Loss, and a new journey for Philip. (Going Home, Sweet Home). Juana, Part II

By: Proserpina , 5:36 AM GMT on January 25, 2012


PART II (Part I, previous blog)



Yes, Philip and Juana meet again but it is not lust at first sight, it is now revenge at first sight.

After a two year separation and without any contact with her husband, Juana decided to return to Flanders and perhaps resume her married life and be a mother to the three children she had left behind two years earlier. Juana’s father, King Fernando, insisted that infant Fernandito be left in Spain to be educated and prepared to eventually assume the kingdom of Castile and Aragon. Sadly Juana acquiesced to the demands of her father and left her son behind.

When she arrived in Flanders and entered her home she found that she was a stranger to the place. All of her personal belongings, clothes, and jewels that she had left behind, had disappeared, they had been taken by Philip’s mistress, a French woman. Philip was literally sleeping with the ‘enemy’!

Disappointed and totally hurt she waited for her husband to come and see her. When he finally came he was drunk, in an accusatory mode, and uncivil. His mind had been poisoned against Spain by France, according to Juana’s thinking. Philip demanded that Juana return to Spain and promised to follow when Queen Isabel died to claim HIS throne. Of course Juana reminded him that it was HER throne. What followed was a vicious rape of Juana by her husband. The rape was to teach her a lesson and to remind her that Castile was HIS. He promised to rape her every night until she formally gave him Castile.

Feeling insulted by her refusals, Philip started to parade his mistress around the court, clad in Juana’s clothes and jewels. Juana might have forgiven his infidelities and rapes, but she would not forgive the humiliation of having his French mistress personally confront her. One day when the wife was taunted by her husband and the mistress, assailed by jealousy,Juana decided to tear off the necklace that the mistress was wearing. Of course the necklace belonged to Juana. Philip's response was to have his guards lock her in her room because she was ‘insane’. The publicly pronounced insane accusations continued to pile up.

Queen Isabel of Castile

Two weeks after the necklace incident, word came that Queen Isabel of Castile had died. Juana now was the ruler of Castile. A letter from her father made it clear that it was imperative that she return to Spain so she could be invested with the crown. In the meantime Philip’s emissaries had traveled to Spain to inform King Fernando about his daughter’s madness and therefore she would be unable to rule, Charles should be declared king! Charles was Juana and Philip’s young son. (Because Charles was just a child the real ruler would be Philip) Of course the only way that anyone could take away Juana’s right to the throne was for Juana to abdicate. What was Juana’s response? Never while I live!

Juana knew that her husband hungered for her crown, for power. Nothing mattered to him, not if it got in the way of his ambitions. Yes, Philip was the mad one, mad with power and his overwhelming self-importance.

Juana and her sons.

Juana needed to return to Spain but Philip saw to it that she became pregnant once again, it was a means to control her. While waiting for the birth of her fifth child, she decided to send her children to Naples where Philip’s sister resided, Margaret would be a good mother to the children. The fifth child, Mary, was born in September of 1505 and she too was sent to Naples to be with the rest of her siblings.

With the birth of the child, it was time to return to Spain. She would finally go home. Yes, home at last.



They embarked for Spain just as winter was beginning. As expected the storms hit and the galleon they were on started to keel and to break apart. Several of the ships traveling with the Queen and her husband, were lost at sea, the decision was made to sail to the nearest port which was in England. Juana actually looked forward to going to England as it would give her a chance to see her younger sister Catherine, widow of Prince Arthur (brother of her future husband Henry).

Once Juana met her sister, to her dismay she discovered that her husband Philip had been up to his usual perfidious machinations, and had been dealing with the rulers of England to forge a deal against Juana and to bolster Philip’s chances to be the King of Castile. Philip also had been intercepting and destroying letters from Catherine and Queen Isabel sent to Juana.

Juana did not let on that she knew of his treachery and when back at sea, one night he came to her cabin, she allowed to him to deliberately impregnate her once more. He wanted her to be pregnant to better control her once they arrived in Spain, she did not protest as she did not want to enter Spain all battered.

