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No Show Winter Paying Us Back

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:20 PM GMT on May 28, 2010

May 31, 10:20 pm
The holiday weekend and month are coming to an end. It has been hard to raise too much holiday pep with the weekend we just had. Lots of clouds, rainy periods, and below normal temperatures. Looking indoors for recreation, we went bowling this afternoon for the first time in a long time, and this evening made some indoor s'mores - so not all was lost. For the weekend our rain total is 1.67", with the big day being Friday. Today we added .36" into that total. As a pretty big surprise, the sun DID come out late this afternoon (Monday) for the first time all weekend! Better late than never! So, in the very waning hours of the holiday weekend, we (and neighbors) had to rush outside and quickly do lawn mowing in the soggy grass, plant garden plants (especially my son's many pepper plants) that have patiently waited too long, and see what we could do before dark and the work week begins again. It was breezy, high wind of 18 mph after 5 pm today, so not perfect outdoor weather, but surely nice to see some blue sky, the mountains, and sunshine.

The sun was evidence of a weak ridge that is moving across the state. But, already, our eyes are turning to Tuesday when the next strong system comes ashore. Rain should begin in our area by late afternoon/evening and last into Wednesday, with some possibly impressive rain totals for the beginning of June coming our way. A long fetch of moisture is aiming itself into western Washington; and alas, it will be followed by more rain later in the week. June is going to begin where May is leaving off.

May 29, 12:30 PM

Wow. I am feeling sorry for anyone who thought Memorial Day weekend was a camping opportuniy. What a murky day we see out our closed up windows. The sky and ground are merging into one - who knows where each begins the other ends. The ceiling is very low and thick with a steady hard mist falling. It is 50 degrees at midday and a breeze blows through the trees showing some signs of life outside. The mist seems to be getting harder as I type and probably by now it could be called just plain old rain. Our fireplace is blazing. Little to no improvement is expected over the whole weekend.

When I look at the national temperature map, I see 2/3 of the country in the 70's and up; mostly 80's and up. Not happening here in our little corner of the world! Keeps us unique, for whatever that is worth. Still waiting for an opportunity to finish planting our garden, including many little pepper plants that are standing in their little individual pots, hoping for better days ahead, sometime.

May 29, 12 midnight

It has rained nearly all day today (28th), in various strengths. Quite a day for so late in May. Our high temperature was 56 and the total rain for the day was 1.16". Our wettest day in a long time. The rest of the weekend is promising to be mostly murky with showers/rain most any time. With these spells of rain continuing the next few days, the models are still building a stronger system middle next week. Gotta love it, I guess.

May 28, 8:15 AM

The rain is pouring down this morning, on the 4th to last day of May, and it isn't a summer rain. It is raining a steady, soaking, long lasting rain here in western Washington, and it is 50 degrees. So far since shortly before midnight we have received .85" and rain is forecast to continue for much of today. A deep upper trough is overhead, stretching from central California to B.C and a shortwave on the north side of the low center down in northern Calif. is sending the rain into western Washington. If the trees didn't have leaves on them and it didn't get light before 5 AM, it would clearly be January by the way it looks outside. We aren't expected to get out of the 50's today.

The holiday weekend has some brighter spots coming, where the sun will come out for some periods of time, but I think clouds will still be dominant players in the game and we will basically just be in-between systems. A weak upper ridge is moving our way from the west. This will slide across the state quickly on Saturday and early Sunday and a weak front is slated for Sunday night into Monday. Another weak ridge for next Tuesday and then a much stronger system is showing up in the models for mid week next week. I have seen some suggestions that this one might even have the possibility of causing river flooding - very rare so late in the year - and maybe another shot of wind. We need to get closer to pinpoint much of this, but we are apparently not out of the woods yet.

That mild winter we had (what winter?) is really biting us back now, something I was worried about way back then.

May 28
Sunrise: 5:17 AM ---- Sunset: 8:55 PM (PDT)

May Blasts - Old and New!

