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Spring/Winter's End - on the Calendar

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:07 AM GMT on June 21, 2010

June 30, 7:20 AM
Some sprinkles are falling this morning, pretty much as predicted. Dark clouds are around, but over the course of the day sunshine is also expected - at least for awhile. Currently an upper level low is moving east and away from us, thus just lingering spotty light showers early this morning. A little sunshine should follow but is not likely to last, since another upper level trough is moving in from the ocean and high clouds in advance will spread over us later today. Showers are again in the forecast from tonight through Thursday.

Since I last wrote here, we have had a mix of days. Some signs of summer appear and there have been some nice hours/days that give hints of what is possible. Then other days are darker and cooler. Mainly the nice weather does not last for more than several hours. Overall I think spring is moderating toward summer - less precipitation has occured and it seems to be spritzy sprinkles at best, at least over the last week, and the temperatures have taken a small step up. We did hit 75+ officially last week for the first time since last September! So, there are signs of summer, although so far they seem to be a step forward followed by a step backward and nothing consistent has taken hold yet.

June 22, 9:30 AM
This morning's Seattle Times newspaper has some interesting information about our current weather doldrums that I'd like to share here for those interested in our lack of summer so far. I'll take a few quotes out of the article:

Sunday, the day before the summer solstice, should have shown the strongest sun of the year, but instead, it "may have been 'the darkest June day anyone's ever experienced' in Seattle, said Cliff Mass, professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Washington. Sunday was the darkest June day on record for the area in at least 15 years, but Mass said it's likely been much longer."

"The darkness, measured as solar radiation from the roof of the UW atmospheric-sciences building, was more fitting for an early February day, he said."

" 'It was extraordinary,' Mass said of Sunday's distinctly un-summerlike weather. 'It wasn't an earthquake or a tornado, but it's very unusual and it's worth noting.' "

And,the article goes onto speak about our cool temperatures:

"Seattle is on a stretch of 271 days and counting without reaching 75 degrees, said ....... the National Weather Service. The previous record was 254 days. 'We have crushed that,' Mass said, adding it's likely temperatures won't reach 75 until July."

And, it has been colder than a normal June high of 70:

"At 56 degrees, Sunday's high was just 1 degree above the lowest high ever recorded at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on a June 20. That a typical mid-April high."

"So far, this June has been the eighth wettest on record, with 2.49 inches" (aside - we have more).

It is predicted to break into the top five wettest Junes as more rain is expected this coming weekend.

" 'Even for me, a lover of rain and clouds," Mass wrote, 'this is going too far.'"

Today, Tuesday, is off to a better start - more sunbreaks, but it is a brief lull, and perhaps lasting into tomorrow as well, then the heavier clouds, showers, and cooling down again returns for the second half of the week.

June 20, 11 pm
What a day today! To celebrate Father's Day and the last day of spring, and might as well be winter too, we spent a day in very lovely Port Gamble, attending a Civil War Re-enactment, in a wonderfully situated locale, while the low hanging thick ceiling dripped down cool rain for much of the day! Port Gamble is a National Historic Landmark that preserves a New England style late 1800's sawmill town on Puget Sound, near Hood Canal. It is delightfully picturesque and when the town transforms into a Civil War battlefield and camps one weekend each year, it is just like stepping way back in time and living that era of American history, surrounded by natural beauty not often found. We have gone several times now and enjoy it very much each time.

Today, however, displayed the most rain we have had at this event. It never rained "hard" but the steady rain that began as drizzle and increased to plain old rain, tried very hard to put a damper on the festivities. The battles and demonstrations went on, in true NW fashion, but eating a hot dog and chips in the rain with nothing dry anywhere in sight, and the wet cold seeping down deeper into the bones, does not make one see much hope of supposedly summer on the horizon. Our high here at home today, on the east side of Puget Sound, rather than the west side where Port Gamble is, was 56. The low this morning was 52. The total rain at home was .14", and since we were gone all day I can't compare it to Port Gamble. But, by the time we got home, after a pleasant ferry crossing (but also not going out on deck - too cold when you have been wet for hours) it was great to take the wet socks off and sit by the fire. We had been expecting gradual improvement through the day today, as opposed to the dry, but also not very nice day yesterday. The forecast was missed by a wide margin for today, and had I known, I would have brought more layers and a heavier rain coat than I had. The current forecast says our next best chance of sun is not until maybe Tuesday afternoon. We'll keep it mind.

