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Cold and Off and On Snow

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:31 AM GMT on February 27, 2011

February 27, 10 PM

Rain returned today, but snow doesn't feel too far off. In fact, there is a threat of a little snow overnight or tomorrow morning, plus another threat later this week; however probably most likely a little higher than us and further from the water (further east a bit). Nonetheless, the low snow levels are still with us and at the least we may see a rain/snow mix.

Today proved to be stormier than I was expecting and was a nice indoor day. A system dropping down from the Gulf of Alaska gave us cool temps (high of 41), high wind gust of 30 mph and blustery all afternoon, and rain. This evening is back down into the 30's and still rainy at times, as well as breezy. A hot drink may be calling my name about now!

February 26, 9:30 PM

Although we didn't get a lot of snow, it has been a wintry several days. The cold air that shot out of Canada has settled nicely around us. For late February, winter is certainly still here, or made a nice comeback after all those dull weeks.

Today has been overcast all day with off and on light snow showers that barely accumulated much of anything, in spite of the cold temperatures and length of time that snow has fallen. The tiny little flakes were mostly interested in swirling around. The high today was 34 and the low this morning was 19.

A transition to warmer air, and rain, is supposed to occur overnight, or perhaps mostly on Sunday, but the snow levels won't rise dramatically and the rest of the week looks active - rain, rain/snow mix, chances of just snow, and maybe even blustery, and cool temperatures. Currently a nice little band of snow is just north of us, with maybe a potential to drift south toward us tonight. It still sounds good to be indoors for awhile and spring fever hasn't hit me yet.

February 26
Sunrise: 6:55 AM -- Sunset: 5:48 PM (PST)
(gaining 3 min, 25 sec. tomorrow)

Updated: 5:52 AM GMT on February 28, 2011


Mostly Dashed Expectations

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:35 AM GMT on February 24, 2011

February 25, 11 PM
A beautiful, but cold day today - mostly sunny skies and great views. But, again, cold! The official high was 31. The low this morning was 20. Currently in this late evening hour it is 23 degrees here. We just returned from dinner out in Seattle, and walking this evening was quite bracing outside!

Change comes tomorrow as the flow shifts again to onshore and it starts to warm a bit, bringing rain. Some areas may see snow before it shifts to rain, but the immediate area around here will probably be precipitation-shadowed again, during the potential snow hours, by the Olympics with the westerly flow. Cool rain will be back for the next several days.

February 24, 10:45 PM

Currently we are sitting at 26 degrees as the cold Canadian air continues to filter in over us on the northerly flow. Today turned out to be a day with some character. Most of the afternoon gave us snow showers, under often blue or blue-patch skies! Kind of fun. Oh, there were clouds too, but amazing how much sun/broken sky there was for it to be snowing during some of those showers. I was inside, painting the whole day, and the snow falling outside the windows was a picturesque scene.

Our high today was 37, low is the current 26, which it also reached this morning. The snow mostly did not stick, but some did, adding perhaps another half inch to our total.

We are looking now for record lows and wonder how low it will go, between tonight and Friday night?

February 23, 10:30 PM

It has been a busy day today and I didn't take time to write here, but also I was sort of holding out to give the weather the benefit of the doubt and hope that maybe it would pull through and fulfill expectations. But, apparently those expectations were highly inflated. The expected snow of this morning did not happen. We had a dusting overnight, and then some more sleet showers in the post-dawn couple of hours. Beyond that a few scattered flurries passed by, but again with well above freezing temperatures, no dice as far as sticking. Our high temperature, just before 2 pm reached a surprising 41, aided by some mild sunbreaks. A pretty futile day "watching the sky". To be fair, it DID snow in most of the rest of western Washington - north (especially!), south, east, and west of us, leaving us in a big fat donut hole. The Seattle metro area was all in the same boat, likely greatly shadowed by the Olympics. And the Arctic front was slow to move south. Too bad the city was turned upside down getting ready for the Big Snow, and poof! Gone. On the positive side, it did make my 6 am run to Seattle this morning (actually 2 roundtrips between 6-9 am) unexpectedly easy. I see that in those other places around us that DID get significant snow, it ranged from 6-16 inches! Pretty good for this area!

