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Glorious Finish

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:25 AM GMT on September 19, 2010

September 30, 9:20 PM

A beautiful end to September! After morning fog, we experienced just a delightful afternoon, enjoying the last day of a rather weird weather month that traditionally seems to cap off even psychological thoughts that we are somehow still in or near summer. Summer has been long gone around here for a long time, but September is a next door neighbor to summer, and there sometimes are some similarities, such as our recent spell of too-warm and too-muggy weather. With the passing of September there will no longer be any thoughts of "maybe it is still summer".

But, as a last reminder of those pleasant days, this afternoon put on a very nice show. The high today was only 70 (but seemed to feel much warmer in the sunshine), well below the long advertised possibility of perhaps reaching 80 today, but with the changing colors of the leaves that are just beginning to drop, and the gloriously golden afternoon sunshine under clear blue skies without a breath of wind, a walk in a park with carefully mown grass was something to remember for some time when the dreary days that are pressing closer really do settle upon us. Such a delight to enjoy, today, on the last day of September.

September 27, 11:15 PM

Now I am glad that I didn't change the title of this post, as Muggy Rain is back on the scene. Today has been unusually muggy again, with drizzly rain occuring off and on all day and has made the day quite unpredictable. The drizzle comes now and then - rain one minute, sun the next, and drizzle during sun sometimes. The airmass overhead is very unusually warm, especially for this time of year. The high today was 77, but most amazing is that the low this morning was only 62! And, at 11 PM tonight, it is STILL 67!! The drizzle and light rain amounted to .06" today. Last evening felt about the same outside - humid light rain, but slightly cooler. Interesting weather!

September 24, 9:40 PM

Yesterday was a preview of many days to come - high of 59, cloudy and rainy all day - .30". Today was much nicer and warmer as a ridge has built overhead. The high today was up to 67, so a nice improvement, low this morning of 53. Tomorrow may beat this - sunny and possibly back into the 70's, then another swing as rain returns on Sunday.

My daughter is home from India! She loved the three week trip, and managed well during the more difficult parts. Typhoid and possibly dengue fever hit the group a little bit, unfortunately, so I'm thankful for hopefully only the bad cold she returned with. It was great to see her, but she is gone already! Back to her house in Seattle to get ready to begin university classes again next week, with some more moving to do shortly for her. What she needs the most right now is sleep! Such a busy trip and long journey home!

September 22, 8:00 AM
Last Day of "Summer"

I should change the headline, as the muggy rain we experienced for several days last week has moved on. Instead, it is a foggy morning here in the Seattle area. And, the temperature has taken a quite noticeable dip. The low this morning was 44, our coolest low yet this season. At 8:00 AM it has only risen to 47 so far, so the warming of the day is off to a slower start, indicating perhaps another stair-step down in the progression of the season. It hasn't been summer around here for several weeks, so the calendar is woefully behind this year.

The fog should lift and we are told to expect a sunny afternoon, with highs in the ballpark of 70. Yesterday turned into a delightful afternoon, but even with the sunshine there was a definite nip in the breeze that would drift by. Today could be the last sunshine (assuming it happens!) for awhile as by tomorrow rain will be back and clouds are going to stay around through the weekend.

September 20, 10 PM
A quick update: the humidity and rain have eased now. But the past weekend was pretty soggy and muggy. The total rainfall for Saturday and Sunday was 1.78", with 1.13" of that falling just on Saturday. Interestingly, it fell in the early morning hours and the evening hours. It rained hard that night.

Today saw clouds and sunbreaks with a high of 69, and it was virtually dry at our house, but this evening a convergence zone has kicked up just north of us in Snohomish County, so a lot more rain not too far from us.

