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Slight Snow Chance

By: PugetSoundPost, 7:01 AM GMT on January 30, 2011

January 30, 10:15 PM

Ha! Snow?? NO!!!

As pretty well expected, the snow did not materialize here, not even close. So, I will wrap this entry up with the report of a high of 46 today, the low was only 35, and along the way we got .02" spritz of rain. It was mostly overcast all day, with some minor sunbreaks a couple of times, but dry all day, and not as cool as expected, although it was nippier than it has been. It is in the middle 30's this evening. The rest of the week is showing 40's and a mix of sun and partly cloudy, but dry for several days. Winter is not showing any teeth here.

January 29, 11 PM

A quick entry tonight to highlight the slight chance of snow for us on Sunday, or maybe overnight tonight.

First of all, today was another quite gloomy, gray day, with a bit more pop to the rain. Our high was 48, under a heavy sky all day, and this afternoon was quite socked in with rain for awhile, and light rain has continued this evening. The total has been .20" today - not a lot, but more than we have had for awhile now.

The next situation is now developing. The wind has shifted to northerly, thus the colder, modified Arctic air will begin dropping south out of Canada overspreading us, and the moisture that is still around will pose a threat of some snow, although the threat looks pretty minimal for most of us in western Washington. It will take awhile for the colder air to really impact us much, and by then it is a pretty good bet the moisture will be drying up. And, probably too much cooling would be required to facilitate snow, since we have been running so warm lately. However, just in case all the conditions line up correctly, there could be a little dusting of snow by sometime tomorrow.

The cooler air coming in will make the upcoming week considerably cooler than last week - looking forward to some frosty mornings and occasional sunshine too.

January 29
Sunrise: 7:39 AM --- Sunset: 5:04 PM PST

Updated: 6:19 AM GMT on January 31, 2011


Warm Spell in the NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:12 AM GMT on January 27, 2011

January 28, 10 PM

Dark overcast all day today, and some light rain at times. The high dropped to 49 and only .04" rain. The peak of the weak was on Wednesday, and then it has been sliding downhill slowly since then.

The bigger story this evening is the possibility of snow on Sunday. A new rain event is coming in for Saturday, then precipitation may linger long enough to coincide with another round of Fraser River outflow of colder air from interior B.C. and beyond, and if the two forces can collide, we may see a light snow event. I'm going to go ahead now and officially doubt that much will come of it, but I guess one never knows for sure around here. The temperatures are going into a cooling trend; looks like our little warm spell is behind us now.

January 27, 10:30 PM

Today didn't turn out quite as advertised, at least that was advertised yesterday anyway. No records set and it was considerably cooler! Actually, this morning was quite foggy, and probably the most dense fog in quite some time. It hung around later than usual, too, until late morning, and then above the fog, once it did burn off, there remained that high overcast that we had yesterday. Less sun broke through today than yesterday, thus our high temperature today only reached 50. The morning low was a chillier 35 this morning - after lows in the 40's for awhile, it did feel more brisk early this morning. So, January is still the page on the calendar, and the early spring-like weather that had been pondered by the weathermen did not pan out this time. And with that weak ridge that has given us the dry weather moving east, the pattern is changing again. Rain tomorrow.

January 26, 9:00 PM

It has been awhile since I last wrote; and to be honest, not much that was too newsworthy has happened on the weather front. January has proven to be a rather dull month here, to me anyway. We have had one little short-lived bout of snow, off and on rain, sometimes harder and more sustained than other times (some floods in western Washington, but only paltry rain production here during that time), a lot of gray overcast that threatened more than it seemed to produce, and generally mild temperatures; especially considering this is January. And, especially lately and most especially today.

A flat ridge is dominating the weather pattern currently, but it isn't dominate enough to clear our skies completely out, although the cloud deck was high enough for most of today to allow Mt. Rainier to be fully visible and gracing us with a somewhat rare wintertime appearance. The sun broke out as well. The bigger story today was the high temperature - it made it up to 57 here at home - well above normal and it has been a long time since we have been this warm! The last few days have been reaching 50-51, so one gets a little feeling that winter is beginning to slip a step or two. Tomorrow could even wind up warmer than today; possibly setting a record. I think that will depend on how much sunshine there is and how the clouds react.

The ridge will move east by the end of Thursday, opening the door to some rain on Friday, then possibly something weak over the weekend with showers, and then next week looks impossible to pin down right now. Models are showing possible minor flooding again, or being completely dry. So, who can figure that out? In the meantime I will keep plugging away on an indoor house painting project and keep pondering colors. I will say they won't be Seattle Gray!