And, to finish up the story about today, the tide turned a bit by this evening. The wind finally shifted to the north (those southerlies were just too much for the earlier snow) and the Arctic air started to sag into our area, dropping the temperature and allowing the light snow showers to begin to stick. However, we still have only just a skiff of snow - enough to turn the road white and the easier ground and trees to cover. Currently it is 28 degrees and snow could continue off and on through the night and into Thursday, when it is supposed to be quite a bit colder than today - and record lows are on the way - falling into the low to middle teens. It could be that cold becomes the biggest story out of this for us.

Updated: 6:54 AM GMT on February 26, 2011


Wintry Mix Day, Prelude to Snow Day

By: PugetSoundPost, 7:48 PM GMT on February 22, 2011

Feb. 22, 10:30 PM
Update: Snow showers off and on through much of today, but the temperatures staying well above freezing allowed only marginal sticking. A little more this evening has given a little light slush to the ground. Our high today was 44, mostly an outlier temperature for the day, as most of the time it was in the 30's, it seemed like. The low so far is 32, which is about where we are currently, and .19" precipitation.

We are still on track for a much more significant snow tomorrow. We wonder how much will pan out? The latest forecast allows for up to a foot being possible if the right portion of the storm parks overhead in any given area, with the idea that the Arctic front may stall for awhile, likely further north from us as it makes its way south, but timing seems somewhat uncertain. For us here in the Kirkland area I do not expect nearly that much. A good 2-4 inches seems more likely. We'll keep a weather eye out overnight. Still wondering about my scheduled 6 AM run into Seattle too....Hmmm.

February 22, Noon

Just returned from a couple of roundtrips into Seattle (Mom's Taxi Service) and had quite a mix of weather styles during it all. A wintry mix is the summation - rain and sleet were common under heavy, dark skies. Then, a bit later, a few sunbreaks occured along the way. It has hovered in the mid to upper 30's and just now in late morning it is beginning to crack 40 a bit. Up around Lynnwood and Everett the convergence zone set up, giving pretty nasty driving conditions - snow, sleet, etc, and accumulation. We are on about the southern edge of all that.

Today is the day for the Winter Weather Advisory that was hoisted this morning; tomorrow is the day for the previously issued Winter Storm Watch (probably moving to Warning this afternoon). Tomorrow looks like a pretty messy day ahead - several inches of snow possible, cold deepening, and nothing but trouble on the roads. I am scheduled to be back in Seattle early tomorrow morning, and now I see the snow may reach the metro area by then, before the commute.

Updated: 6:32 AM GMT on February 23, 2011


Frost on the Primroses

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:20 AM GMT on February 21, 2011

February 21, 9:20 PM

Snow is creeping closer, in fact personal reports tell of it being within blocks of us - which really means the snow level this evening is about 100 feet higher than we are. So far as I know, by looking out into the dark and by the sound hitting our deck, we have just been rain this evening, but I would venture a guess it may be lumpy rain. Currently it is 35. An inch or so of slush is possible on the hills tonight, and maybe tomorrow as well. Another day today in the mid 40's, low this morning of 30 under mostly cloudy skies and not too much sun. The rain moved in this evening.

The bigger interest story is the Winter Storm Watch we are under for Wednesday. Arctic air will be spilling in from Canada, down through the Fraser River Canyon, with pretty steep pressure gradients, giving the folks a couple of counties north of us potentially some strong winds, and gradually through the day most of us in western Washington considerably colder air. Moisture should be available to produce a decent snowfall on Wednesday into Thursday, with several inches possible, although not guaranteed. Temps will fall rather drastically as the week goes on - well below normal. Likely staying in the 30's for highs in a few more days. I'll update all this tomorrow, as the event gets nearer. Around here you can't plan on anything like snow too soon!
UPDATE at 10:30 PM: It was noted a little while ago that the snow level dipped a notch to reach us and we have a little slush dusting currently at 33 degrees. Hoping for something better later this week!