September 18, 9:20 PM

Warm rain! Not Seattle style rain, but it is surely raining and surely is warm, so we are experiencing a bit of "mini climate change" for the past day or two or five. We had over a half inch of rain overnight last night, and the low was 59; and we have added to that so far today to make a total of .87" and it is still raining this evening, currently at 63 degrees. For a few hours during the middle of the day today we were inbetween systems and the sun came brightly out the best it has in several days, bringing the high temperature today up to a muggy 77! Then by late afternoon the sprinkles began again, coming in from the SW, and this evening is pretty wet. This newest system, another wave spun off the offshore low, will work through overnight into Sunday. Then on Monday a low will drop down out of Canada and move south over us, bringing another round of rain. Tuesday could end up dry, but more rain is threatening for the rest of the week beyond that.

My son is coming home from one month in Ecuador tonight, so the rain will greet him and he will know he is "home".

September 18
Sunrise: 6:50 AM --- Sunset: 7:14 PM (PDT)

Updated: 4:24 AM GMT on October 01, 2010


A Rainy Middle September

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:43 AM GMT on September 17, 2010

September 16, 11:40 PM

Rain is indeed back on the schedule. Earlier this week my son and I hurried to rush in a small painting job on the outside of our house. Looking at the forecast I could see that rain was coming and would stay around for several more days, at least. We did take a couple of days and managed to complete the job, taking down the tape and papers around some windows just as the first rain was starting to come down, yesterday afternoon. Wonderful timing, because ever since it has been drippy/damp/rainy. The clouds never parted today and rain passed over off and on, especially this afternoon. And, that is when I was at an outdoor high school swim meet; getting fairly soaked through. The good part was that it has been wonderfully warm - very uncharacteristic of our rains, especially fall rains. Today's rain at the swim meet was markedly warmer than some rainy swim meets we had during "summer", say in June or July. The high today was 70. So far today we have received .41" rain. A low spinning around offshore is pumping in SW flow, and warm, quite moist, humid air. The low this morning was only 58, indicating very litle temperature movement and so rain, even rather soaking rain, anywhere in the upper 60's is quite warm for us! Felt almost tropical!

Rain is forecast now for the next several days. Shortwave troughs spinning around that upper low will follow one after the other across the region through the upcoming weekend, and then by next Monday another shortwave will move the opposite way, moving SE out of Canada, bringing more showers early next week. A possible break for parts of Tuesday-Wednesday, then something new coming in by later next week. The rains are back!

September 16

Sunrise: 6:47 AM---- Sunset: 7:18 PM (PDT)
(losing 3 min. 24 sec. tomorrow)

Updated: 6:44 AM GMT on September 17, 2010


Middle September

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:20 PM GMT on September 13, 2010

September 15, 9:30 PM

After a nice afternoon yesterday, Tuesday, topping out at 74 degrees with nice sunshine after some morning fog, today featured a pretty sunrise and then increasing clouds. The rain came in this mid afternoon as the first in a series of systems began its impact on western Washington. The rain came down moderately for on and off periods and has totaled .14" today. Before the rain rolled in, the high reached 73 today. It was a warm rain and it felt nice, but also nice to head indoors after hurriedly wrapping up an outdoor painting project just in time.

September 13, 9:20 AM

Here we have arrived nearly squarely into the middle of September and fall is entrenching itself nicely. A solid low stratus deck covers us this morning and in a typical September pattern, after the weak front moves away from us, the sun should probably come out this afternoon. The last couple of mornings have been warmer again, and more humid than usual as well, so we are still in the early fall feel. It is currently 60 at 9:00 AM and the low this morning was only 56, so we are in a pretty stable period right now. If the sun does appear later, it could reach into the lower 70's this afternoon.

Conditions are setting up, however, to bring in widespread fog beginning overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. I am looking forward to that possibility. I enjoy fog and we haven't had anything much to speak of for a long time.

After these quieter, warmer, days (perhaps "dull" with the overcast sky and calm,benign conditions) by late in the week we should start to cool down again, maybe back a little below normal, and the rain may be on the increase. Looking way ahead, the CPC continues to predict that our fall months will be above normal for precipitation and could swing either way in temps, which seems to have been the pattern all summer and is continuing. Either well above or below normal has been the swinging door pattern.

