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Rain Won't Dampen our Thanksgiving Spirit !

By: PugetSoundPost, 6:51 PM GMT on November 25, 2009

A lovely morning here - the first mostly clear and pretty- sky morning in a week. Much of November has been quite active weather-wise, with a lot of rain and wind. The pattern seems to be settling down a little bit, although no lazy sunny days are ahead either. Even as I type, a front is just offshore that will slowly slide into western Washington as the day goes on, and we will be under rain again by this evening, and this will stall over us, to give us a pretty wet, but mild, Thanksgiving Day. The rain should be light to moderate all day on Thanksgiving, with highs about 50. Already there is light rain out around Neah Bay. Colder air will flow in behind this system for Friday dipping us back into the 40's for highs, and rain again on Friday. The mountain snow levels will be dropping on Friday as well, down to the passes likely for part of the day. Friday looks like it could be breezy, as an offshore low pressure moving up from the south decides where it would like to make landfall. Some ridge building will occur Saturday but it looks like a warm front will brush us over the weekend for a chance of rain, and another chance comes along on Monday, but none of these appear very strong. The Thanksgiving Day stalled system will probably raise some rivers that are already pretty full, but serious flooding is not likely.

Now as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we ARE thankful for the many abundant blessings that have been bestowed on us by God, and we pray for this continuence; upon us as a family and on all of America! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL !!!

November 25:
Sunrise: 7:28 AM --- Sunset: 4:22 PM (PST)


November Storms on Parade

By: PugetSoundPost, 7:02 PM GMT on November 18, 2009

A beautiful morning here in the Puget Sound area - lots of bright sunshine and scattered clouds. The Cascades are standing out clearly (in the newly rain-washed and wind-dried air) with a fresh mantle of snow on top. The low this morning was 38 and it has risen all morning up to the current 47. There is a SE breeze this morning. All of this to say that it won't last! We should rush outside fast to enjoy it! Like Jaws sneaking unnoticed past a leaky boat, only to suddenly strike, offshore in the Pacific a 980 mb low is quietly trekking north toward Queen Charlotte Sound, and by this afternoon the next strong Pacific frontal system tagging along with the low will start to affect western Washington. Already there are tell-tale hints, like a small, silent ripple left in Jaws' wake. The SE pressure gradients are starting to tighten from high pressure east of us and the low to our west, and the breezes will pick up more and more as the day goes on. High clouds are beginning to filter in, so that the sun is probably not quite as bright as earlier this morning. The low is expected to deepen to 975 mb by early evening and the winds will really pick up by then. By tonight we here in our more immediate area are expecting winds 20-30 with possible higher gusts into the 40's in anticipation of the cold front. Rain will move in too, and all this will continue through tomorrow, gradually easing by Friday. High temperatures around 50. Other western Washington areas will no doubt get higher winds and heavier rains, including feet of snow in the mountains, with the snow level rising and dipping back and forth, also putting more strain on already flooding rivers.

Friday and some of Saturday look to be another time of unsettled transition to the next system due later Saturday into Sunday, and another system is lining up for the parade route early next week.

To recap the early part of this week for us here at home: The high wind we experienced was 29 mph very early Tuesday morning, and we received 1.32 inches of rain. We are a bit sheltered here from the prevaling incoming weather directions, so we are never at the high end of any particular weather element. Other areas were hit a lot harder with much stronger winds and a lot more rain, with trees down and power outages scattered around, and some river flooding, especially on the Olympic Peninsula.

Nov. 18
Sunrise: 7:19 AM --- Sunset: 4:28 PM (PST)


Strong Winds, Heavy Rain Incoming!

By: PugetSoundPost, 3:21 AM GMT on November 16, 2009

A new blog entry is needed to address the incoming heavy weather we are expecting soon - in fact the first front to begin the show moves in overnight tonight. Strong winds and heavy rain are set to move ashore beginning in just a matter of hours, and the next two days look to possibly be headline makers for western Washington! The forecast has taken a much stronger turn even since this morning and we are now under a High Wind Advisory through Monday evening, then switching to a High Wind Watch for Monday evening into Tuesday. Here in our forecast area, East Puget Sound Lowlands, we are looking at winds picking up to 25-35 mph overnight and into Monday, then as a second and much deeper low and the associated warm front moves across the area late Monday into Tuesday morning, pushing the winds up to 30-40 and possible gusts for our forecast zone up to 60 mph! The northern interior will see even stronger winds, and the coast is bracing for storm force winds up to 85 mph!

