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Hawaiian Holiday

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:18 PM GMT on July 20, 2010

July 24, 7:30 AM
This morning is a broken overcast, not bright blue. But as I sit outside this early morning writing this, it is a very pleasant temperature. WU says it is 75 in Honolulu right now. There is a little breeze and without much sun it maybe doesn't feel that warm to me. But, no doubt it will warm up a lot and be a hot day. I read an article about how apparently the usual trade winds haven't been as strong here this summer so far as they usually are, so the days have felt hotter than even the locals are used to. It often seems plenty breezy to me, but the wind does give a respite when the air and sun are blazing. The humidity is listed at 45% currently, but it will rise. We have had a few rain showers since I have been here and during the day they just give the effect of "misting stations" and feel good (one was quite hard and soaked me through while walking) but some rain two evenings ago cooled everything down noticeably and it felt nice to just go indoors by then.

Yesterday my husband had his first time off and we took a loop drive around Oahu. Visited the North Shore beaches and Sunset Beach in particular was wonderful. Perfect sand, water, palm trees, and sky. Picture postcard of Hawaii. We have been around the island before but it has been a long while and it was fun to just sort of "beach-hop" our way around, not staying too long at any one stop. We ended on Sandy Beach, with stronger waves and currents and I was content to stay on the edge of the water. Our Washington Coast beaches are always so cold - especially the water - that I can't ever seem to get over how wonderfully warm the Hawaiian version of the Pacific is.

July 21, 9:30 PM

A high overcast partially filtered the sun today, here in Honolulu. That did take some of the edge off the hot sun today, but it still stayed quite warm all day and into the evening. Wonderful beach weather! But, to give some sunburn a rest from the hot sun, I toured an Army museum that was quite interesting - especially the unique perspective of life in Hawaii during WWII - during the war years. Did spend quite a bit of time outside, too, just not in the water today. A lovely sunset tonight - the sun set behind some clouds and added some drama to the sky.

July 20, 6:15 AM

All of those dreary Puget Sound summer mornings (and sometimes all day) were too much, so I packed up and left for Hawaii!! What a difference!! Actually, the weather did not chase me out of town. My husband was given a half day notice to be in Hawaii by last Friday to work on a very big and urgent problem for his work and I had no plans to come along. But, after reconsideration, I joined him on Sunday for the first time to accompany him on work travel.

So, here I am reporting from Waikiki Beach!! And I am free to roam around and do whatever, or nothing, since he is at work a lot (15 hour day yesterday). I do have to say it is very strange to be "doing Hawaii" pretty much by myself! I walked a lot yesterday, spent time by the hotel pool, and also swam at the beach, then jostled the crowds on the evening sidewalks. A hard life!

As for the weather - - well, what can I say? It is sunny and so warm! Highs in the 80's and it is basically hot sitting in the sun, such as by the pool or beach. We did have some passing rain showers yesterday morning and one while I was walking was particularly soaking. During that period of rain I watched a scene being filmed for the upcoming "new" TV series "Hawaii 5-0" - yes it is new, but a remake of the old famous show. This scene involved a car crash (already set up as if the crash had just happened) and a group of bad guys jumping out of their crashed van shooting the other guys. Wow. The things that happen on the Hawaii beaches. But, back to the weather - soon after that rain ended the sun was out and dried things up quickly and it was time for sunscreen. During the afternoon it was also rather windy, but as opposed to wind at home, this wind was a warm wind, and it helped keep the air moving. The humidity is also much higher than I am used to, but I think it has been higher at times on previous trips to Hawaii.

The sun is just rising this morning and it looks to be a very pretty morning - so far lots of clear blue sky and the ocean looks calm.

July 20
Sunrise: 6:00 AM --- Sunset: 7:15 PM (HST)

Updated: 5:33 PM GMT on July 24, 2010


Summer Takes a Holiday

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:11 PM GMT on July 12, 2010

July 15, 7:00 AM
After the rainy day on Monday, the weather has improved to much more sun than expected and very pleasant days. The highs have been 76 and 82 the past two days. Today is starting out with clear blue sunshine and that improves one's outlook 100%. Weak low level onshore flow is moderating our temperatures, in spite of the sunshine, however. And, with the coming of another weak upper level trough we are cooling just a little today, then more cooling tomorrow and Saturday, with a widespread morning marine layer and afternoon sun for the next few days. They are saying we will dip to a little below normal temperatures for a few days. It does keep the grass greener.