February 20, 10:20 PM

Lots of blue sunshine this weekend, but that is passing, the clouds are on the increase, and rain and snow are in the offing.

Saturday was a stellar blue day, but nippy and breezy, which kept the comfort level down outside. Today was a wonderful blue, too, with mostly calm conditions, but chilly again. In fact, COLD this morning - low of 26 here at home. The sunshine brought the official high up to 45. A pretty frosty morning.

Frosty is a good way to think of the coming week. Multiple dynamics on Monday will likely produce rain showers, probably later in the day/evening; but after Monday things start to look a lot more interesting than they have been looking for oh, so long. Colder modified Arctic air and onshore moisture are leading to the potential for a significant snowfall here in the lowlands! It will be fun to watch this development over the next couple of days. So often it falls through, but not always, so all we can do is wait and see. Cold and snow - winter revives itself!?

February 20
Sunrise: 7:06 AM --- Sunset: 5:39 PM (PST)
(gaining 3 minutes, 19 seconds tomorrow)

Updated: 6:36 AM GMT on February 22, 2011


Winter Reappears

By: PugetSoundPost, 12:30 AM GMT on February 16, 2011

February 16, 10:15 PM

A beautiful morning this morning - clear blue skies and sunshine. A nip in the air, though! By afternoon showers started to drift over, as expected, and by late afternoon a heavy shower brought down some hail. We ran mostly in the low 40's all day, in spite of the sunshine. Our low this morning was 35, but currently it is 36, so a cooler night ahead.

Tomorrow probably will be much the same as today, they say, sunbreaks and showers, gradually cooling further, and the chance of snow showers. Some snow fell in showers in a few places around western Washington today, but for the most part just rain. And not too much of that. A nice time to be indoors turning the house upside down and continuing our painting project.

February 15, 4:30 PM

Winter has made a new appearance, after visiting elsewhere for much of 2011. With that blocking ridge finally uprooting and heading east, and a trough taking its place, the systems are aggressively moving inland for the time being. The situation began to unfold over the past weekend and yesterday turned out to be a pretty volatile day, as described last night. Today has been calmer, so far, but some heavy weather potential is in the forecast for today, although I am thinking the heaviest may not develop, at least here.

The cold upper level trough that is offshore, but working its way east, is pumping in colder air, and it is considerably cooler already than a couple of days ago. The high today was 47 here, only after some sky-brigtening early this afternoon allowed a little warmth, but most of the day has run about 42-43. Lots of dark overcast and occasional showers have dropped .25" rain today, to this point. During the night we hit a 25 mph gust. Atmospheric instability, the cold air filtering in, a strong jet aiming this way, could lead to the development of strong thunderstorms and gusty winds, but not much evidence of that yet. Cool showers will be the general rule for the next few days. And, perhaps even cooler again, when by Thursday more cold air dropping in from the north may give us another shot of snow for the end of the week and into next weekend and early next week. A lot of variables need to be worked out and come together, but the snow level should be dropping to around 500 feet, allowing the usual "higher hills" to at least maybe see some snow, then perhaps even lower several days from now.

La Nina seemed to be fading, as I have talked about here before, but maybe it is just getting a second wind at this "late" date, at least for a little while, when we were starting to get lulled into thoughts of spring ahead. This website has a feature article just today about the idea that La Nina may already be fading and be basically gone in just a few more months, but we may just be actually feeling it a bit more finally, this late in the season! Certainly our pattern has become far more active than it has been for many weeks.

