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A Shot of Rain

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:39 PM GMT on February 25, 2010

The sun is out again this morning but overall the week hasn't been as sunny as recent weeks. We've received .23" rain spread over time since Tuesday, so more clouds have been around. But, not much rain has been produced - a few light rain episodes now and then. We are clearing as some high pressure builds this morning, after some overnight light rain, but the sunshine won't last too long. Another stronger system is incoming from the Pacific and will spread rain into interior western Washington overnight tonight, with breezier winds expected as well. Rain will continue through Friday and maybe into Saturday, when high pressure again builds creating a sunnier and a bit warmer end to the weekend. The jet will continue to shoot into California, so only weak systems may reach the region next week, with weak chances of showers.

I saw in today's newspaper that the daffodil picking season is in full swing up in Skagit County already and has been for the last couple of weeks! This is very early, although perhaps not a surprise, by what we see blooming in people's yards. By the time spring does officially arrive, it will be over with many spring delights already bloomed out, I am afraid!

February 25
Sunrise: 6:56 AM ----- Sunset: 5:47 PM (PST)
gaining 3 min. 23 sec. on Friday.


Last Rain Then Sun Again

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:11 PM GMT on February 15, 2010

February 23
After many days of sun and blue sky, things have changed this morning. Clouds are on the increase and rain is on the way, although only possible sprinkles during the day today with "light rain" this evening. A stronger system is due Thursday-Friday, but that doesn't look like it will bring too much rain either. The jet stream is too far south for us to feel much energy from any system for the next week or so again. Since I last wrote our highs have been consistently 59/60 with a lot of sunshine, but the clear skies also brought cool mornings, with the lowest at 30 during that stretch. Yesterday I pruned our roses and got outside in the yard for the first real time this season, although it didn't last too long. Just a warm up for the work that is ahead in the yard!

February 18, 10:15 AM
Blue skies are dominating the weather here! We had some frost this morning (low was 30), but very clear and blue, with high pressure mowing a big swath around the Northwest! Spring is very much on the horizon and signs are everywhere. The crocus and heather are blooming and even some daffodils are showing their bright yellow faces, and some pink cherry blossoms are adding color too, with many other plants budding. I hear lawn mowers roaring once in a while, although they are probably just trimming up ragged winter edges. Yesterday's high was only 52, in spite of the bright sunshine, as the northerly flow was holding down the temperature a little. Today should be warmer and the next few days look equally bright!

Feb. 15

Fog overnight and into this morning has dissipated into sunshine now by midmorning, but already the sun does not appear as bright as it did an hour or so ago. Some stratus is sneaking in above us, but for now it is mostly sunny. The clouds will slowly continue to develop as the last rain system for awhile is poised to slide in over us, bringing rain up from the SW that should begin this evening in our area and linger into Tuesday.

After this rain, which is expected to be pretty typical in intensity, another blocking ridge sets up offshore along the west coast, but our flow aloft will turn NE, and bring down cooler, and drier air for the rest of the week, with the cooler air filtering in from the Canadian interior. More sunshine is expected and clearer nights. Even yesterday's forecast expected rather warm days by the end of the week, but now that has faded into a cooler pattern, which brings us back down to actually more seasonable temperatures, which have been a rarity this winter. There will be some additional warming with surface offshore downslope flow (off the Cascades) later this week that will give us a little bump up, but it does not appear to make a lot of difference.

February 15:
Sunrise: 7:14 AM ----- Sunset: 5:32 PM (PST)

Updated: 6:52 PM GMT on February 23, 2010


Northwest Pattern Shift

By: PugetSoundPost, 5:14 PM GMT on February 10, 2010

February 14, 12:05 AM
The rain has stayed with us since it began on the 10th, but alas, not much has really been recorded. So far for the entire month we only have 1.31". But, this little spell of weather we would more expect for Feb. has provided rain, although generally light, for a large percentage of the time, in passing systems, and it has remained overcast probably pretty much all of the time. Saturday's high was 53, the low was 42, high wind gust was 18 mph and total rain was .13". So drippy and gray have been the norm very lately. Rain will continue until about Wednesday when we break back out into sunnier and warmer weather.

Feb. 10, 10:40 pm
The rain did come as scheduled today and a much different day than we have been used to. The high was only 43, cloudy and drippy since about noon, but the rain has only totaled .11" so far.