January 26
Sunrise: 7:43 AM --- Sunset: 5:00 PM (PST)

Updated: 6:07 AM GMT on January 29, 2011


Dark Gray, Warm Rain

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:54 PM GMT on January 15, 2011

January 18, 10 PM

Another change since I last wrote - the temperature has taken a marked downturn since the Pineapple Express rains of the weekend. As noted below in my comments, we didn't get all that much rain, but places did and there has been major flooding; but on the usual rivers.

Today's high was only 44 (reached at 10:30 AM) - a drop of about ten degrees since the weekend, and the low so far tonight has been 35. Everyone is remarking on how chilly it suddenly feels after our several days of warm-up. We recorded another .10" rain, I think mainly this afternoon when a little moderate rain shower went through. Tomorrow should be cool again with maybe a bit of sunshine; then a lot of overcast and rain chances for the next week. Nothing too significant from any weather element is forecast. So, we are drifting through January for the time being.

January 15

The tide has turned and we are well into our new weather pattern. The snow and cold are long gone and now we are into quite warm, rainy, windy at times, weather. There has been no sun for a long time now. The days are very dark, gray, and gloomy. A series of warm frontal systems have worked their way through the area, however we have not received nearly the rain I was maybe expecting. Only .10" yesterday! Pretty weak considering all the trumpeting of flood watches, landslide warnings, etc. I think the bulk of the rain has fallen perhaps in the mountains, both Cascades and Olympics, and I guess other places than over us. We did get some good rainfall earlier in the week.

Currently we are in the lull-between-storms, although the sky does not look anything like a break. Just no rain or wind. Yesterday turned out rather windy - a nice little southerly blow, topping out at 29 mph both in the early afternoon and again shortly after midnight this morning. And blustery in between. A small hunk of tree branch hit my windshield yesterday, leaving a pesty ding in the window.

It has been quite warm but little daily change. The high yesterday was 53, with a low of only 49! The lows are now higher than the daily high average! By later today probably the strongest system - coming up from Hawaii - will hit and it is carrying a lot of moisture. The mountains could get up to 6 inches of rain by Sunday, with quite high snow levels, and the lowlands will get a significant amount too. So, it looks like tonight will be wet. Flood watches are up for some rivers, although it isn't sounding like too major of a flood event. By early next week the systems may turn more northwesterly and will be cooler, bringing down the snow level.

January 15
Sunrise: 7:52 AM --- Sunset: 4:44 PM (PST)
(we will gain 2 min, 4 seconds tomorrow)

Updated: 6:05 AM GMT on January 19, 2011


Snow For Tuesday

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:25 AM GMT on January 11, 2011

January 12, 9:00 PM

I will take a moment tonight to wrap up our little snowstorm of last evening.

The snow arrived pretty much as forecast, in the early evening, with some amendments to the forecast through the day, and although rather short, it was to the point as well. Tiny little flakes swirled and twirled in some gusty NE breezes, drifting a bit against windows, and by the time I called it quits for the night, we had totaled about 2 inches. By that time it was beginning to turn to rain, perhaps with some freezing rain first.

By this morning we had steady rain and the snow was pretty, but quite slushy, and the temperature had bumped up above freezing. Slow warming through the morning, accompanied later by stronger south winds (our high gust was 25 mph) and warmer air (high temperature at home of 47) was too much for the snow, and even by afternoon it was most dramatically disappearing, and nearly gone by tonight. Today I talked to someone from east King County and they had about twice our amount of snow. I think probably nearly everyone in western Washington saw some snow last night, so in the end it was a fun little snowfall that didn't wreck too much havoc but shook us out of the drab winter doldrums a little bit too. Our total precipitation from the melted snow of last night and rain through this morning was .81".

Now even as I type this the next system is rolling in with rain, after an afternoon dry spell even though it remained cloudy and blustery. The next many days are set to be wet and mild, with successive systems shooting across the state, temperatures now may even run above normal. Another atmospheric re-configuring is underway, to give us a change again in our winter weather.

January 11, 9:45 PM

Snow!! It did arrive this evening, a few hours after we originally expected, but it is here now; for awhile at least. Today was cloudy all day, but a few clear patches once in awhile. The high climbed to 40 and it didn't seem too snow-like. But, the front has moved in from the southwest and snow slowly moved north with it. It is also a bit windy, so it is blowing quite a bit right now. The temperature has dropped to 30 and everything is white, with swirling snow out the window.

It is still expected to turn to rain sometime after midnight and perhaps be washed away by morning. So far we have just a tad over an inch. Up and downstairs fires blazing and hot chocolate this evening has made a very cozy and fun January evening!

