into the afternoon. It never rained very hard, but just kept it up for a good portion of the day. A little system dropped down from the Gulf of Alaska. Our high today was 60, but I never saw it that warm. The low this morning was 52 - very pleasant. And the rain totaled .41". The lawn is still green and the flowers are enjoying the weather - both are certainly nice perks to the cool season.


June 13

Rain is back this morning. Lightly, but steadily enough to total .09" so far. A pretty gloomy looking day outside. Currently 54 degrees and a little breeze.

I am ok with the rain today. It has been quite a few days since we have had any rain worth speaking of, and it is time for Nature's Watering Can to pitch in and water the lawn, garden, and flowers.

Speaking of flowers, I think they have really enjoyed the weather we have been having this month. We haven't had any heat (two days of 80 degrees a week ago, but none since) and the typical 60's and a few 70's seem to really benefit the flowers. June is our best flower month - the flowers are their most vibrant colors and the plants look so fresh and vigorous. Cool summers prolong their beauty, in my estimation, and when they are over-stressed in heat, they decline well before I am ready for them to do so. A nice perk of this possibly cool entire summer would be an extra nice floral display that lasts a good long time. June is not always really a good indicator of how the entire summer may turn out, but for now I think the flowers are happy. We still have rhododendruns blooming all over, providing lots of large beautiful reds, purples, pinks and whites doting the landscape.

Something else that is providing a good boost of energy and enthusiasm is our long hours of sunlight right now -nearing the peak at the summer solstice. We still have daylight until around 10 pm and by 4-ish AM the light is returning. This is something to really enjoy and makes such a difference in how one lives the day. Unfortunately, we don't typically have the weather to thoroughly enjoy all those hours of daylight until later in the summer when the sun has already turned its march toward winter, although it does change slowly for awhile.

The week ahead looks like it won't be quite as nice as last week, which was pleasant and comfortable, even if not too sunny. Low pressure systems are impacting us this week, beginning today, and since the summer months are our "dry season", none of these systems pack very much punch, but enough to keep us under clouds, damp, and cooler. I see that light snow may fall in the higher passes this week! I will look for some opportunity to just sit out on the deck, under a roof, and listen to the rain pitter-patter on the nearby trees - that is a summer activity too!

June 13
Sunrise: 5:10 AM --- Sunset: 9:07 PM
(gaining 37 seconds tomorrow)

June Begins, Rain Continues (but hope for sun soon!)

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:14 PM GMT on June 02, 2011

June 7, 10 PM

Quick note this evening with our stats for the day:
Today's high only reached 58 degrees (low of 50). This is a 20 degree drop from yesterday's high of 78, and Sunday brought 82! So after the VERY NICE weekend, what a change today! Heavy clouds, so much cooler, breezy (high wind of 23 mph) and even .07" rain; misty drizzle this morning, and more substantial showers this afternoon. Today was basically a pretty crummy day, for any June 7.

June 4, 10:15 PM
What a Delightful Day!

Our best day since last September! Our thermometer hit 80 as our high today! Hooray! Beautiful sunshine and blue sky - ahhh....

I wasn't outside nearly enough but the warm breeze blowing through the house felt good. I'll take some more, please!

June 3, 10:10PM
Sunny Start to Weekend

Now to write about the part in the title of this piece that expresses hope for sun!

Today has been a fine start to the promised sunny weekend! A few scattered puffy clouds this morning quickly gave way to a very pleasant, sunny day. Our high reached 72 - very nice but just a positive foreshadowing of what a truly nice summer day could be like a few degrees warmer. However, after the spring we have had, a day of 72 seems just wonderful! Our morning low was 46, which was a little cooler than we have had lately (too clear!) so it took awhile through the morning to warm up more thoroughly. Both tomorrow and Sunday should maybe be a little warmer and the sunshine is sooo welcome!

My daughter's high school band played in a local park this evening for a Kirkland event, and it was festive with venders, farmer's market, and neighbors. Just adding to the feel that summer is now close at hand!

June 2, 8:15 AM

Just when you think the page may be turning, and although the calendar did turn yesterday, hopes for a turn in the weather as well have dimmed a bit. Not gone, just dimmed.

The last several days have been a mix of clouds and sun with some drippy rains 'sprinkled in'. The temperatures have remained mostly in the 60's but the rain has not totaled very much. At times there has been a lot of overcast, then at times the sun would make scattered appearances. When the sun does come out it gives an entirely different atmosphere - hopes of summer! Just so stubbornly short-lived, unfortunately.

The page did turn to June and rather than lifting our hearts, I think most of us have experienced quite a sinking-heart feeling. June 1 could have easily passed for January, the way it looked outside, if you could mentally remove the leafy trees. A heavy, solid, low-hanging sky and more substantial rain to match. Steady rain settled over us for quite awhile, and in the end we had .23". There were some broken patches in the sky in the evening, but showers rolled over from time to time, erasing any clearing. The high temperature yesterday was only 62, but for much of the day it was in the upper 50's. Today is no different. Another very socked-in sky and steady light rain. So far this morning we are up to .14" and it is currently 49.

Hope always remains, however! This weekend is promising a big improvement, beginning on Friday. After a series of upper lows that have been hanging over us for too long finally move away for awhile, beginning tomorrow high pressure should start to build, drying and stabilizing the atmosphere; at least for a couple of days. The weekend should be much sunnier and warmer - into the 70's and maybe even an 80 here or there!! Hurry outside! But it just won't last. By late Sunday or certainly Monday, the marine push will drive the clouds back over us and chill us down below normal again for next week. But rather than dwell on next week, we have the weekend to look forward to! We still have garden plants to get into the ground, a few more flowers to plant, a lawn that needs mowing, and unfortunately our schedule over the next handful of days doesn't have much space for these activities, mainly the planting ones.

June 2
Sunrise: 5:14 AM --- Sunset: 8:59 PM (PDT)
(gaining 1 minute 28 seconds tomorrow)

May Stats in Review:

Average High: 64.4
Average Low: 44.3
Highest Temperature: 76 (5/20)
Coldest High Temperature: 53 (5/2)
Coldest Low Temperature: 37 (5/1 and 5/4)
Warmest Low Temperature: 49 (5/15, 5/29 and 5/30)
Highest Wind: 22 mph (5/26)
Wettest Day: May 14 (.73" rain)
Days of Measurable Rain: 18

Total Rain for May: 3.03"

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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