June 20
Sunrise: 5:10 AM ---- Sunset: 9:10 PM (PDT)
(gaining just 1 second of daylight tomorrow, the Solstice)

Updated: 2:21 PM GMT on June 30, 2010


NW June Gloom

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:11 PM GMT on June 17, 2010

June 17, 8:10 AM

A whirlwind week of activity at our house has just completed, highlighted by the high school graduation of my third child and a wonderful time of celebration for him. Since we finish school so late in the year compared to much of the country, graduation and the traditional "last day of school" normally herald the onset of summer, and summer weather often has been well established by now, at least in decent spurts, and by this point in June we would feel a much different spirit than we do this year. Instead, all we can say so far is "where is summer anyway?" So far, all we can talk about is cold June Gloom.

The official high for Seattle has yet to even reach 75 degrees ALL YEAR! Wow. In lieu of that milestone, we have instead been saturated with lots of clouds, more rain than wished for, and well below average temperatures all month. This morning is no exception. A heavy overcast is blanketing the region, a breezy cold wind (currently 52 degrees), and rain looks decidedly possible at any time. Earlier this week we received .53" rain over two days (thankfully missing graduation by just a very few hours)and some of it was quite hard (enjoyed by standing outside for hours at a swim meet). Here at home our average high for the first four days of this week has been a deceiving 69 (some highs are reached when the sun does come out for even a little while, attesting to the power of June sun, but for the most part the sun is missing from view), and the average low has been 46 over the same four days, which seems to be a more accurate reflection of our temperature situation.

Not much change is in the near term, at least, view. An upper level low has been sitting over the Northwest pumping the rain over us this week. It is moving away, finally, but now we are under a broad upper level trough that will keep us below normal in temperature and cloudy. Another closed low will drop over us on Friday from Canada, bringing more rain Friday into Saturday and maybe Sunday as well. This system is going to be slow to move, so the whole weekend has the possibility of rain at times. The advantage of all the cool rain is that it is keeping our lawns much greener longer than usual and that is something I really welcome!

June 17
Sunrise: 5:10 AM --- Sunset: 9:09 PM (PDT)
(gaining 16 seconds tomorrow - our lengthening days are just about over already)


Searching For Summer

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:51 AM GMT on June 09, 2010

June 10, 9:20 PM
A mostly cloudy day. The high was 71 again, and another .13" rain, from showers and drizzle. Clearing seems to be on the way for tomorrow and Saturday!

June 9, 11:40 PM
We have ended the day with .91" of rain, and this afternoon featured some very heavy showers and hail. The high was 71 when the sun came out fleetingly.

June 9, 9:45 AM
Heavy clouds this morning, after .53" rain overnight. The low this morning was 51 and we are expecting the 60's today, with a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon with the passing of a trough.

June 8, 9:30 PM

By some surprise, the rain moved in quite a lot faster than I expected. In less than a half hour after I posted the previous comments, the rain was here and it came with some authority. There was even some distant lightning spotted with the onset. Currently it is raining a steady moderate, and enough to soak, rain.

June 8, 7:50 PM

The sky is pretty tonight, especially as I look east out the window toward the Cascades. But, it is an all-too-familiar sight - increasing clouds ahead of an approaching weather system, another upper low heading in off the Pacific. The associated front will come ashore south of us,in Oregon, but rain is marching this way in SW onshore flow. Rain is already spotted making its way north through SW Washington and soon will be up to the south Sound area. It appears to be working more or less due north and not surprisingly the heaviest rain is showing along the Cascade crest and western slopes. But the lowlands are lighting up radar too.

Tomorrow will be showery, as the upper low crosses western Washington, and cooler again. Today was another treat, at least the first half was the prettiest. A beautiful blue sky start to the day and it eventually warmed into the 70's, inspiring an early start to my day today with the early sunrise, but the clouds have filtered the sun more and more as the day went on.

