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Cool Rain in the NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:06 AM GMT on November 30, 2010

December 1, 10 PM

The page turned to December today, hard to believe that it is already the 12th month of the year, and it was a nice day. No rain, and it turned out warmer than expected because the sun broke out through the clouds for a good portion of the day. The high was clear up to 52, and the morning low was 37. A trough sliding through tomorrow should increase our shower chances. Next week looks wetter, but this week is setting up to be a rather quiet start and counterpoint to the hectic month ahead.

November 30, 9:25 PM

What a dark and gloomy day! Poor visibility, socked in very low sky all day, monotone color for everything outside; along with steady, but not too hard of a rain, and mostly in the low 40's. The front moved across more slowly than first thought, keeping us wet throughout the day. Our high was reached around 4:30 this afternoon of 46, the low this morning was 38, and so far we have .59" rain today. The wind never materialized at all around here.

A cool pattern will take hold for the next few days - cold rain, possibly mixed with snow on higher hills at times, but no real snow event is foreseen. Just cold rain showers for the lowlands and snow in the mountains.

November 29, 10 PM

Our snow is gone, the weather has warmed up into the 40's, and typical winter days are at hand; including the storm that is coming in this evening, bringing rain, some windy weather, and a dump of snow in the mountains. Already the rain has begun and will continue into Tuesday. Some of the more wind prone areas are under Wind Advisories, fluctuating snow levels will bring a lot of snow and/or freezing rain to the mountains and passes, and some flooding may occur on the most flood-prone river around - the Skokomish in Mason County. So, all in all, a typical assortment of winter weather is underway tonight. Currently it is 40 degrees and it will lower into the 30's - so cold, raw rain tonight, especially when our winds pick up overnight, probably into the 20's mph. This will wind down on Tuesday.

Once this system passes, things will calm down for the rest of the week, with passing chances of rain or showers each day as various impulses move by, giving overcast days all week and likely continuing below normal for temperature, highs in the low 40's. Overall a rather quiet week seems to be ahead, especially when considering we are soon to move into December. It certainly looks and feels like the very dark days of December are upon us.

November 29
Sunrise: 7:34 AM --- Sunset: 4:19 PM

Updated: 6:03 AM GMT on December 02, 2010


NW Cold, Snow, Blow

By: PugetSoundPost, 7:32 PM GMT on November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Day, 11:25 PM

A White Thanksgiving for us! This morning we did get a new snowfall - an inch or so, which refreshed all the older snow look and was very pretty for the morning hours. Added to the holiday spirit! It did turn over to light rain, which didn't amount to much. Slow warming brought our high up to 37, not reached till nearly 5:30 PM. A very nice Thanksgiving for us!

November 24, 11:20 PM

Just finished a lot of Thanksgiving prep, whew! So here is a quick update about today: Our low temperature this morning around 1 AM was 13 degrees, and the high temperature about 1 PM was 29. Currently it is 26, a temp that has been quite common for much of the day. The high wind was only 5 mph, from the north, so calm, but overcast all day. The middle level cloud deck moved in overnight, which limited how cold we got, plus it limited how warm we were too. Possibly we will see some light snow Thanksgiving morning, but then a moderate warm up and it will turn instead to possible freezing rain, sleet and/or cold rain later on Thursday, washing the snow and ice away.

Happy Thanksgiving To ALL !!!

November 23, 11:30 PM

Under blazing blue skies today we climbed up to 31 degrees before noon. From there it was a long slide down to the current 14 degrees at 11:20 PM. COLD!!! This will be a record setter for the date. The snow is still so pretty and the roads improved today, overall, but still compact snow on many of them. After the nightmare traffic yesterday, it was calmer today - a lot of people stayed off of the roads. Clouds should increase tomorrow but it will be a cold day again.

November 22, 11:20 PM
A quick update after a crazy day around western Washington. Our high today remained 30, from just after midnight. Most of today for us was spent at 28-29 degrees, but the current temperature just past 11 PM is 22 degrees. Our strong winds never really developed other than a couple of sudden little gusts, the highest measuring only 19 mph, which gave us a low wind chill of -6 degrees, just an hour or so ago. But, the light snow is blowing easily around on the roads and is not typical Seattle snow, which is usually a lot wetter.

My husband took 4 hours to drive home from work in Kent, a trip which usually takes well under an hour under best conditions. What a slog it was for him - just too many cars on roads that were too slick for them all. Once he finally got home we had to go out on another errand that couldn't wait and tackle the roads again, just finally getting home late tonight. Everyone is now accounted for in our house, even though all are not coming home, and it is good to wind up this day. We have somewhere between 2-4+ inches of snow, depending where you measure. Tomorrow is expected to be colder, especially at night. Winter really came in hard this time.