Finally they arrived in Spain to a glorious reception of the new Queen. As the retinue set out for Castile, Juana discovered that her husband had brought a huge army of mercenaries (even larger than the one Fernando and Isabel had used in the battles against the Moors), quite an intimidating show of intent. Intimidated but determined, Juana had one constant thought, that she would soon be reunited with her father in Castile. He would defend her!

Once they arrived in Castile Juana was placed in one house while Philip stayed at another. After several days he came to Juana’s room with a document that he and a co-conspirator had written. In essence the document stated that Juana had no interest in participating in the running of the kingdom because of her ‘malady’. Therefore to avert an upheaval of the nation, Juana and Philip were asking King Fernando to renounce his regency and leave Castile at once. Philip would assume ‘his’ throne. The document was signed by “His Highness Philip, archduke of Flanders and king of Castile”, June 27, 1506. Of course Philip would need Juana and King Fernando’s signature, but he stated that his father in law ‘knew better than to defy him”.

Juana decided that she needed to escape from Philip and reach her father to warn him. She actually did escape and rode all night and the next day. When she felt out of danger, she took refuge in a hut where an old lady lived. The woman recognized Juana and gave whatever assistance she could manage to give. Juana was planning to continue her travels the next day.

The next day, just as she was leaving the hut, her husband’s men and Philip himself appeared and confronted Juana with the news that they had killed the old lady and were ready to kill her unless she returned with them. He also announced that her father was not in Segovia where she thought he was but that he had gone to Naples. It was later discovered that Philip had indeed forced the King to leave Spain.

They continued their travels and when they entered the town of Valladolid, Juana was veiled and dressed in black, as if mourning. For the next six days Juana was shut in a chamber of a palace with the windows boarded up. She was denied the services of her attending women. Each day Philip entered her room demanding that she sign the document making him King of Castile. Each day she refused. In the meantime the ‘news’ was being spread that Juana was indeed mad and could not rule. In her heart Juana knew that her refusal would mean a cruel fate, the same fate that befell her grandmother who was locked away by her own son the King Fernando. Yes, Fernando had ‘imprisoned’ his own mother because she was ‘mad’ and therefore he became the ruling King! But Juana was not mad! And no matter what the consequences might be, she was not going to give in and sign the papers.

In the meantime Philip had turned the Spanish Lords against Juana. The Lords had the power to decide who the ruler for Castile would be. He avowed that Juana did not want the throne. On the day that the question was put to Juana if she wanted to be Queen, she replied YES! Because of Philip’s lies, the Lords had expected a negative response but were glad of her decision. Philip swore that he ‘would not have his rights stolen away by a madwoman’.


Whatever plans Philip might have had to usurp the throne, they never came to fruition. Suddenly Philip fell gravely ill! Dutifully Juana rushed to her husband and did not leave his side. She tended to him and stayed with him until his death, she did not allow him to die alone like a beast.

At the time of Philip's death, Juana was pregnant with their sixth child. She would have preferred to stay put until the birth of the child but it was imperative that she go to Toledo. The Lords were already plotting on how to make Fernandito king as they preferred the son who had been born in Spain and not the older brother Carlos, who had been born in Flanders. Obviously they did not want to be ruled by Juana either as she was a woman.

-Pregnant Juana, dressed in black, accompanying Philip's catafalque to his resting place.-

Juana sent for her children to be brought to Spain, and made plans to proceed to Toledo where she would bury her husband. Yes, she would accompany the archduke’s catafalque because it was her duty.

As they rode toward Toledo, the pains came and Juana was ready to give birth to her child. She was brought to a stranger’s house where she waited two days for the birth. It was a daughter and gave her the name of Catalina (Catalina was the real name of Catherine of Aragon, Henry the VIII’s first wife). Eventually, with the baby in her arms, she continued her journey to Toledo.

While traveling to her destination, she received a letter from her father who told her not to go to Valencia where he was, but to travel to Tortoles where he would join her. He also told her that the reason that he had gone to Naples was because of the threats by Philip to harm his kingdom and his life. Jubilant, Juana did as asked.