By: PugetSoundPost, 2:34 AM GMT on May 19, 2010

May 24, 10:00 AM
The warmer temperatures I was thinking about last night when I wrote aren't going to happen this week. This morning is cool and cloudy (low of 42) and although it may be the driest day of the week, that isn't saying a lot so far. Rain is forecast each day now for the rest of the week as a large trough offshore dominates our weather, and now we are not to look for a drying trend until at least next Sunday! I don't imagine the rain totals will be too much, but just drippy days to dodge showers and clouds the rest of the week ahead. Highs in the 60's, at best.

May 23, 10:00PM
The weekend is winding down and it didn't light me up too much weatherwise. A very unsettled pattern all weekend. Highs in the 60's, lows in the 40's, a lot of clouds around, some sunbreaks and then we would get our high temperature. Rain showers were always on the horizon in some direction, occasionally hitting us, sometimes hard. We had one big clap of thunder last evening. Very much "spring" weather - changing all the time and unpredictable, but as late May is now here, I am looking forward to more consistent warmer temperatures.

May 20, 8:15 AM
Updated Storm Totals:
The wind has continued to be blustery all night and into this morning. Our highest wind during this stormy episode bumped up to 25 mph during the night. Not much more rain, a total so far of .31". This morning is overcast, breezy, and cool, currently 50 degrees.

May 19, 10:15 pm
The natural inclination of the weather today was to be a wonderfully sunny and warm May day. Its best intentions took root first thing this morning and the day began with a lot of sunshine and quick warming. A day I have been waiting for. No jacket needed, sunglasses on, and a day to forget about the long dreary months we see for so long. But, in spite of those good intentions, there was a change blowing in the breeze. By late morning some innocent looking clouds were sneaking in overhead, but most people probably never noticed them. By midday those clouds were starting to look just a tad less innocent, but still I am sure most people were still absorbed in the sunshine and warm temperature. By early afternoon I spotted now what I knew was coming: a dark and very ominous cloud bank in the southwestern distance. I was driving and in the time it took me to go into a grocery store and buy two items, that heavy cloud bank had moved so much closer and was nearly overhead. The sun was still out brightly, but I knew it was on life support for this day. Moments later the clouds overtook the sun and the afternoon dimmed noticeably. Things were changing very rapidly. The breeze was freshening steadily. I drove about 15 minutes north with the storm right on my heels. To the distant north I could still see patches of blue sky, but as I was within just a couple of blocks of my house, the first raindrops splashed the windows and by now the wind was dashing the trees around back and forth. Soon the real rain hit and it rained quite hard at times and the sky was very murky and socked in, and back to very dreary. For the rest of the afternoon the rain came in waves and some of it was plain old gullywasher rain. I ended up driving into Seattle later and we surely had some brief, but hard, rain! The power was knocked out on one stretch of the trip, but never at home. Our high temperature today was 78, but in an hour or less it had dropped into the high 50's once the storm was upon us, and now it is in the upper 40's, at 10 pm. The low this morning was 47 and our high wind only ended up being 22 so far (still breezy)and so far we have received .31" rain. The combination of hard rain, blustery winds, and the socked in sky made it seem stronger than maybe it was, but for middle May, today's storm was quite unusual for us. The day was split nearly in half, with each half behaving in completely opposite ways. Two days in one!

May 18, Mt St Helens Day, 30 years ago

Lots to talk about this evening! I will start with a reminder about Mt St Helens and the day she BLEW! Today is the anniversary of that wild day - 30 years ago today she blew off her top and did such unbelievable damage and destruction, including taking over 50 lives. What an incredible day! I remember it well. At the actual time of the initial blast I was making a fruit salad to take to a church potluck, since it was Sunday morning. Although I didn't actually hear or see the blast, soon enough we all knew what had happened. The mountain had been threatening to erupt for several months, so it was not a surprise, but the actual explosion was far more than what nearly all of us expected and it did catch us by surprise. The images that came from TV were so amazing and hard to fathom that all of this was happening in our own state and not really very far away either. The wind carried the ash east, mostly, and away from the Seattle metro area, so we did not encounter that problem, but eastern Washington had midday turn to night under the heavy, dark, thick, black cloud of ash that settled deep over the landscape. No one knew what to expect from all the ash that covered everything. Was it safe? I had to work that afternoon and someone brought in a TV set so that we could see what was happening and it was one of those times that you won't ever forget and will always know "where you were at when it happened." Only about six weeks prior I had ridden in a small plane around the mountain. When the blast did come, it came so suddenly and with such an unbelievable force, knocking the top 1500 or so feet off the mountain top, that looking back, that plane flight was probably mighty risky.