On top of all this wind, heavy rain is poised to move in as well. The Olympic Mountains could get 10-12+ inches in a 24 hour period beginning tonight through Monday night, and the north Cascades might be just a little less. And, there are signs that the lowlands may get some pretty hefty totals of rain as well, possibly 1-5 inches in the 24 hours, depending on which models verify and probably varying in specific locations, but the metropolitan Seattle and southward areas are included in this. The entire Olympic Peninsula is under a flood watch as well as the northern interior counties. So far the Green River looks to be out of danger, for the present. If all this comes to pass as forecast, there will be many problems imminently facing the region, from flooding (including urban flooding) to power outages from so many trees going down and all the associated struggles that stem from this type of strong weather. Another strong system is set to come in on Wednesday. So, it is time to batten down the hatches and keep a weather eye locked on the sky!


Frosty Morning to Rainy Night and Days Ahead

By: PugetSoundPost, 8:01 PM GMT on November 14, 2009

A watery looking sun this morning, as it is filtered through increasing high clouds ahead of the next warm front approaching from off the ocean. The day dawned clear and frosty - our low this morning was 31 - the first time we have hit or gone below 32 all season!! Hooray! It made for some pretty icy windshields this morning, as some of our gang was up and out pretty early.

Speaking of ice, we DID get a little tad of slush fall out of the sky last evening and overnight, as evidenced by the little (and I mean little) accumulation on windshields. So, the first flakes did fall! Our elevation (about 300 feet) was probably near the lowest end of the snowline. It only came as little cells of moisture passed over, otherwise it seemed like a mostly clear night. There was a little fog this morning in some low spots along a lazy river valley. It is a chilly day - only in the low 40's at nearly noon.

As the day has progressed the clear is gone and high clouds are all across the sky now. By this later afternoon or evening rain will slosh in over us and we are off onto another pattern of the parade of storms. It looks like Sunday night through Tuesday will be quite rainy and also the winds are scheduled to pick up substantially - 20-30 with higher gusts are forecast. The trajectory of this storm has changed today, now looking to hit a little further south than was thought before (mostly southern Canada, now more across northern Washington) so a stronger hit is now an idea for us. Flooding is becoming a concern, especially off the Olympics and possibly the north Cascades. Wednesday looks like it will provide a lull, then another round begins late in the week. It will warm up some in the next few days and all threats of snow are gone for now. But, we got a tiny bit and winter is closing in faster!

Nov. 14
Sunrise: 7:13 AM - Sunset: 4:32 PM (PST)


First Snow Possible?? And Thank You Veterans!

By: PugetSoundPost, 7:23 AM GMT on November 11, 2009

The predicted parade of systems did indeed move through over the last few days and we have had frequent periods of rain and breezy winds. The highlights came at the end of last week and into the weekend, with lots of rain, wind, thunderstorms, and hail - making unusually dramatic and crazy weather for us here in Puget Sound! We aren't so used to all the rapidly changing variety! But, the weather has settled down since then, although it has still rained quite a bit as new systems march by one after the other.

Looking ahead now there are some changes coming yet again, and our interest may raise in anticipation! First of all, both Wednesday and Thursday are forecast to be pretty quiet - lulls in the recent spike in weather activity. There will be chances of showers as an upper low out of the Gulf of Alaska moves by on Wednesday, but the majority of the moisture from this should impact areas a little south of us; then some weak ridging looks to occur on Wed with a stronger ridge sliding over us on Thursday, for the best chance of dry and clearer weather than we have had in awhile!