November 22, 11:30 AM

Snow! The advertised system has strenthened a bit more than expected, triggering a Winter Storm Warning for much of western Washington this morning. After some "prime the pump" snow yesterday, it came in with a louder trumpet this morning. Lightly falling, scattered, snowflakes around 6 AM turned into full-fledged snow before 7:30 this morning and has turned the area white. We still do not have too much - less than an inch here where I am - but enough to make a very wintry scene outside the window. So beautiful to look at! Officially we are already WAY ahead of our snow totals for all of last winter - since we only had one non-sticking snow shower the whole season last year! Winters are highly variable around here. But, we are off to a start now!

It is cold, currently 28 degrees at nearly 11:30 AM, and our high today of 30 was recorded just a few minutes after midnight. We will not warm above freezing until Wednesday afternoon, at the earliest, the forecasters say. Only 14 previous days in November since the mid 1940's have not reached higher than freezing!

Later today we are expecting the winds to pick up dramatically as well, from the north, spilling in more cold continental Canadian air, forcing our temperature down further and causing significant wind chill drops. My multiple bird feeders are attracting a wider variety than usual of birds this morning, all anxious for those morsels. A very pretty scene out the window with the snow covered trees and ground, gray "snow" sky; serenely quiet except for the activity of the birds and squirrels. Now to get everyone home later today after getting them all off with an added amount of drama this morning!

November 22
Sunrise: 7:24 AM --- Sunset: 4:24 PM (PST)
(losing 2 min, 15 sec. tomorrow)

Updated: 7:25 AM GMT on November 26, 2010


Winter's Toe-Hold

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:12 PM GMT on November 19, 2010

November 21, 10:45 PM

The excitement is now building since we did have some snow off and on today! No accumulation and not even sticking here in the suburban lowlands east of Lk Washington. But the snow showers did persist and lightly fall for a good portion of the mid-late morning hours today. Later in the afternoon I drove over to Seattle and ran into more of snow snifters coming down. We have been cloudy most of the day and pretty chilly too. Our high today, reached not too long before noon, was 37 degrees. The low this morning, and now current temperature was 30. Not too much wind to speak of today; but that may change a lot tomorrow.

The Big Story is perhaps a better chance of snow tomorrow, colder temperatures when another burst of Canadian air shoots out of the Fraser River canyon, causing a big pickup in winds tomorrow as well. It looks like it could get pretty windy tomorrow as the pressure gradients tighten up again, and the wind chills will be very cold. Air temperatures mostly in the 20's are forecast. It could end up being a quite interesting day on Monday!

November 20, 11:15 PM

The cold snap is setting in, just as expected. Currently it is 33, which is not so unusual, but the way we got here is, for us. The high for today, 46, was reached at 9:46 AM,with some sunshine, and then down she went from there. By late morning it was down to 43, and then by noon or thereabouts, the north wind began to blow and our next stop was back down into the 30's. The cold air from the Fraser River outflow was more rapidly sinking south and over us and we could surely feel it. The temperature dropped rather rapidly all afteroon until it was right around 34 before sunset. The wind was a stiff breeze, topping out at 21 mph, and gave us a low windchill of 13 degrees about 3:15 this afternoon. Not a typical northwest weather day.

Snow is possible over the next couple of days, as the temperature will drop further yet and Tuesday should be the coldest of all. Some better moisture sources could be available soon and in this area we could see anything from nothing, to flurries, to some sort of accumulation. Perhaps the best snow chance lies in SW Washington, but it also seems like a variety of solutions are lining up. Looks a bit like the roll of the dice at this time.

November 19, 10 AM

This past week seems to have marked the real beginning of winter for us here in the Pacific Northwest. There have been flirtations off and on in recent weeks, but also just bouncing up and down quite a bit with alternating periods of "signs of winter" to Indian Summer. But, this week has turned a corner that we are not coming back from. We began the week with the season's first strong windstorm, and although it was moderate in strength for us, some places around the state took a strong hit. Long power outages, damage, etc. The wind blew hurricane force in some more distant areas. A blustery, chilly, breezy day was featured mid week. Since then the temperatures are taking the hit now.

A cold snap is developing and beginning to take root. The past two or three days have seen the temperatures drop slowly, down to a high of 44 yesterday here. The damp sky and a biting wind dropped the wind chill to around 30 or so and everyone was feeling the cold yesterday. Today there is less wind, but now at nearly 10 AM it is only 42 with the sun trying to break through some broken clouds - first visible sun maybe all week. I don't think it will last too long.