My daughter in India has had some wonderful experiences - ranging from participating up close in several surgeries to jungle safari, to ancient palaces to pediatric burn wards (children are often burned by carrying oil lamps on their heads up mountain trails, etc, or falling into the cooking pot on the floor), to the wild traffic and pedestrian situations, with expected ups and downs along the way, but she is really enjoying her time and "experiencing India" in so many ways. My son in Ecuador is also enjoying his time immensely and has experienced many facets of that country - from markets and old cathedrals to standing nearly 14,000 feet high on a volcano, and riding gondolas to other mountain tops, to navigating the stereotypical buses of Quito (not for the faint of heart, he reports). So, great times for both of them, while we are manning the home front and watching the season change.

September 13
Sunrise: 6:43 AM --- Sunset: 7:24 PM (PDT)

Updated: 4:27 AM GMT on September 16, 2010


Changing Seasons, Changeable Weather

By: PugetSoundPost, 8:51 PM GMT on September 06, 2010

September 8, 8:30 PM

Today was similar to the last two - morning rain that totaled .43", afternoon sunbreaks reaching a high of 70 and ending the day pleasantly after a gray start, and a pretty sky shortly before sunset. More clouds are on the way, but tomorrow should be drier.

September 7, 10 PM

A better than expected outcome to the day today. After dark skies and damp weather started the day, the afternoon sun that broke through was a pleasant surprise. The afternoon actually was a little erratic - we bounced from rather warm sunshine to sprinkles and cool and back again a few times. We ended up with a high of 73 but have had .16" rain today, with more showers from new sources coming in the rest of the week.

September 7, 8:45AM

The threatened rain did come yesterday afternoon and a steady, light to moderate rain fell through much of the afternoon and off and on through the night. By this morning we received .42" rain and this morning it is still quite gray, dark and damp. Another trough is on its way from British Columbia, so showers are set to increase again as the day progresses. It is currently 54. The high yesterday was 59. The house was chilly all day and the day looked nothing like we just recently completed August. Neither does today.

September 6

Wow, it is hard to believe that a week of September has already passed! It has been a very busy last few weeks. My son is in Ecuador for a month, my daughter left last week for India and it took several days to establish any communication with her, but she is loving it so far! My youngest daughter started her junior year of high school last week, yesterday we took a one day trip over and back to Grand Coulee Dam, and so much is happening all the time around here.

While I have been occupied on everything else, the weather has been marching onward to fall. Today is quite dreary looking and is a plain old cloudy, breezy, and cool fall day for us. It is supposed to rain with the passing of a weak front, but so far it is dry, however threatening it may look.

The weather has been quite changeable over the last couple of weeks. It doesn't seem to know which season it prefers to exhibit - some days have been quite nice and warm (high of 85 last Friday the 3rd) followed the next day by 60's and a little rain. I think we are settling mainly into the 70's on the days when it is sunny now, and then it can drop down to highs in the 60's (or even only 58 on the last day of August!) on the cloudier more unsettled days. True summer is fading rapidly now into the past and fall is taking a stronger grip. The rest of the this week looks like periods of unsettled cloudy and cool (60's predicted all week) and chances of showers with weak disturbances moving through in series. Currently at 1:40 PM it is only 58 degrees.

Our tomato crop is coming in very nicely now, some peppers are ripe, and we have quite a few nice pumpkins ready to harvest, so the gardening season is winding down as well, although it isn't quite finished.

September 6
Sunrise: 6:34 AM --- Sunset: 7:39 PM
(losing 3 minutes, 23 seconds tomorrow)

Stats for August

Average High Temperature: 78.7
Average Low Temperature: 54.2
Highest Temperature: 99 (recorded Aug. 15)
Coolest Low Temperature: 47 (recorded on Aug. 28)
Coolest High Temperature: 58 (recorded Aug. 31)
Highest Wind Speed: 20 mph (recorded 8/18 and 8/31)
Days above 90 4 (on the 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th)
Wettest Day .82" on Aug. 31

Total Rain for August: 1.25" (summer is our dry season)

Updated: 3:32 AM GMT on September 09, 2010


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