But, there are signs of shaking this pattern, at least over this coming weekend, when summer should maybe move closer to the front of the stage. Sun and perhaps even seeing 80 on Sunday is something to truly look forward to!

June 8
Sunrise: 5:11 AM ---- Sunset: 9:04 PM (PDT)
(gaining 1 minute even tomorrow. The daylight gain is really beginning to slow down now.)

Updated: 4:18 AM GMT on June 11, 2010


June Soaking On the Way

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:03 AM GMT on June 02, 2010

June 6, 9:15PM

A flip-flop weekend. Yesterday, Saturday, was the first truly nice day that we have had in quite some time. It turned out to be mostly sunny, and although it tended to be a bit cool in the shade, overall it was a quite nice day and a relief, even if for just awhile. By the afternoon it was pleasant - warm and no wind - and a high of 74.

Then today came. Clouds and rain launched the morning and the heavy clouds have remained all day, to the present time. It rained more than I expected, for a total of .21", coming in drizzle to moderate rainy periods. The high here was 68, but mostly it was cooler than that.

More unsettled days lay ahead this week, but it sounds like we could see a more major change by this coming weekend! Hints of warmer and sunnier weather on the horizon!

June 4, 11 PM
I did get a "good soaking" this evening - standing outside timing swimmers in pouring rain! The paper to record the times was soaked through, even with a plastic sheet over it, and an interesting evening getting cold and very wet. A convergence zone set up over our area and the rain came down moderately hard, under a thick and heavy sky. We also had some rain early this morning, then a mostly dry day until late this afternoon. Our high was 65 and we got .35" rain today - a number that I suspect was quite variable, "depending on location". Tomorrow, Saturday, is predicted to be a nicer day - sunnier and warmer, before more possible rain on Sunday. My son has Prom to attend tomorrow, so I do hope the forecasters are correct on the improving prospects for Saturday.

June 2, 10:45 PM
Well, it must have rained somewhere else, but not so much here. The rain didn't turn out quite as I expected, but perhaps I need to remember that this is June. We ended up with .26" of rain from the system, but it never really rained very hard so it worked at it over many hours spread through the night and first half of today. The post-frontal winds were stronger than I was really expecting, though, and our highest gust was 26 mph.

A sad day here in Seattle-land, with the retirement of Ken Griffey Jr. from the Mariners, the most beloved and best sports figure to grace our city. I have followed him since his first major league home at-bat, 22 years ago, when he launched his career with a home run, finishing with 630 of them. We have so many wonderful memories of him playing the game of baseball the way it should be played. Thanks for the memories, Junior!

June 1, 9:00 PM

June arrived today and tonight we are bracing for a potent rain event, given that it is now June. Summer months are our typically most dry months here in the Northwest - our rainy season comes in the fall/winter months, drifting through spring, but by summer we get pretty dry around here. So, to get a strong storm this late in the season is unusual, and this may not be the end of it either. We have really been in a rainy pattern the last few weeks, and are running below normal temperatures certainly since mid May.

The clouds are on the increase today but it has been slow to develop. So far this evening we have had some sprinkles, but no real rain has started. I see on radar it is just making it to south Seattle. An unusually strong and moist jet stream is aiming right at us, bringing rain that traces it origins all the way back to the Indian ocean from a cyclone in that region about May 20, and it has now circled the globe to reach us. The plume of a lot of moisture reaches back across the dateline and so the Cascades especially, plus the Olympics, and to a little lesser degree here in the lowlands, are expecting some heavy rain at times over the next 24 hours. Some river flooding is a possibility with some flood watches up. Amounts of rain will depend upon location, as it always does. Another strong shot of rain is expected on Friday too.

June 1
Sunrise: 5:14 AM ---- Sunset: 8:59 PM (PDT)

May Summary

Average High Temp. 65
Average Low Temp. 44
Warmest Day: 78, on May 19
Coldest Low: 36, on May 4
Wettest Day: 1.16" rain, measured on May 28
Highest Wind: 26 mph, recorded on May 3

Total Rainfall for May: 3.77"

Updated: 4:14 AM GMT on June 07, 2010


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