February 15
Sunrise: 7:14 AM --- Sunset: 5:31 PM (PST)

Updated: 6:13 AM GMT on February 17, 2011


Weather Activity Rising, With the Wind

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:25 AM GMT on February 13, 2011

February 14, 9:15 PM

Happy Valentine's Day! I'd say the day took an interesting twist, especially this evening. We just completed a 2.5 hour power outage - hitting in the middle of cooking dinner. It is a long story, but now I have tried just throwing spaghetti noodles into previously boiling water (but hadn't been truly boiling for awhile, but still hot) and letting them coast with no further heat, and also baking cookies with about 2 minutes of baking time and letting them coast for a half hour or so. Both the noodles and the cookies turned out fine and our impromptu candlelight dinner was quite fun!

Another one of the series of systems lining up for its turn swung through shortly before the power outage- strong wind hit suddenly (topping out at 36 mph), and once again heavy, squally rain was lashing at the windows. The worst had seemed to pass and quiet down somewhat, when suddenly we were standing in the dark! It is still pretty breezy outside, but the rain has eased off.

The high today was cooler - down to 49, low this morning of 42, and so far we have .61" rain today. This afternoon I ran into a gullywasher rain on the freeway, so it has been a much more exciting weather day. A substantial cooling trend is on its way in a couple of days, and for the near term, at least, it looks like by some surprise La Nina may finally be making a little noise for us! More on this in my next post.

February 13, 10:30 PM

The in-between day today - but that has passed now. Most of the day was dry and a little sunshine at times as well, giving us a little more warmth than we are really used to. But, around 8 PM tonight the next round of rain reached us. It has been light rain ever since, and now totals just .21". Our high today was 55, low this morning of 41.

A warm front is moving up from the south tonight and the rain will continue for several hours as it more or less stalls until well into Monday. By middle of Valentine's Day the interest level should pick up as a sharp low will be passing northward along our coast. Areas could see a pretty windy day tomorrow, along with heavier rain from the strong cold front. Tuesday has another system in store, and then a cooling, but probably also drying, trend for the last part of the week. Well, it is nice to have a little more bout of winter and stepped up activity on the weather front here in western Washington.

February 12,

After many days (weeks?) of rather quiet weather, change has come. The pattern has finally cycled over and the weather activity is rising nicely. Today has been one of our stormiest of the winter! That ridge of high pressure that has been stubbornly parked offshore for so long has shifted east. Now the systems that have been avoiding us at all costs are plowing in, at least for the next few days.

Overcast set back in yesterday, with seemingly a promise of rain, but the whole thing stalled and other than a few stray spritzes of water on the windshield, no precipitation occured. The first half of today was much the same, but southerly winds shot the temperature up much higher than expected, even with the oncoming rain and increasingly lowering ceiling. Our high today, shortly after noon, was a remarkable 57 after a 41 degree low. We have been running between 47 and 52 for highs all of February.

By early afternoon the wind picked up much stronger rather quickly, and we recorded a gust of 37 mph at 2:33 pm. Without taking time to check back through my records, I think that may be about the highest wind of the season! The other story was the rain, which arrived by 3:00, and with the blustery and gusty winds,it came down rather hard at times,lashing at the windows, and so far we have .48". I think it has stopped raining now since the front has passed, but showers are possible, while the winds have eased considerably at this hour as well. For a few hours the weather had quite a bit of kick to it, and that was a welcome change!

We are expecting a quiet spell until later on Sunday when another warm front comes through, and another chance of windy weather on Monday when a fairly deep low passes by offshore heading north. There are model differences on how close to us it will pass, thus some uncertainty on wind strength and location. So rain and stormy weather is on tap for the next few days and beyond that temperatures are likely to fall back below normal for awhile too. We have stumbled back into a shot of winter and that is fine with me; for now.

February 12
Sunrise: 7:19 AM --- Sunset: 5:26 PM (PST)
(gaining 3 min, 11 sec tomorrow)

Updated: 5:18 AM GMT on February 15, 2011


Tame Start to February in NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:41 PM GMT on February 02, 2011

February 10, 10 PM

Change is on the way tonight. The ridge will move east and a front will be on the doorstep tomorrow.

Today was a beautiful day again - lots of sunshine, high of 50, low of 29 this morning. When the sun shines, it is beginning to have a little hint of early spring weather in the air; but we will be setting back now for the next week with a pattern change occuring. More on it next time.

