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Classic April

By: PugetSoundPost, 11:38 PM GMT on April 16, 2010

April 28, 8:30 AM
April is drawing to a conclusion and the weather isn't changing much. Our unsettled pattern continues. Overcast, then periods of partly cloudy/sunbreaks, showers, cool- but when the sun does come out there is a noticeable warming, and breezy/gusty winds at times. Today is forecast for more of the same, with the addition of possible thunderstorms this afternoon, but I didn't see any yesterday with the same forecast. Some semi-threatening cumulus did appear late in the day yesterday, but not with enough oomph, apparently. In the last two days we have received .61" rain. This morning is cool (low of 43) and dreary looking. We're expecting a high of 55-60 with clouds and showers. April in general has produced below normal temperatures so far and above normal average precipitation, and as I recall, the opposite of what the long-range forecast called for.

April 26, 9:30 PM
An interesting day today - soon after daybreak a breeze kicked up, which is unusual early in the morning, and in spite of an overcast day from the get-go, which kept thickening as the day progressed, it felt rather warm, even when the wind hit a high gust of 27 mph. This isn't a typical day for us. But, alas, those thickening clouds meant something, and it was RAIN! By mid afternoon the sprinkles began, which turned to rain by late afternoon. So far we have .20" rain, after a high of 68 today.

April 21, 9:30 PM
This day was a big stride backward compared to Monday! Lots of rain - .80" for the day, and 51/43 high and low, under gray, rainy/misty skies all day. A bit of clearing toward the end of daylight, but overall a cool and wet/damp day. My daughter and I did walk in a park and delighted in watching a mother duck and her 10 quite young fuzzy ducklings paddle through the wetlands, eat dinner in the marsh, and then end their day all nestled safely under the protective wings and care of mom.

April 21, 8:30 AM
The rain that has been advertised since Sunday finally arrived overnight! It rained hard at times and we have clicked .72" in the bucket so far, and it is still raining, although not as hard and the trend should be for gradual drying through the day. Currently it is 44 degrees. An upper level low over California rotated rain into the region overnight, combined with a trough to our north, and a convergence zone set up over the central Puget Sound area, so the rain did come down, after threatening and teasing all week. Changeable April!

April 19, 9:55 pm
Our warmest day of the year occured today - a high of 79!! This was instead of expected rain and cooler temps! A blown out forecast turned into our benefit! Sunday was nice (74), but today was better! There is a front offshore that ended up stalling there all day and just now, at nearly 10 pm, it is just making it onto the coast. It seems that the rain is on the way, but while it napped out in the ocean, here in the interior today we enjoyed such warm temperatures and a day that everyone had to comment on as they passed by. It was great to leave a coat completely at home and just think about summer..... !

April 16, 7:10 PM
By surprise, a band of light rain has already moved overhead - arriving before 7 PM, when rain seemed to be expected instead overnight or into Saturday. We went from a clear, warm day to rain in pretty quick step fashion!

April 16, 4:40 PM

After light fog rolled in soon after daybreak, the sun came out and today has had the feel of a change, even if it isn't quite permanent. To me it feels like we have turned a little seasonal corner today, but there are sure to be setbacks along the way as well.

Since I last wrote very much, spring has really settled in for the Puget Sound region. The leaves are out on the trees everywhere you look, even if they aren't quite all the way "full" yet, flowers and bushes are blooming with lovely bright colors and this afternoon the spring smells in the neighborhood are a joy! The high temperature today reached 70 and it just feels and looks like the season has finally changed. But, this isn't to say each day has been so nice. There have been cloudy, chilly days recently and some rain. Since April 7 we have received .58" rain, in gentle rainfall. And, the weather is changeable. The nice days are not here to stay permanently, but that is April - changeable! Anything from stormy cold days to warm and sunny is possible from day to day, and that seems to be what is happening this month. A quite classic April! So far nothing extreme, but pretty much what one would expect for April - a month that is trying hard to let go of winter, but hasn't quite reached far enough for summer either.

And, a change is underway right now again. Clouds are slowing filtering the sunshine this late afternoon and this will continue through the night. A weak surface low is moving up from the California waters and it will push clouds and moisture along with it, bringing some showers to western Washington through the day on Saturday. The southerly flow warmed us up today. After showers that don't sound too exciting tomorrow, Sunday should be a sunny day, followed by another chance of rain on Monday and off and on chances all of next week, and probably cooler than today. So, we are in a calm pattern of shifts between showers and sun and when the sun does come out, the glory of spring is really beginning to resound!

April 16
Sunrise: 6:17 AM ---- Sunset: 8:00 PM (PDT)

Spring Puget Sound Lowland Snow?