Eruptions continued for the next several months and my future husband and I were caught in a bigger one just two months later in July while driving in eastern Washington. We had not heard that the mountain had erupted again but drove into an incredibly black cloud that was looming ahead on the highway. Still not realizing what had happened, and thinking it was a storm blowing in, we stopped at a small diner by I-90, and as we walked in the waitress said they are closing and that Snoqualmie Pass ahead of us was closing soon due to this eruption and all the ash that was coming quickly in! Being young and adventurous, we jumped in the VW bug and wanted to get over the Pass as quickly as possible, so on we plowed right into this massive black "cloud" ! Soon the whole car was enveloped in the thick, black ash cloud, and we feared for our air cooled engine sucking all that in, and also perhaps clogging the oil, etc. It was so eerily black and not like anything we had seen or been in before. But, on we chugged (literally) up toward the Cascades, heading west. We did make it without incident and were safely out of the ash, but it was certainly a memorable trip!The area around Mt. St. Helens is coming back to life, but the landscape is still scarred and it is an incredibly beautiful and simultaneously eerie place to visit. Well worth it!

The next topic is our current incoming storm. Again! A strong late-season storm is going to affect us beginning on Wednesday. A deep low pressure, for May, is developing off the Oregon coast tonight and it will track pretty much due north offshore along the Washington coast tomorrow. Western Washington is in for a good shot of rain with the front and high southerly winds across the region. This is quite late for this type of storm to be rolling over us. It appears to be more of a winter time storm signature. The winds are expected to move from south to north through western Washington in the afternoon and hit with a quick burst, and then another round with the strongest winds of the day expected in the evening as the surface low passes by offshore and the bent back swings through. Probably looking at wind advisory levels for the interior. The coast will likely get more. Although tomorrow looks pretty warm, colder air will follow in behind and the rest of the week will be cooler and showery. To top it all off, we have a big tall tree removal project happening very nearby us, and this afternoon was rather breezy, after showers off and on earlier, which made the tree company guys nervous. The other half of the job is scheduled for tomorrow!

May 18
Sunrise: 5:27 AM --- Sunset: 8:43 PM
(gaining 2 minutes, 22 seconds tomorrow)

Moderating May Week

By: PugetSoundPost, 11:51 PM GMT on May 11, 2010

May 17, 11:20 pm
A very nice weekend is going to be but a memory soon. We had sun (less on Sunday) and it was warm - middle 70's for the last few days! We did have some light showers move through yesterday (.06" for us) but today was delightful. But, it can't last. Some weak shower bands will roll through in succession through Tuesday, but the bigger story is coming up on Wednesday. A strong late season system is winding up out in the Pacific, with a deep low developing off the Oregon coast that will track north toward Vancouver Island, sweeping a strong cold front across the region on Wednesday, bringing rain and gusty winds; followed by a colder air mass. The snow level could drop to pass levels again. The rest of the week will be cool and showery - well below normal temperatures. So, lots of gray and periods of rain from here on out the rest of the week. I see a halt to my stutter-stepping attempts at flower and garden planting!

May 14, 9:15 PM

Two truly nice days have graced us as we end this week! Lots of sunshine and nice temperatures, including today's high of 76! It felt really nice to shed a jacket and even wear shorts and sandals for awhile! My daughter and I were able to plant a few more garden plants - pumpkin and tomato starts - and it was nice to be outside and feel so pleasant. I hope the plants feel as pleasant in their new homes. Tomorrow should be a nice day, but only after morning clouds, and by Sunday rain showers are on the horizon again. I am now so not wishing for that. Summer is very tantalizing!