February 10:
Finally, after a few weeks of living in the west coast shadowlands, our weather pattern is making a shift beginning today. The jet stream has consolidated again, after weeks of split flow, and is aiming now much closer to home than it has much of this year so far. Already clouds are on the increase, after another foggy start this morning, and rain is expected to move across western Washington by midday today. Amounts will not be too impressive, but rain is nevertheless making a comeback. And, rather than one minor and dying system barely slipping through the bonds of high pressure and splitting flow, like we have occasionally had over the last few weeks, this front today is just the beginning of a succession of seemingly alternating warm/cold/warm/cold fronts expected to parade by through early next week, with only a few hours break inbetween. Earlier this week the forecast was highlighting possible heavier rains, especially by the weekend, but now the NWS has scaled back the intensity of the systems and none look too potent, but some look a little stronger than others. The winds will vary up and down, also depending on the strength of each incoming system and the exact track they take. So, the Big Picture is that a definite change is occuring and the weather will look much different than it has for so long - back to rain each day, clouds, breezy winds, and the Look of Winter in the Pacific Northwest.

This morning our low was 31, giving a little nip to all the early bloomers out there in yards. I've seen some blooming daffodils already, along with a few trees and shrubs bringing out their pink finery in time for Valentine's Day coming soon!

February 10:
Sunrise: 7:22 AM ----- Sunset: 5:24 PM (gaining 3 min. 9 sec. tomorrow)

Updated: 8:10 AM GMT on February 14, 2010


February Begins Where January Ended

By: PugetSoundPost, 12:34 AM GMT on February 02, 2010

February 9, 7:50 AM
Dense fog this morning and a windshield scraping 34 degrees currently. The fog should gradually burn off for some sun today, and this would be the end of the sunny days for this week.

February 8, 10:15 pm
Another calm and mostly sunny day today, but the end may be in sight for this pattern; at least for the time being. The high today was 56, low this morning dipped to 39, and a tad more breeze to hit 10 mph. I was driving early into Seattle this morning and it was another very lovely morning crossing Lake Washington. I wished I had my camera and time to stop as the photo ops were plentiful in the early morning light over the glassy lake and shoreline features, both urban and natural - including a resident bald eagle sitting atop a light pole over the middle of the 520 bridge lanes. Now tonight we have a chance for fog to form and I think I see some very light fog in the valley below us.

It looks like the pattern will finally make a change by midweek, with the jet strengethening and aiming closer to the PNW, bringing more and stronger systems much nearer to us. Rain could be on the way for Wednesday and more coming after that to finish the week. For now high pressure aloft will give us another dry and mostly sunny day on Tuesday, and the last one for awhile.

February 7, 11:00 pm
The quiet weather is continuing. Spring seems to be making brief cameo appearances rather than winter. The high temperature on Saturday was 62 and people seemed to be enjoying the sun and warmest day of the season so far! The air had an early spring feel to it. But, it didn't really last too long, as by evening rain had moved in and persisted on and off lightly until this morning. The clouds stayed around all day today and the high was markedly cooler - only 52. Our high wind today was 4 mph - so the weather is dull and calm in all respects right now. This should continue a little longer, but it looks like a pattern change may be beginning to stir by later this week and that sounds fine.

February 4, 8:00 AM
A pretty sky this morning, and an interesting one. As I look east out the window and toward the north, clear skies as we wait for the sun to crest the Cascades. But, on an east-west line pretty even with our house, there is the edge of the cloud deck as it marches up from the south. So, a distinct border dividing the north and south with clear skies north versus high level, somewhat broken but darkening cloud deck to the south. Rain is expected later today from another weakening and splitting front moving into the area. We had more rain yesterday than I expected - .18" from the system, and at times while driving around in the afternoon it reminded me of some of the old days with real rain necessitating the need for window wipers to run more constantly! Today and Friday will probably see some rain and also again on Saturday with another weakening and splitting front moving in, and after that a ridge rebuilds for drier weather early next week. It is currently 44 and it will land somewhere in the 50's before we are done; but on a little more interesting note, the wind may pick up to be rather breezy by this afternoon, so that is something to watch for.

February 1:
February has arrived and the mild and, let's face it, boring weather of January is set to continue for the foreseeable future. As I write, clouds are thickening and the overcast is lowering - heralding the arrival of a weak disturbance that should likely give gentle rain over much of western Washington as the evening and night progress. A very few sprinkles passed over a little while ago. The basic forecast for the coming week is a succession of weak troughs and weak ridges, with weak chances of light rain every other day or so; and temperatures will remain mild with very calm or no breezes. The splitting jet is leaving us right in the middle of no-mans land without much chance of any action. The southern branch will shoot systems into California and the northern branch is sending other systems north into the Alaska panhandle. Soooo, here we are enjoying very non-descript weather that is making me anxious to move on leaving our no-show winter behind.

Here are monthly stats for January:

Average High for the month: 52.2
Average Low for the month: 41.3
Highest temperature of the month: 60.9 recorded 1/21
Lowest temperature of the month: 33.0 recorded 1/16
Highest wind for the month: 32 mph on 1/18
Rainiest Day: .88" on 1/8

Total rain for January: 5.61" (majority fell in the first two weeks of January)

February 1:
Sunrise: 7:35 AM ----- Sunset: 5:09 PM (PST)

Updated: 3:50 PM GMT on February 09, 2010


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