At last, Juana would have her father’s protection and support.


To be continued

Two Roses... (Proserpina)
... Warmed By The Sunset.
Two Roses...

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Here am I, wandering around the blogs all on my own..... That is wonderful!!! lol

I actually slept for a full eight hours last night, which made up for the poor night I had the night before. Today I am staying in, it is too cold to go out, so I shall do some baking perhaps, and maybe read a book, or do some sketching, or ..... there are lots to keep me out of mischief!

Have a lovely Saturday :)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 345 Comments: 31468
I have another blog friend who is a painter - she did a pretty little yellow poppy I have hanging next to some pretty pink poppies I cherish.(I thought I had a pic of her yellow poppy, but I don't.)

She is in the process of finishing up a cardinal in watercolors - I thought you would enjoy seeing it. If you go to her blog and scroll down, she's recorded various steps of her process - very interesting. I just love it!
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15290
Good morning, Pros,

I would have posted here in the middle of the night, were it not for the fact that the danged fire alarm was going off above my head and I couldn't tolerate the noise. I don't know what the problem with the system is, but I hope they get it fixed this time. It went off eight times during the night - 4 times, just sort of tentatively, but enough to wake me up. The other 4 times, it was enough to wake the dead, and it went on and on and on and... Midnight. 2:15. 2:45 3:45 4:15....

Well, at least the neighbors are getting to know one another. Poor Dixie really suffers with the noise - it is ear-splitting. The last time it went off I couldn't find her. Now I know she can hide under the footstool. ;)

Glad you had a good day yesterday. I just finished reading your continuation of Juana's story. I must say - communication and transportation back then must have been better than we imagine. That was a lot of sending messages back and forth, and traveling hither and yon.

No fog this morning, so as soon as I finish an extra cuppa I'll be off to work. I'm hoping it will rain this afternoon so I can have a nap after all the night's excitement!
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I see you posted while I posted!

I see you wrote this:

"Then pick up the house for the cleaning service later today."

I do that too!!! Mine service only comes every 4th Friday and she cleans very good..
but I must have things "picked up" and "in place" so when I come home every 4th Friday night, it looks so good.

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Good morning Pros,

I have seen your paintings before but it was a great suprise to see some more of them.

Maria, you have so much talent and your paintings are just beautiful!!!!!

Please share some more from time to time.
I love seeing other's art work.

And I am really enjoying the Story of Juana!
Cannot wait to hear what happens when she reaches her Father.

Isn't it amazing how women back then had so many babies like nothing to it and back in the saddle a day later! And how they so easierly ship off the children to other countries and not see them for years..it boggles the mind but I guess in those days you did what you had to do to survive.

You have a wonderful weekend!
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Good morning. We have a cold day but sunny, so far.

I had a long day yesterday. We made a trek to Annapolis for an appointment. While there we took advantage of a nice It. restaurant and ate a nice lunch. After our appointment we went back for espresso and homemade gelato. Since it is also a gourmet shop, we bought lots of goodies to bring home. Traffic was good going and coming, so all in all it was a nice day.

Sandi, once more I did not follow you around the blogs during the night. I did get up for a short while but I was able to go back to bed and sleep. So no complaining this morning.
I do have to run to the pharmacy this morning, and to the grocery store. Then pick up the house for the cleaning service later today. A run of the mill day.....
Take care.

Briar, thank you for the nice comments. Much appreciated. I will get started on the last page of the story soon, maybe this afternoon while the cleaning people are here.

, as usual you are good for my ego! Thank you for your wonderful comments. As you know it is a hobby and nothing serious, still I do enjoy the act of putting down paint. Most relaxing.
So sorry about all of the snow. This morning in the news they talked about the snow in your area and it did not sound like fun for you guys. At least you will be getting all of the water from the melted snow, I know that some areas in CO do need the water. Take care, stay safe and warm.
If you run out of birdseed, give un-popped corn, bread crumbs, cereal, old nuts and dried fruit, .... In a snowstorm we have to use our imagination to keep our feathered friends fed.

azgrandma, thank you for stopping by. Thank you so much for the nice comments and visit. I do enjoy my retirement hobby and encourage everyone to try 'playing with paints', very therapeutic.