January 10, 10:25 PM

Today didn't turn out quite as I thought it would - it stayed cloudy all day (expected more sunshine) and we had a few very light flurries sporadically. The high was 37 and the low this morning only dipped to 30. This afternoon a little breeziness kicked up and that made it feel pretty cold. The highest wind gust was 15 mph. That didn't inspire us to want to be outside all that much. The temperature has been a steady 32-33 for many hours now. Running two fires in the house feels nice, but not too hot either.

Now the biggest story is the likely coming snow tomorrow. All of western Washington is on a Winter Storm Watch, but I think a few places will get more of the "Storm" than others. Warmer moisture coming in from the south will encounter the colder air already here and for a few hours it is supposed to snow before turning to rain sometime during the night Tuesday into Wednesday morning. The Seattle metro area is targeted for 1-3 inches while other areas could see quite a bit more, and furthermore, all of western Washington should see at least some snow. This actually does not happen all that often. Snow is usually more regionalized than that, but maybe this time we all will get a share. For the metro area the snow may be arriving right around the afternoon commute, so that would certainly create a big mess. Stay tuned on how all this turns out!

Updated: 5:06 AM GMT on January 13, 2011


Winter Weather Waning

By: PugetSoundPost, 8:14 AM GMT on January 09, 2011

January 9, 10 PM

Our advertised, possibly "historic" snowstorm for later this week, is certainly turning into "history" - as in "outta here!" By no big surprise, really, already it has fallen apart. The "heavy snow" and "many inches" and "most since 1996 in western Washington" has now turned to rain for Wednesday and beyond.

We actually may see some snow beginning Tuesday night and overnight into Wednesday morning---- before it turns to rain sometime early Wednesday morning. The whole thing has been hinging on the track of the low coming ashore off the ocean. Models were pointing to a southern track which would bring us the snow - a pretty moist system overrunning cold air in place that is slowly filtering in from the Fraser River Canyon in British Columbia, but today they did a Big Switch and now are favoring a more northern track (north of us and mainly in southern Canada) for the low, and thus warmer and wetter for us: rain. Future systems later in the week will likely follow the same track, for more rain. So it looks like we will have to settle for the Tuesday night possible snow (I wouldn't even lean too heavily on that at this point either - the assumption is that the in-place air will be and remain cold enough to support just snow overnight, but that could fall apart too, perhaps) and the NWS is giving us the chance for 2-4 inches of snow before the turnover to rain, which would just make a giant sloppy mess for Wednesday.

Today was cooler, but no snow here. So another washout. The high was 39, very little wind, a lot of surprisingly heavy clouds that did little, and .02" rain. Monday should be clearer and colder yet. My son was in Vancouver, B.C. for a few days, driving home tonight. All he saw was snow near the road and in the trees up around Bellingham, but the roads were clear, even though the convergence zone stayed much further north than usual this weekend, bringing some snow to those folks. It sure is tough to put a snowstorm together around here.

January 9, 12:10 AM

We are on the cusp of a weather change, from cloudy, damp, and cool, to colder and possible snow! The snow that was expected perhaps during the day today did not materialize, but that was not too surprising either. The passage of a cold front yesterday created a pretty dark and dank day, with close to a half inch of rain. Cold air filling in behind the front from the north was set to give a hit or miss snow situation for today and Sunday. Depending where the convergence zone set up, areas could get a handful of inches of snow, or none. Often we are in convergence zone preciptation, but today it seemed to linger further north, cutting a swath through Snohomish County. Places up north did get snow today. It may sag south overnight, so there is still a chance of some snow showers over the next few hours and into Sunday morning, but no guarantees. I would not be too surprised to see a little dusting by morning. Consequently, today turned out to be a much better day than we guessed it would be. The high was 45, the low 34, with only .03" rain. Mostly it was a rather sunny day, with broken overcast. The sunniest day in the last few! Currently, just past midnight, it is 35.

Meanwhile, although we may see some snow before this weekend ends; or we may not, all eyes are really turning toward the middle of the upcoming week. By Monday much colder air from the interior of Canada will have filtered in, giving us much cooler temps - highs in the 30's, lows in the teens and 20's. Monday and Tuesday look dry and sunny, but then the picture may take a dramatic turn. A "classic Seattle snow pattern" may be in the offing, and although it is always too soon to know for sure - too soon right up until the first flakes fall - models seem to be moving closer to a consensus that our version of a Big One may be on the way. Comparisons to a 1996 snow are beginning to be made. A decently wet system off the Pacific could overrun the cold air that will continue to move south, creating snow, and perhaps quite a lot. I will write more about this possibility as it nears.