A low currently over SW Washington is spinning off shower bands and they are expected to move up north through western Washington, so precipitation will increase as the day wears on. And, the other story is the modified Arctic air that is moving, slowly right now, but will pick up speed by the weekend as that low center fills, down the Fraser River in British Columbia and spilling into the state. And, of course, whenever moisture and cold air meet, we know the result can be SNOW! As the cold air sinks further and further south out of the Fraser, the chances of snow increase, however also as time goes on, the available moisture will start to disappear, so in actuality the chances of widespread lowland snow are not too great this time around. Some areas are expecting to be hit - Hood Canal and Whatcom County, and maybe the Strait of Juan de Fuca areas. And, possibly a little for the rest of us, but it looks iffy. And maybe flurries at best. It is not impossible to have snow this early, but also it is not often and this is early, really, for us. But even this much threat in the middle of November is something that bears watching as to what the winter might bring. La Nina brings promise of a colder/snowier winter.

Meanwhile, we are anticipating a good shot of cold air, cold for us anyway. With each day getting colder, by early next week we are expecting highs in the low 30's! It will be teens east of the Cascades. So winter has arrived and found its toe-hold, and isn't likely to slip off the rock too soon.

November 19
Sunrise: 7:20 AM --- Sunset: 4:27 PM

Updated: 6:48 AM GMT on November 22, 2010


Murky Days Arrive

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:47 AM GMT on November 15, 2010

November 16, 10:20 PM

The lull today will give way to another stronger system tomorrow. Even though the clouds never parted today and it was gray all day, and some breeziness at times, it was quieter than especially last night. A lot of power went out in western Washington last night, and is still out for many, and eastern Washington was hit quite hard in places, especially SE part of the state that I know of. Many schools are closed, they are closing in on 24 hours without power, no water due to well pumps inoperable, etc. The storm last night overall ended up catching a lot of people by surprise.

Today's high was 52, and a low of 43 this morning. We are still monitoring the possibility of snow or rain/snow mix coming in just a few days.

November 15, 10:25 PM

Update: Quite unexpectedly, moments after I finished the post from 10 PM, a strong rain band quickly moved overhead, with hard rain, followed by a decent hail shower, and even lightning in the distance! In the past very few minutes we just added on another .12" rain and the temperature has dropped to 47. It looks like this excitement has passed.

November 15, 10 PM

A dark mid November day today. The high was 55 and the low this morning was 49. The skies were monotone gray all day, with rain mostly this morning. A total of .18" so far. The biggest story is that the wind has really kicked up this evening, as predicted. A deep low center is moving from north of us in B.C. toward the SE into eastern Washington. Our high gust has been 28 mph and a newly issued Wind Advisory is in effect until 1 AM. I know other near areas are seeing stronger winds, and also distant areas like SE Washington where it is blowing steadily over 40 this evening. Our lights have been blinking quite a few times this evening, and even as I typed the last sentence. After a calm November, nice to see a little wind. More systems are coming this week with probably more rain than this, cooler temps, and the chance of snow for the coming weekend remains, although it does not look too serious at this time.

November 14, 9:45 PM

As the title suggests, the dark murky days of November and winter have arrived for now. This weekend has been quite gloomy and dark, never seemed to really feel much like the sun was up this weekend, but apparently it was; with periods of rain, especially overnight last night, and a low hanging ceiling, but not quite "fog" either. At times the treetops are lost in the mist.

A warm front is dropping drizzle and light rain, and here it is not too cold (high of 53 today, currently 50) so not much temperature movement. Very light or nonexistent winds. With the latest rains, even lightly occuring this evening, we have 2.58" total for November so far.

A stronger system than is just passing will affect us Monday, when a surface low crossing British Columbia will bring more rain and some windier weather tomorrow. Another stronger front will lower snow levels and give us another round of rain on Wednesday, and then the end of the week may prove a bit interesting. Even cooler air yet could be on the way, giving us the first hint of possible SNOW by the weekend! It is still too far off to mark it on our calendars yet, but the threat seems to be developing. Something to watch.

November 14
Sunrise: 7:12 AM --- Sunset: 4:33 PM (PST)

Updated: 6:27 AM GMT on November 17, 2010


November Outside the Window

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:06 PM GMT on November 08, 2010

November 13, 3:30 PM

The week since the last post was written has been pretty quiet and calm. There have been some alternating days of bright sunshine and then more rainy days, but no amount of rain that causes too much attention. No wind to speak of.

We have taken a downturn in temperatures, even on the bright sunny days. We are now getting pretty close to our more typical winter day averages. Highs either in the upper 40's or low 50's now, and lows bouncing around in the 30's and 40's, depending on how much clearing there is. Winter will feature some colder snaps,probably much colder, but what we see now could pass for many of the winter month days ahead.

Currently it is 47 at mid afternoon and rain is moving closer, expected most anytime now. The ceiling has lowered quite a lot and there is no distinction in the gray color above. Rain will arrive and continue on and off for the next couple of days, then a dry period is expected for a day or two again, then there are hints of a colder turn late next week, but uncertainty also.