Shore, I would give my little pinkie to paint like Georgia (I need my arm and leg!). I just love her work, the flower paintings that is. I am not too excited about her skull and bones, but I can dig her flowers! No pun intended. So, thank you for your thought. Even a fleeting thought of comparison with the great Georgia is a fantastic compliment. Luvne32, someone I know from the photo gallery, asked to see some of paintings, and I took her suggestion literally. Nice lady to ask. But as they say, be careful what you ask for.... LOL

GG, thank you. You too are good for my ego!

Luvne32, I know that you meant for me to privately show you my paintings (in an email) but I decided to put them on the blog so others get to see my 'hobby' doodles. Thank you for the suggestion and thank you for stopping by here at the blog. See you on the photo galleries.

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PS - I am wandering around the blogs in the middle of the night. It is like wandering around an empty, dark house!

Even Ylee is not here...:(

Hopefully, you will not come and join me!! lol
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Almost the end of the day over here....
I have had a good day... I hope you did, and got your Italian Lunch:))

Sleep well!
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 345 Comments: 31468
Oh! I love your paintings! I had no idea you were so talented. I hope you'll share more of those works of art as you create them. And I thought your flower photos were good!

At first, I was thinking it's been too long since my last visit here. Then I read Juana, Part II, and discovered you left us with a cliff-hanger. I noted in your Jan. 27 comment "If in the mood, I will continue preparing the Juana story for the blog. At this point I am ready for the completed blog and move to something else." So at least I won't have to endure the cliff-hanger for too long.
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
Wow! I just got time to peek in at the blogs
for the first time in a bit and I saw your
paintings! Wow! They are so, so wonderful!
The first, second, third and fourth ones are
my favorites!:-) You are GOOD, Girl!

Yesterday morning, the weatherman said that
today we would start to get snow and by the
time it was over on Saturday, we would have
about 6". Last night he said 6 to 12". This
morning, they are saying up to 18". I am
not amused, but I did go to the store, so the
cats and I have food and drink to last through
whatever happens without having to go out in
it. I am a little short on birdseed, I find, which is
somewhat distressing and I may have
to run out before the storm and load up for
the birds, too. We haven't had much snow
this year, and yes, we need the moisture, but
I'm hoping they are wrong about the amounts.
I was much happier with the original forecast.

I just went back and looked at those four paintings
again..did I mention the word WOW?
:-D Wonderful!

Hope you have a wonderful day. Maybe I will get
some housework done if I get snowed in.
hahahahahaha..that even made ME laugh!
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Wonderful, beautiful paintings! Thank you for sharing!
Member Since: Posts: Comments:
My gosh! I took a look at that first poppy painting and thought - "Oh, look... Pros has posted a nice Georgia O'Keeffe"! Your paintings are truly beautiful. Of course you know I like the poppies best, but I'm hard-pressed to say which one. And the others are lovely, too. You say "small class exercise", I say "unbelievable". Of course, I'm barely able to draw a straight line.

Hope your day is uneventful. I'm puzzling right now - I woke up to a clear radar, and now it's pouring rain. That's good, as far as the rain goes, but I'm going to have to adjust for more than fog, apparently. Of course I won't complain, as badly as we need the rain.

I wish I could bottle up some of my sleeping ability and send it to you. I was tired last night and went to bed at 9 - very unusual for me. I always fall asleep fast, and was sound asleep when a friend called at 10. She often calls around 10 or 10:30, knowing I'll be up. As it was, she couldn't believe I sounded so chipper when I told her she'd wakened me. I wake up fast, and fall asleep fast, and when we hung up, I went right back to sleep, until I woke at 5 this morning.

It really is a blessing. I suppose the day will come when I'll have trouble with sleep, but so far so good. I'll work on bottling it up for you!

Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15290
Hooray, you have your gallery up :-) Your paintings are beautiful.
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 303 Comments: 12583
What wonderful paintings, Maria. Beautiful detail and rendering of a historic style. What a sad story. Did you tell me that you do watercolors? These look like oils.
I am not a blog person. Wunderphotos is as much writing as I want to do. So I will say farewell, and "see" you in the Photos. -- Betsy
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Hi my dear Sandi. Thank you so much! I like that painting too, as did my teacher and classmates when I brought it in for a critique.

I too hope I sleep tonight as tomorrow is a long day. A trip to Maryland, you probably remember why I go there now and then.

In a previous email or a post you described your routine at bedtime. I too have a routine, combination of crossword puzzle/reading/drinking warm milk. But it does not always work. Or better yet, I do fall asleep but I wake up an hour or so later and then there is no going back to sleep.

Sleep well and have a good day tomorrow. See you when I can. :)
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 196 Comments: 19696
Dear Pros - Those new paintings are stunning:)
I particularly like the poppy and scabious painting - (2nd down).

Bed here in about an hour, but want to watch a TV show first! Hope you,(and Koko,) sleep well when it is your turn to head to bed:)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 345 Comments: 31468

Luvne, you asked me to show some of my paintings, here are a few.

(This one is not quite finished)



(This is a small class exercise)

Thank you for asking me.
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"Every gardener knows that under the cloak of winter lies a miracle ... a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to the light, a bud straining to unfurl. And the anticipation nurtures our dream."
- Barbara Winkler

"The word February is believed to have derived from the name 'Februa' taken from the Roman 'Festival of Purification'. The root 'februo' meaning to 'I purify by sacrifice'. As part of the seasonal calendar February is the time of the 'Ice Moon' according to Pagan beliefs, and the period described as the 'Moon of the Dark Red Calf' by Black Elk. February has also been known as 'Sprout-kale' by the Anglo-Saxons in relation to the time the kale and cabbage was edible."
- Mystical WWW

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Thank you Ylee.

Hubby won't like it if it rains today. He has a date with the golf course!
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 196 Comments: 19696
59. Ylee
Hi, Pros! Glad to see everything as well with you and Raindad!

I was going to tell you to enjoy the warmth outside, but I see it's already raining there!:(

Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 127 Comments: 22725
Good morning.

Dear Sandi, all is well here. Yesterday my husband underwent some testing at the local hospital. Nothing critical but these things take time. So by the time I drove us home, I just wanted to eat and then just relax for a while, hence no blogs visiting. Thank you for caring. And thank you for the White Rabbits. Back at you 3 times.

Ylee, thank you. White Rabbits to you too,x3.

, what a beautiful video of Calla Lilies. Thank you so much. I hope that my Callas perform for me this year, last year my yellow ones did ok but my while ones only gave me one flower. Most of my Jonquils and related spring flowers are 3 to 6 inches out of the ground! Here and there I even see some tulips peeking through. Crazy winter!

Jus, thank you very much. I needed to hear that the story is being read, I don't want to spend so much time writing about something that no one is interested in reading. The next entry will be the end of the story,however I have not started writing it yet.
I hope all is well with you and that the weather is behaving in your area.

Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 196 Comments: 19696

Dear Pros - Wishing you a very Happy Month of February :)

Hope all is well with you :)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 345 Comments: 31468
56. Ylee
White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits, Pros!

Hope everything is OK for you!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 127 Comments: 22725
Hellllooooooo Pros!

Are you feeling down? Tired? Blah? Are you needing a little shot of something wonderful? Here you go!

Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15290
Hi Pros, thinking I forgot to leave a note saying this was another wonderful chapter in the story. Sorry. Must have gotten lost in thought or off to follow a link or something. Hope you are having a good day and can get some good rest.
Member Since: August 20, 2009 Posts: 96 Comments: 10731
You are not following me around the blogs so hopefully... as Ylee said .... Koko is being kinder to you tonight:)

I hoped when I posted the collage of the January sunrises, that today wouldn't have a sunrise... I was right.. more monochrome!