January 9
Sunrise: 7:55 AM --- Sunset: 4:36 PM (PST)

Updated: 5:58 AM GMT on January 10, 2011


Goodbye Sunshine, Goodbye 2010

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:29 PM GMT on January 04, 2011

January 5, 10 PM

The weather certainly did change over what we have had for the past many days. Rain moved in last evening and continued sporadically today, mostly occuring this morning. But the heavy clouds remained all day and it was a pretty typical Seattle January day. Dark, damp, chilly. The high today was 45, with a low this morning of 35 - so a noticeable warm up, but now with the damp weather and more wind, it is has been pretty raw outside. Our high wind gust today was 17 mph, late this afternoon, and since this round of rain began we have received .25" - not a lot, but the ball has started to roll for this year.

I spent a couple of hours last evening shagging launched projectiles from my daughter's physics project - a trebuchet - and out in the cold (37 at that time) (rain beginning to move in too) and long dark, I had to keep adding layers of clothing until I was bundled fairly tightly, realizing that this is to experience January, and longing for the warmth and glow of our house in the distance. Another lesser session late this afternoon brought on a new round of chill that I am still partially bundled from, but after all the outdoor time on this project in recent days and weeks, we are hoping for great results in the final launch tomorrow at school - looks like it could be raining then again.

Looking ahead, chances of snow again seem to be improving - both for the coming weekend, and again middle of next week. Still keeping an eye on this developing situation.

January 4, 8:30 AM

Already the days of the new year are rolling by quickly. It is hard to believe we are now in the middle of the first week of January.

Weather-wise there has been little to note so far. Each day has looked about the same as the previous several. Lots of sunshine, cold mornings (running in the low 20's) and slow warming, finally cracking 40 a day or so ago. Our little one inch of snow that fell last Wednesday has amazingly been a tough nut to crack, as there are still sizeable patches of it around on the ground and rooftops! My daughter has been working on a large physics project that is done outdoors, so we have spent quite a bit of time out in the cold air recently - especially when the early darkness plummets the temperature to freezing or below rapidly in the late afternoon. But all of this is just about to change.

This morning the sky over the Cascades is providing a glorious sunrise, but the red sky is heralding the coming weather change. The ridge of high pressure is breaking down and a warm front from the west is on its way. Clouds should be on the increase through today and rain will move ashore late today, continuing in episodic fashion through Thursday, then ending on Friday when a cold front passes over us. It will warm into the 40's, more normal temperatures, and give us a shot of ordinary "January rain". There is a chance tonight that we could see a little more snow as the precipitation begins, before all the colder air is scoured out, but that often doesn't really pan out for us. We'll see on that. The main message is a return to rain, with moderate warm-ups. The coming weekend is giving hints at another possible threat of snow as a cold system from the NW drops down, but again, "we'll see".

Before ending this session, I will include some statistics from 2010 from my measurements at home and close the books on the old year:

2010 in Review:

Total Rain for 2010: 43.85"
Total Rain for 2009: 37.19"
Total Rain for 2008: 30.99"

Wettest Month for 2010: December with 8.01"
Driest Month for 2010: July with .45"
Warmest Day of 2010: August 15 at 99 degrees
Coldest Temperature of 2010: November 24 at 13 degrees
Total Snow for 2010: About 5 inches

The first three months of the year were unusually mild and quiet. Looking back I see we barely ever dropped to even freezing, and rain was absent for long spells. But by later in the spring and into the summer the pattern changed and swung a bit the other way, primarily the temperature came back down and summer started slowly. The year has ended with a different feel than it began - more rain and even snow, and rather extended cold snaps at times (November and late December) (although officially December ended up above normal for temperature and below normal for rainfall) but with the La Nina pattern perhaps starting to take better hold, I am thinking that the first three months of 2011 will be quite different than they were in 2010. I wonder if I will be writing that a year from now?

Updated: 6:03 AM GMT on January 06, 2011


New Beginnings

By: PugetSoundPost, 10:04 PM GMT on January 01, 2011

January 1, 2:00 PM

Happy New Year! 2011 has arrived, much like 2010 left- cold and sunny. The weather pattern will not make significant changes for a few more days - gradual warmup is expected, but slowly, with high pressure and sunshine dominating. The low this morning was 24, and currently at 2:00 pm it is 39, so it is warming day by day.

December 2010 Stats:

Avg. High Temperature: 48.4
Avg. Low Temperature: 37.8
Warmest High Temperature: 57 (on the 8th and 13th)
Coldest High Temperature: 35 (on the 30th)
Warmest Low Temperature: 48 (on the 12th)
Coldest Low Temperature: 21 (on the 31st)
Highest Wind Speed: 34 mph (on the 26th)
Wettest Day: December 12 (2.70")

Total Rain for December: 8.01" (compared to 2.10" Dec. 2009)

Total Snow for December: About 1 inch
I will review the year soon.

January 1
Sunrise: 7:57 AM --- Sunset: 4:27 PM (PST)
(gaining 1 minute, 1 second tomorrow)


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