February 9, 10 PM

Another little entry: Frost was in the air this morning as we dropped down to 27 as a low - our coolest in some time. The sun was out brightly for the day and we made it up to 50. A pretty nice day.

Thursday will be dry, but after that change is on the way. The offshore ridge will finally slip east and rain will start to find some openings. The weekend looks more wet and next week could be too, as well as cooler.

February 6, 11 PM

A quick little entry tonight as a weekend update:

After our quiet lull for the last several days, this weekend did give a little more pop than we have seen in awhile. Still nothing too extraordinary, but enough to wake us up a little bit. We've recorded .71" rain combined from Friday through today, with Saturday being only damp. A series of systems have rolled through, and the cold front today and this evening has had the most zip, bringing gusty winds with its passage. Our highest wind was 26 mph, with a sustained period of time gusting often into the 20's this evening. Our high was 49 today, with a dark overcast all day.

February 3, 7:50 PM

Kind of a strange day today. It seemed to threaten rain most of the day, but no soap. Someone in the family thought they saw about one raindrop on their windshield, but I never did and so far nothing for today. Apparently we are being rainshadowed by the Olympics, which has cut off rain production by the weak front to zilch for today, although there remains a chance of light rain overnight. I am not too anxious to bet in favor of it. A breeze kicked up today, which did give it the feel of somewhat imminent rain, but it failed to materialize. Our high today was 52, low this morning was 38.

The door has opened to a series of fronts - a cold front expected on Friday, and two more over the weekend, but none of them are sounding impressive and then another drying trend for at least the first half of next week with similar temperatures continuing. It is feeling like winter has taken a definite dull turn for us, beginning about middle January and continuing onward for the foreseeable future. I wonder how long this may last?

February 2

Happy Groundhog Day! Winter is going to continue here - bright sunshine popping out this early morning! This is kind of a funny notion, since I am having the feeling that winter is not too note-worthy this year and wonder why it wants to keep continuing another six weeks?!

So far February has been sunny and bright! However, the clear skies do drop the temperature and it has been below freezing in the mornings recently, then to warm into the middle 40's, so it isn't quite spring either. But based on weather activity, it has been dull, and is going to continue that pattern for the next week, it appears, in opposition to the folks back east. As we cling to the far edge of the continent, up and down the coast, everything is by-passing us.

We are in for a bit of a change, beginning later tonight and taking greater effect tomorrow. A warm front currently offshore will move in over the offshore ridge and stall for a couple of days, but bring only light rain, and that will mostly occur on both sides of us - the coast and mountains. So it doesn't look like much threat from this; probably mainly just overcast and light rain at times. The clouds out ahead of the front will filter the sunshine today, so it probably will not be quite as "blue" as yesterday was. Temps will warm up with the system to back above normal, and by next week we should be dry again, and then perhaps cooler too. But the Big Picture is that nothing of significance is at hand, or in the distance, weather-wise for us. The Big Blizzard back east seems to have sapped all the energy out of USA weather.

Some comments about our January weather: Contrary to the "La Nina" of this winter, our weather bucked a trend last month. Officially for Seattle, we ended the month both above normal for temperature by a bit, and also below normal for precipitation, when it should be just the opposite for La Nina around here. It was a quiet month overall, especially the second half, as we have slid into this doldrum pattern. Below I will summarize more specifically.


Average High Temp: 47
Average Low Temp: 36
Warmest High Temp: 57 (1/26)
Coldest High Temp: 37 (1/10)
Warmest Low Temp: 50 (1/16)
Coldest Low Temp: 23 (1/3)
Highest Wind Speed: 30 mph (1/16)
Wettest Day: January 12 (.90" rain)

Total Rain for January: 4.95" (compared to 5.61" January 2010)

Total Snow for January: 2"

February 2
Sunrise: 7:34 AM --- Sunset: 5:11 PM (PST)

Updated: 6:03 AM GMT on February 11, 2011


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