Hope today goes OK for you:)
Member Since: October 29, 2005 Posts: 345 Comments: 31468
52. Ylee
Looks like 'ol Phillip got his just desserts, as well as Fernando! After I saw where he locked his mom up, he deserved everything he got from Phillip!

With e-readers like the Kindle you can go and download free, out-of-print books! Of course, you can download free books on the home PC too, but the kindle is portable, and you can lay on the couch or bed and read!

Hope Koko is treating you kind tonight!
Member Since: February 3, 2011 Posts: 127 Comments: 22725
51. Proserpina
9:41 PM GMT on January 30, 2012
For "25 ideas to make life easier" please go to:

http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/8yJ0HJ/www.thedaily buzz.com.au/2011/11/25-clever-ideas_household-tips _storage-ideas/
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 196 Comments: 19696
50. Proserpina
7:28 PM GMT on January 30, 2012
Hi GG. The historical fiction by CW Gortner suggests that she did, BUT the author makes it clear that there is NO evidence that she did so. Historically there have been some suggestions that Juana's father, King Fernando did it, but this is also not supported. We will never know the truth but personally, I do not think that Juana would have done it. She had a love-hate relationship with her husband, I just do not believe that she was capable of murdering.
Thank you for the beautiful and interesting birthday card. Very creative.
Have a fun hike, it is good for your health and mind. :)

Sandi, I do have sleep disorders, obviously. But often it is Koko who keeps me awake, such was the case last night. I was fast asleep when she was brought upstairs and she moaned for hours, not in pain but in give me attention mode. I let her get away with her 'games' as I do not know how much longer she has. She really is precious to me.
We have a cold but sunny day. I did sleep in this morning so I do not know if the sunrise was nice to look at or not. As to the monochrome sunrise you had, well I hope that the sun came out! On the other hand, monochrome paintings can be pretty. Since I am thinking in terms of painting, I think that I ought to get back to painting sometime soon.

Shore, it was a wonderful day. I had not had a nice birthday day in quite a while, so it was nice to be with friends, and then with family. Good food, nice flowers, a lovely cat, a Kindle, a book, and other gifts. Not bad for one day! My birthdays are feast of famine, it was feast this year.
I'll go read the article that you point out as soon as I can.
Have a good work day.

BUG, no life has never been a bed of roses for anyone. As for the royals, they were not exempt from the vagaries of life. I think though that women really had it difficult, especially the royal little girls who were sent off to marry just as they started puberty, or earlier. They had absolutely no say about their lives. The royal boys had their own problems inflicted on them as well, but as they grew older they figured out how to easily 'entertain' themselves.
Thank you for the 'blurb' on the distraught man. I still wonder what pushed the man to do such a bizarre thing. Mental illness, desperation,... ?

I have been reading for most of this morning, I am now at a part of the book that I am enjoying. Even the biased parts. Yes, I am amused by certain facts I am discovering, and the professional envy that occurs within competitive fields. Or perhaps just competitive minds. So, I am getting back to my book. You all have a good afternoon.
Member Since: May 6, 2008 Posts: 196 Comments: 19696
49. GardenGrrl
4:58 PM GMT on January 30, 2012
Good Morning, we are having another nice day so I'm off to a day hike soon.
Am alternatly enjoying the story but getting real angry at how Juana has been treated. Unfortunalty, reality of politics can't be made up. Hope she poisened Phillip though,
Member Since: March 25, 2007 Posts: 303 Comments: 12583
48. sandiquiz
7:32 AM GMT on January 30, 2012
It is 7:15am here and you were in my blog less than an hour ago, so you obviously are not sleeping...again. I think I am going to come around to your house with a rubber hammer!!

For some reason I have slept well the last few weeks.... but I did invest in an electric over-blanket just before Christmas. It has a special feature that allows you to leave it on low for 75 minutes, if you wish. I usually turn it on high to warm the bed when I go upstairs, before I go into the bathroom to wash and prepare for bed, and then climb into bed and turn the setting down to low. It will stay on for 75 minutes before switching itself off, if I don't switch it off. I play a couple of games of scrabble on my phone, then settle down and read for 10 minutes or so.... and drift off to sleep with the blanket still keeping me warm, snug and relaxed!