July 12, 10:10 AM

Our hot and sunny weather from last week is already in the rear view mirror and the weather has taken a turn for the worse again. During the night some hard rain came along, with the clouds that streamed in quickly last evening, and then this morning has been drizzly, but another hard shower is winding down now, at 10 AM. It is currently 54 and so far we have received .33" rain and it is still raining, now more lightly. The sky is gray gloom - a solid low overcast.

Strong onshore flow coupled with an upper level trough has brought the rain, and I think it is more than was expected. I was looking more for drizzle or spotty light rain - a few hundredths at best, but instead we got some real rain. Precipitation should wind down by afternoon but the week ahead seems to foresee a lot of clouds. The marine layer will continue and deepen as the week progresses and to me it sounds hard to break through it some days, but after today afternoon sun is expected most days, with seasonal temperatures. It doesn't look like we will see much sun today and we will run in the 60's,a few degrees below normal. Summer,and especially July, is the dry season around here. Summer thunderstorm rain is rare and systems off the ocean seem to take a break, so any rain right now is not really the norm.

July 12
Sunrise: 5:23 AM --- Sunset: 9:04 PM (PDT)
(tomorrow will be 1 min. 42 sec. shorter)

Updated: 2:00 PM GMT on July 15, 2010


Summer, Finally

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:21 PM GMT on July 07, 2010

July 11
The clouds were here this morning and they hung on much longer than yesterday - the beginning of our next weather pattern. It did clear out by early afternoon and our high was 79 with the afternoon sunshine. Now tonight the clouds are back in again and it is overcast. A little system is moving toward us from the NW and we could see some drizzle on Monday. This coming week is set to feature morning clouds and afternoon sunshine, but Monday could see little sunshine and much cooler again.

July 10, 11:15 pm
Summer continued today! The morning clouds disappeared much earlier in the day than I had expected, and that was a good thing. So, it ended up a little warmer than expected too. The high today at home was 86.

Meanwhile, my family and I used the beautiful day (really, just perfect - clear blue sky, wonderful temperature - not too hot, nor too cool) to raft down the Skykomish River! It is a tamer stretch we have done many times, but not for a few years now. The river provides some thrills and big splashes, enough for a whoop and holler occasionally, but mainly just a nice speedy float through beautiful mountains and woods. We had a picnic on a gravel bar in the sun and the afternoon was just perfectly done in all ways.

July 9, 10:15 pm
It is dark out now and nighttime has settled over us. Along with it comes a weather change. Our heat wave has ended and has been winding down all evening. An upper level trough is sliding in, bringing clouds, and low level onshore flow (a switch from the hot offshore flow we have had) is contributing, so the skies are cloudy now, and the temperature has been dropping more noticeably all evening. It is still warm tonight, but not like it was last evening.

Most of today was HOT, but not quite as hot as yesterday. Our high was 94 today, but it seemed less intense than yesterday. I think it was a bit slower to heat up and it didn't stay at the max as long as it did yesterday. But no matter what, it was a beautiful clear day that was most enjoyable. I have really enjoyed sitting out on our deck for the first time since last summer. By later afternoon the first tell-tale clouds came over the hill and now we are under cloudy skies.

Saturday may start out cloudy but afternoon clearing is expected, with a high around 80 - delightful and not nearly as hot as we suddenly found ourselves experiencing this week. Below normal temps could be on the way again next week.

July 8, 10:30 pm
What a day in the Pacific Northwest!! Records were broken all around as the sun shone mightily upon us! Our high today was 96 and the strong sun tried hard to wilt us pale Northwesterners down. It probably succeeded in many cases. I spent the late afternoon/evening at an outdoor swim meet - just a week ago we stood around shivering, but not tonight. It was HOT, HOT!! The water in the pool looked oohhh so inviting, but the best I could do was maneuver close enough to receive some splashes from the swimmers. Even that felt good. Now the late evening is very warm, but sitting outside just now was hard with too many mosquitos, and already I am paying for that experience. The house is hot and not very pleasant, but even that is a Sign of Summer. Friday should be a little cooler, but still a hot day. The bigger cool down is on tap for the weekend.