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:27 AM GMT on April 08, 2010

April 9, 4:50 pm
The April 7 blog entry forecast did end up verifying; however not so much over my house. Yesterday here at home ended up better than antipated - more sunshine, less rain, much less wind, a little warmer, and over all not as stormy or volatile. We did have an ice pellet shower that turned places white for a little while, but not much else happened. However, there was action around the region. I could see several dark, stormy cells pass us by to the east - mostly hitting the Cascades or foothills, and there were reports of snow that accumulated in various places. And while we were calm most of the day, at the same time I heard that other places was blowing hard - hard enough that it was hard to walk, so quite a lot of variation just around the greater metropolitan area. My son's track meet in Issaquah yesterday featured a lot of rain, some type of ice or snow turning everything white just in time for the mile run, and it was cold and windy.

Here are our April 8 stats at home: 56/35, high wind 19 mph, total precip: .45" (mostly before dawn).

April 9 so far: 57/36, high wind 21 mph, .00" rain. Today has been mostly calm with broken overcast and dry here, but again I have seen showers in the distance.

It looks like Saturday will be sunnier, warmer, but could be breezy with offshore flow again.

April 7, 10:30 PM
Here we sit, waiting for the next weather turn, and it could be significant! A strong cold front, that has been advertised for a few days, is quickly running toward our front door tonight. The barometer is falling rapidly and the front should be pushing through Puget Sound from the Pacific around midnight tonight. Following the front, brisk gusty SW winds will blow up and strong onshore flow Thursday morning will create a Puget Sound convergence zone over north King County (Kirkland amongst the mix of towns) that will bring rain, possible snow and ice pellets down to just a few hundred feet elevation. The unstable and cold air mass could dump a quick inch or two of snow on the hills on Thursday, primarily coming from heavy showers in the convergence zone, which will likely wander a bit north and south through the day. It sounds like we may have a good shot at seeing some snow tomorrow here at home, even if there turns out to be no accumulation, which is always a possible scenario. Thursday will be cold - in the 40's, with lows in the 30's, and could be a day where we see most anything happen weatherwise. The snow threat continues into Friday morning.

Meanwhile, the mountains are poised for another significant dump of snow - maybe two feet in the next 24 hours. Our snowpack has been building in the last couple weeks, and that is a good thing, since it was weak after the very mild winter. Winter is giving us a late punch after we had pretty much given up on it ever showing up!
Temps today: 50/43 (gray, dreary overcast all day, turned to steady light rain late afternoon).

April 7
Sunrise: 6:35 AM --- Sunset: 7:47 PM

Spring Storm in the Northwest!

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:21 PM GMT on April 02, 2010

April 6, 9:15 AM
Heavy, dreary overcast this morning. Calm and 43 degrees currently. The title to this blog still holds true; it has been a rather stormy month so far. Lots of dark clouds, showers, cool, some sunbreaks, and very windy at times has been the theme since late March. This will continue as well through the remainder of the forecast period. In fact, another potent storm may be winding up out in the Pacific to strike on Thursday - another round of strong wind is possibly on the way. Easter Sunday morning blessed us with sunny weather, but by late morning the wind had whipped up again (after a strong storm last Friday) and the rest of Easter was pretty windy and blustery and rainy off and on. Cool, breezy, and rainy periods are on tap for both today and tomorrow, while we wait for Thursday.

April 3, 10:45 PM
A busy day and week have kept me from studying the weather as much as I may like, but here is a little recap for today: a fairly gloomy day today - little sun and little warmth either. High of 53, low of 38, breezy and damp. We had a hail shower move through this afternoon but overall not much precipitation (.05") - just looked like it could rain most any time. An unsettled day after our storm of yesterday and more unsettled days are coming. Easter could have showers tomorrow morning, possible sunbreaks in the afternoon, then a new rain event in the evening.

Happy Easter to All !!! The Lord has risen; He has risen indeed!

April 2 4:00 PM
It has been a windy day here! Our highest gust has reached 32 mph; quite a bit higher has been measured in more exposed areas. The front has passed but now the southerly surge is in effect and the winds should continue for several more hours. Rain comes through in showers. It remains quite gusty. Cool and showery weather will prevail for several more days. High of 51 today.

April 2 9:15 AM

A strong storm is surging in overhead and around us as I write! It is raining steadily and the wind is really beginning to pick up now. Our high wind watch was lowered to a wind advisory overnight, but it is warning of winds 20-30, gusts to 50 in our forecast zone. So far we have reached a gust of 25 mph moments ago, from the E. The trees are really swaying wildly out the window. Wind is always very vivid around here! A sub 980mb low, that may still be deepening, will cross southern Vancouver Island this afternoon, shooting the impressive associated cold front across Puget Sound around noon today, and a strong onshore SW surge will keep the winds going all afternoon. There are also low snow levels with this - possibly down to 400 feet in heavier showers, but no snow spotted so far here, currently 39 degrees. So, an exciting weather day is unfolding - looks like this could be the strongest storm of the winter season so far.

April 2
Sunrise: 6:45 AM --- Sunset: 7:40 PM (PDT)
(gaining 3 min. 25 sec tomorrow)

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