Looking out of the window it is grey again... another monochrome sunrise today I think!
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47. shoreacres
1:37 AM GMT on January 30, 2012
I laughed so at GG's birthday card for you. We had a weather forecaster who lived aboard his boat here - Doug Johnson was his name. He flew a Gumby flag when he was aboard. He was a little Gumby-like, himself. Happy, cheerful, just a fun guy.

He not only did the weather for years, he had a call in radio show, back when call in shows were more than snarky politics and UFO sightings. And sports. He'd give out gardening tips, share recipes with old ladies, sing cowboy songs - it was wonderful to listen to him while I worked. Alas! He got the acting bug and trekked off to LA or somesuch. Let me go look... Yep. Here's the article.

I'm glad the standoff turned out relatively well. As for people posting such things - not unlike people standing at the bottom of skyscrapers yelling, "Jump!" I don't know what it is that makes some people like that, but I think that Bug's right when she says young. I also think angry. But I don't know. At least it wasn't the tragedy it could have been.

Are you all rested up from the partying? It sounds like a wonderful day - all the things you like, especially family and food. Good food, too, I'll bet.

I'm tired out from company, but wasn't so tired that I turned down a chance to go down to Galveston this afternoon. I perked up at the time, but I'm heading to bed early tonight!
Member Since: October 4, 2004 Posts: 205 Comments: 15290
46. palmettobug53
11:49 PM GMT on January 29, 2012
Everyone seems to think that it was a bed of roses to be royal back then. Money, prestige, servants, folks falling all over themselves to curry favor with you, etc., etc., etc.

Very few ruling kings or queens were truly happy. Or safe. Juana's story is sad but many other royals, both men and women, had similiar lives.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 251 Comments: 26855
45. palmettobug53
8:21 PM GMT on January 29, 2012
It saddens me that some bloggers on a certain site, were advocating to allow the man to kill himself!

They'd likely change their tune pretty fast if it was their family member or close friend. It's very easy to have a laissez faire attitude when it isn't personal. I'd also assume they were young, too. They'll learn.
Member Since: October 7, 2005 Posts: 251 Comments: 26855
44. palmettobug53
7:58 PM GMT on January 29, 2012
I found a short blurb:

Fairfax County Police say that a man is in custody after he barricaded himself inside a car on the fourth floor of the parking garage near the Fairfax County Courthouse .

According to News4's Darcy Spencer, police received a call from either the man or members of his family at around 3:30 p.m. Police say the man threatened to harm himself during the course of the call and insinuated that he had at least one weapon, which prompted the response.

Responders set up a wide perimeter around the area of the Fairfax County Judicial Center, which is located at the intersection of Judicial Drive, Virginia Route 236, and Virginia Route 123. All those streets were blocked for several hours on Saturday evening.

Police announced the man was in custody after he surrendered peacefully shortly before 9:30 p.m. The car was examined by a bomb squad robot, which found no trace of weapons or explosives. Authorities did not clear the scene until shortly before 11 p.m.

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43. GardenGrrl
6:19 PM GMT on January 29, 2012
Okay, a bit late, but now have time to make you a "real" birthday card.

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42. Proserpina
4:08 PM GMT on January 29, 2012

View more videos at: http://nbcwashington.com.

Ylee, here is a video about the standoff.

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41. Ylee
3:19 PM GMT on January 29, 2012
Pros, I didn't see anything on Fairfax, Va.'s police website, save for a poor man who died when it appeared he had a heart attack and wrecked his vehicle.

Glad you had a great birthday!
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40. Proserpina
3:09 PM GMT on January 29, 2012
Hi Bug. The standoff was over last night just before 11pm. The man is in custody and NO ONE was hurt. There are no additional details. I have not read the paper this morning nor listened to local news. If I find out why the long standoff and the suicide attempt started in the first place, I will put the info here.