July 7, 11:30 PM
Summertime heat in the Northwest! Our high today was 90.2 !! Currently, at 11:30 pm, it is still 70 outside! This is so NOT typical Northwest summer weather, but it can happen once in awhile. The windows are open and to have a warm nighttime breeze blow through the house is wonderful. Tomorrow is slated to be hotter yet, then a little cooling is on the way for Friday into the weekend. I'll get started early in the morning on watering all my flowers.

July 7, 7:20 AM

The wisdom of the ages prevails again, as summer around here does begin after the 4th of July. And, it is roaring in this week!! The holiday weekend was cool and drizzly, but now we are going to see, for a couple of days at least, some summertime weather!!

Yesterday was a nice transition day toward SUMMER! Our high was an even 80, and that is what we have been waiting for. Now this morning we are under bright blue skies, nary a cloud anywhere, and it is going to get hot! The trouble, now, is that we are flipping the switch on for summer and the jolt from cool drizzle to hot will no doubt be jarring for us, but I am willing to take the risk! Our houses will turn to ovens and everyone will say it is too hot, but at least the song will change for now!

Our forecast highs for today are "mid 80's to lower 90's" and by tomorrow, the projected warmest day, we could top out in the middle 90's! A tad cooler on Friday but still hot, then the marine push will likely be back on the weekend - our "natural air conditioner". Heat never lasts too long around here. But for now, we will enjoy what is coming and bask in the sunshine!!

July 7
Sunrise: 5:18 AM --- Sunset: 9:08 PM (PDT)
(losing 1 min. 21 sec. tomorrow)

Updated: 6:29 AM GMT on July 12, 2010


Drizzly July Start

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:04 PM GMT on July 02, 2010

July 4, 10:30 AM

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

Just home from church and the current temperature of 57 under a heavy dark sky made me cold, and now the fire is on to warm up the house! Hooray for our 4th of July weather. Increasing chance of rain as the day progresses for us, as well as highs in the 60's, so it looks like our BBQ will feature indoor eating. Hoping for a decent break to shoot off our fireworks - the last year for them in our neighborhood. A very big warmup is still on the way for the coming week, hopefully.

Have a Spark-tacular day, celebrating our great country's birthday!!

July 2, 7:00 AM

July has arrived and drizzle and light rain have also come as the uninvited guest. A cool and showery start to July, including some sprinkles yesterday and this morning it is another dark sky and the rain has a little more pep to it than it did last evening.

A little system spinning around an upper level trough is crossing overhead this morning and moving SE, giving us a better shot of showers. By this afternoon we should see some clearing. NW flow will build clouds back in tonight and Sat morning, with another hopefully clearing break on Sat afternoon, and then another round of onshore flow developing for Sunday - so more clouds. Another, a bit stronger, trough will cross again on Sunday and may provide enough energy to develop showers for the 4th; morning and afternoon both will have shower possibilities. There may be some late sunbreaks or clearing, but right now to me it doesn't sound too terrific. So, the beat goes on with cloudy, cool, drippy weather so far this summer.

BUT! There is change on the horizon for us to look forward to! Next week is looking pretty hopeful that a pattern change will occur and the flow will shift offshore, with warmer, drier, air filtering in and bringing us the hope of temperatures in the 80's by middle next week for a few days in a row!! Hang on everyone!!

July 2
Sunrise: 5:15 AM ---- Sunset: 9:10 PM (PDT)
(losing 57 seconds tomorrow)

June Summary Stats (Here at Home):

Average High Temp. 71 degrees
Average Low Temp. 50 degrees
Warmest Day: 82, recorded June 23
Coldest Low: 46, recorded on June 3, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16,
Coldest High: 56, recorded June 20
Wettest Day: .84" rain recorded June 9
Highest Wind: 26 mph, on June 2

Total Rainfall for June: 2.73"
(This is .12" more rain than we received in February!)
A comment about our average high temp for the month: I feel that the given figure is not very reflective of the majority of actual weather. Often the high would spike up a bit when the sun may come out in late afternoon, but many times it was brief and did not represent the day well. Most days were spent in the 60's for much of the time. There were a few exceptions scattered through the month.

Updated: 5:39 PM GMT on July 04, 2010


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