May 11

Mid May is coming into view and after a sub par first third of the month, it looks like the weather is moderating a bit for the next several days. Hooray! So far we have been running cool (mostly below average temps) and mostly cloudy and off and on rain showers. I haven't felt much inspiration yet to get out and start gardening.

An exception was this past weekend, including Mother's Day. The sun came out - it was mostly clear! And it warmed up to just over 70 both Saturday and Sunday! Delightful weekend and it came at a very nice time. We were able to spend some time in local parks on Saturday - it has been fun now and then to tour around to places we have not either been to ever or for a very long time right here in the immediate Puget Sound area. Discovering our own backyard!

The next few days are looking nice and a welcome improvement that is about time! High pressure is building over the area which will clear out the skies (perhaps mostly, anyway) and warm the air, hopefully into the 70's for the next few days. Showers could reappear Friday, but so far they don't sound too impressive and may not happen. In the meantime, I plan to enjoy this little spell of warming spring weather and hope to get outside, admire the blooming azaleas and rhododendrons, and soak in some of the moderating middle May!

May 11
Sunrise: 5:36 AM --- Sunset: 8:35 PM

May's Rough Start

By: PugetSoundPost, 1:17 AM GMT on May 03, 2010

May 5, 10:30 PM
A high of 50 today and lots of clouds. The low this morning was 39 and we accumulated .08" rain. We had a lot less sun today than even earlier this week. Just a pretty plain gray, cool, and damp day.

May 3, 10:30 PM
An interesting day today. Overnight last night didn't produce as much here as perhaps possible - not much rain and the high wind rang up to only 26 mph. But, more exposed places saw more than this, including power outages. Much of the earlier half of today was unsettled but nothing too strong occuring. But, as the afternoon wore on, things livened up and by this evening the Puget Sound convergence zone had fired up and we were under it for a good soaking. The sky darkened and lowered tremendously and it rained hard at times, with small hail in the mix. We even lit up with a few rather near lightning strikes and big booms of thunder - we haven't had any of that in a long time! For most of the day the temp was in the 50's and then dropping down through the 40's beginning around noon, as the cold air behind the front has been filtering in all day. Currently at 10:30 pm it is 38, so a raw evening in May! Even snow showers are in the forecast as a possibility, mixed into the heavy showers. For today we have received .67" rain, most of it in the last few hours, but it is quieting down now. Tomorrow could see some similar weather as today - most anything is possible!

May 2, 6:15 PM

Ok, it is May now, but the past nice thoughts of spring have disappeared from view here in western Washington. Yesterday, May Day, was cool (actually it felt cold when standing around too long outside in the morning), mostly cloudy, threatening rain most of the time, with a brief look at the sun in the afternoon that was hard on my eyes after only gray for so long now. "Thankfully" it did not last long and we could quickly settle back down into our comfortable gray routine. April ended the same as much of the month and May is off to a rousing start now.

As I type, "a winter-like" storm is bearing down on us, coming out of the Gulf of Alaska. Late tonight and overnight we are expecting strong winds, a wind advisory has indeed been hoisted over much of western Washington, rain, and heavy mountain snow. By Monday the snow level is expected to drop to a pretty low 2500 feet for May. A strong cold front will rush across the region, followed by a cold air mass. The barometer is falling already and the sky has thickened up to a low, solid gray just in the last couple of hours. The ceiling is lowering and the storm is definitely on its way. A breeze has been freshening over the afternoon and by late tonight should be headed into strong gusts. Lake Washington was fairly rough a couple of hours ago. Our high today was 59, but it has been falling all afternoon and it is about 50 currently. The flower petals that have valiantly tried to provide needed color need to hang on tight tonight!

May 2
Sunrise: 5:49 AM ---- Sunset: 8:22 PM (PDT)
gaining 2 minutes, 58 seconds tomorrow

April Summary

Average High Temp: 62
Average Low Temp: 41
Warmest Day: 79 on April 19
Coldest Low: 30 on April 10
Windiest Day: 32 mph on April 2
Rainiest Day: .80" on April 21

Total Rain for April: 3.10"

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