It saddens me that some bloggers on a certain site, were advocating to allow the man to kill himself! I do not understand this kind of cruelty nor any cruelty!

I hope your day is a good one.
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39. palmettobug53
3:01 PM GMT on January 29, 2012
Goodness, Pros! That's not the kind of excitement you want on your birthday.

I didn't see anything in our local paper this morning. I hope they were ablet o resolve the situation without anyone getting hurt.

I wonder what set him off?
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38. Proserpina
3:00 PM GMT on January 29, 2012

Kat,Weatheringpoint, and all who left birthday greetings, songs, graphics, photos, thank you for making my day so special.

Early in the morning when I went downstairs to make coffee, I found a pretty wrapped gift on the counter. It was a gift from my husband. Remember how often I talk about getting a kitten and hubby says no? Well, yesterday he gave me a kitten, a Swarovski kitten!

For lunch I met some friends and we chatted up a storm, exchanged birthday gifts (4 of our group have birthday in January),and Christmas gifts! It was lots of fun.

Soon after I got back home we left for dinner at a restaurant with our son, my DIL, and grandchildren. My day was then perfect! The grandkids give me so much pleasure! I love every word that comes out of their mouth, every one of their activities, their smiles, ......

And my blog is decorated with your wonderful greetings.

As they say 'Life is good'!
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37. weatheringpoints
5:33 AM GMT on January 29, 2012

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36. Proserpina
1:49 AM GMT on January 29, 2012
Fairfax County Police say that a man has barricaded himself on the fourth floor of the parking garage near the Fairfax County Courthouse .

According to News4's Darcy Spencer, police received a call from the man at around 3:30 p.m. Police say the man threatened to harm himself during the course of the call, which prompted the police response.

Responders have set up a wide perimeter around the area of the Fairfax County Judicial Center, which is located at the intersection of Judicial Drive, Virginia Route 236, and Virginia Route 123. All those streets have been blocked while the investigation continues.

Stay with NBCWashington.com for the latest on this developing story.

Hi everyone, I will respond to all of the kind greetings later or tomorrow. Thank you so much.

My husband and I were driving to a restaurant to meet my son and family for my birthday dinner. In the lane next to us was a Mobile Command Center, we wondered where it was going. Then we heard on the radio that there was a gunman in the Courthouse. Well we were a few yards before the courthouse and with a little apprehension we went by it. Just as we passed it we came upon tons of police and police cars, mobile command centers, street blockades, etc. We went by the garage and the street to the entrance was blocked. We continued past and then they announced on the radio that the man was in the garage! More streets were being closed off and more command centers, etc. were arriving from all over.

We went to dinner and our children were so entertaining that we forgot about our 'experience'. When my DIL mentioned garage it all came back and I told the story. My son checked the news on his ipod and sure enough the situation was still going on. We came home by a circuitous route.

Unfortunately the situation is still going on. I pray that no one gets hurt, including the suicidal man. In the news they just said 'a desperate suicidal man'. Times are so difficult for some people.... We have no idea why the man is suicidal, the police may already know. Sad. So sad.

By the way, the Courthouse and the garage are in Fairfax City. A little ways down the road from me, maybe a mile.

blocked street
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35. juslivn
12:10 AM GMT on January 29, 2012
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34. Ylee
11:40 PM GMT on January 28, 2012
Happy birthday, Pros! Work has not been kind to my blogging today, but I did manage to find this virtual birthday card!


Hope you've had a great birthday today!
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33. ColoradoKat
9:16 PM GMT on January 28, 2012
Happy, Happy Birthday, my Friend, and many
more! BIG Birthday HUG!

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32. Bogon
4:45 PM GMT on January 28, 2012
Happy Birthday, Prose!
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31. PeaceRiverBP
4:32 PM GMT on January 28, 2012
Happy Birthday to a very special lady!

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30. SBKaren
3:45 PM GMT on January 28, 2012
Happy Birthday sweet Maria!
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29. Alleyoops
3:22 PM GMT on January 28, 2012
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28. Alleyoops
3:17 PM GMT on January 28, 2012
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