November 8, 8:00 AM

The sun is breaking through a mostly overcast sky this morning, beaming golden rays onto the landscape that may end up being rather fleeting. As I look out the window, this is one of the stereotypical views of November that I see. The sky is dark and ragged, but there are some breaks in the clouds allowing those sunbeams, a breeze is fluttering the remaining leaves on the trees, and they look old and tired, ready to drop for their final rest. Many trees are nearly bare now, and others are still quite leafy, so the transition from summer to winter for the vegetation looks to be beyond the midpoint of the progression. In places the streets are quite deep with leaves and I love that look and feel.

Last week was quite unusual, with especially two days in a row that were very warm and sunny. Highs in the lower 70's hit us all by surprise and delight. I posted a photo from one of those days. But, by the end of the week we had regressed to a more normal early November pattern - highs back down in the middle 50's and rainy periods over the weekend. During the first full week of the month 1.91" of rain has fallen here at home.

The week ahead looks to be fairly typical. Cooler temperatures - staying possibly only in the 40's or maybe lower 50's, and the nights are going to cool over what we have been experiencing, possibly into the 30's most of the week ahead. Rain will come off and on, but no big storms are looming. Tomorrow looks like a rainy day, but after that a mix of drying and weak rain at times as troughs and weak ridges pass by. So, in other words: November.

November 8

Sunrise: 7:03 AM --- Sunset: 4:40 PM (PST)
(losing 2 minutes 51 seconds tomorrow)

Updated: 11:37 PM GMT on November 13, 2010


November Rains In the NW

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:37 PM GMT on November 01, 2010

November 3, 8:40 PM

After my earlier comment that November is the No Sun month, I have been Dead Wrong. Both yesterday and today have been blazing with sunshine! Clear skies, even featuring bright stars and the sliver moon early this morning, and nothing but SUN all day long. Not a cloud in sight. High pressure will do that for us. Strong easterly offshore flow mixed warm air aloft down to the surface today and did it ever warm up! Our high was 73 - just about unheard of to reach 70 in November. If it could do it again tomorrow, it would tie a record for latest 70 degree day in the year. But, it may not happen. The easterly pressure gradient will be weaker, so less mixing down of warm air, and an approaching front will start to overspread later in the day. But it was a glorious day today, and I took a nice walk in a park to enjoy it, too warmly dressed, but a wonderful weather day.

Next week should be quite different with cooler air on the way and more precipitation. We may swing to below normal temperatures, and it will all start to change by this weekend.

November 2, 11:20 PM

After record setting rains yesterday, today was a complete opposite! High pressure has cleared the skies and it was a BEAUTIFUL day! Bright blue sky and clear air in the low angle sunlight, golden trees dropping leaves, and it warmed up to 65 degrees! Just spectacular!

November 1, 10:20 PM
Update: The rain has tapered off this evening, after raining at the same rate all day. The up-to-the-minute total for today is 1.08" here at home. Our high was 55, the low this morning was 48, and we had a 20 mph hour wind gust this evening that was quite short lived. Otherwise it has been a calm day.

November 1

The page has turned to November and it sure looks like it out the window. A typical fairly strong November front is slowly making its way ashore and across western Washington today. Radar is lit up solid yellow across the whole region and it is raining very steadily and uniformly moderately hard. The rain began in earnest a little before dawn this morning and as I type so far we have .63" with a lot more coming. It is 52 degrees at 10 AM.

November is also known as the month with No Sun and today is starting out perfectly. Everything outside is a washed-out gray, with only the last golden fading and falling leaves as a reminder that we are still in late fall. There is no wind so far today. The rain is falling straight down.

The front will slide past us later this afternoon and actually ridging is set to occur by even this evening, so once this does pass, it will end fairly quickly. The middle of the week actually looks dry and rather mild, with another system due at the end of the week and the coming weekend. So for now we'll just look out at a typically wet November day.

November 1
Sunrise: 7:53 AM --- Sunset: 5:50 PM (PDT)
(losing 3 min, 4 sec. tomorrow)

October Stats:

Average High Temp: 62.4 degrees
Average Low Temp: 45.4 degrees
Warmest High Temp: 70 (Oct. 1, 6, 8, and 13)
Coldest High Temp: 48 (Oct. 26)
Coldest Low Temp: 34 (Oct. 17)
Highest Oct. Wind: 28 mph (Oct. 25)
Calmest Oct. Day: 0 mph (Oct. 20)
Wettest Day: .85" (Oct. 9)

Total Rainfall for October: 3.71" (Sept. was wetter by .73")

Updated: 3:45 AM GMT on November 04, 2010


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