Beyond during the day Thursday, things start to get a little more interesting.... a stronger and much colder system will move into western Washington late Thursday and into Friday... bringing even a chance of lowland snow or a rain/snow mix! The lowland area with the best chance ("chance" is always the key word around here!) of seeing snow will be under the Puget Sound convergence zone, which looks to first set up over northern Snohomish County sometime Friday afternoon or evening, then eventually sag south to the King/Snohomish County line (our area!!). A destabilizing atmosphere will increase the risk of thunderstorms again during that time, which will also help draw snow down to the surface, possibly. Any snow we may see would probably just be brief in heavier showers. So, an interesting turn of events for us may be upcoming! Something to keep watch for!

Some data as we go along: High today: 51, Low this morning: 43; High wind: 15 mph; Total rain today so far: .31"; Total rain for November so far: 2.83"

Nov. 10
Sunrise: 7:07 am - Sunset: 4:37 pm (pst)


Updated: 3:12 PM GMT on November 11, 2009


November Washington Storms on the Way

By: PugetSoundPost, 9:48 PM GMT on November 05, 2009

As expected, the weather took a big turn today and this is a typical November day! A steady rain has spread over western Washington beginning this morning from a cutoff low off the California coast sending moisture north, but a stronger frontal system associated with a deep low pressure (947mb, wow!) out in the Gulf of Alaska will be moving onshore later today. This will give us more rain and stronger winds as well, especially post-frontal here in the Lowlands. So far we have gusted to SE 16 mph, but that should ramp up as late afternoon/evening approaches and the front crosses the interior of western Washington through the evening. Here locally we will not see the full brunt of this, probably, but the coast (Storm Warning), the northern interior, such as up around Bellingham, and the mountains are going to see strong winds and very heavy rain, with flooding a possbility on the Skokomish river. So far it is pretty mild - mid 50's for most of the day so far, but once this front passes, much cooler air will follow behind lowering the mountain snow levels a lot and cooling us off markedly too for the next several days at least. And, by Friday morning a 25-30 foot swell train from the very deep low in the Gulf of Alaska will begin to reach our coast. Another shortwave crosses tomorrow evening bringing another round of rain and bluster through Saturday, a probable Winter Storm Warning for the Cascades, chances of thunderstorms over the next couple of days, and then each day for the next week sees either fronts or troughs passing through and cold rainy/showery weather expected each day. So, it is fun to look out the window and "see the weather" as we move out of the pretty, but too quiet, weather of the last few days. November is here!


Glorious Northwest November 1

By: PugetSoundPost, 4:14 AM GMT on November 02, 2009

A very delightful day greeted the arrival of November and given the month we are in, we should really pay close attention to days like today! This morning was so unusually clear - stars out in the sky before dawn, and the morning broke beautifully. The sun was out under clear skies all day and there was no wind (high wind was 6 mph)to mar the day. Late this afternoon the sun was filtering through dense maple trees that are solidly golden now, just before their leaves drop, and the effect was wonderful coming through our window. Even Mt. Rainier stood out in full glory, not wanting to hide a bit of her majestic peak. The day ended with the very nearly full moon under the still clear skies and the smell of burning fireplaces in the cool night air. Our high temperature today was 59 and the low this morning was 39, so a bit mild, just as the whole weekend has been.

Since late last week we did get some rain - a total of .70" since my last update on this blog, and last Thursday was the wettest and coldest. Since the warm front passed that evening, we have been under the influence of mild air and actually it has been pretty pleasant. Last night, Halloween, was spoiled a bit by intermittant rain showers when a Puget Sound convergence zone drifted south over us, and breezy winds blew through earlier in the day. And then came today to wipe away any thought of rain!

Monday - Wednesday of this week is forecast to be similar to today - mostly sunny days, light winds, and temperatures in the 50's with lows in the 30's-40's, although there is a chance of rain Monday night, this system looks weak. The pattern may make a big change the second half of the week but until then, we should ENJOY these rare November days! I'm off now to sit by the fire and read the newspaper with a cup of tea.

October Rain Totals: Our total rainfall here at home for the month was 5.92", while the average for Oct. at SeaTac airport is 3.19", so we were well above average for the month.


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