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By: Portlight, 8:01 PM GMT on April 05, 2012

Woodward OK Tornado
April 15, 2012

Portlight is rereouting to Wooward Oklahoma this morning.

Lightning strikes disabled the town's tornado siren system moments beofre a tornado ripped through the town of 12,000 overnight. 5 are confirmed dead.

Portlight and Team Rubicon will be providing relief services.

The NWS confirms that conditions are right for further violent weather today; we are staging crews and supplies in the Oklahoma and Kansas areas right now in order to respond effectively to today's severe weather outbreaks.

Your continued support makes it possible for us to assist the unserved, under served and forgotten in these situations. As we get a better idea of where help is needed, we will be lookig for volunteers to help with clean up and relief. Comment here or email us at Volunteers to help.

Remember, we can't do this without your help!


Dallas Fort Worth Tornados

Shane Valverde of Portlight partner Team Rubicon tarping a wind damaged home in Lancaster Texas

April 5, 2012

Portlight, Team Rubicon and Home Depot are working in the aftermath of a strong EF2 tornado in Lancaster Texas today. The tram is currently clearing a checkpoint and helping to mitigate identified damages (see photo).

More updates as they become available!

April 4, 2012

Thomas Hudson will be heading into the DFW area today to do damage assessment and determine whether there is a need for Portlight's services in the wake of yesterday's storms. Photos and updates will be posted through the day so stay tuned...

Updated: 2:15 PM GMT on May 09, 2012


March Tornado update

By: Portlight, 6:17 PM GMT on April 02, 2012


While Portlight lends itself to disaster relief, generally in the immediate aftermath of a disaster, in keeping with service to the un-served and underserved, we try to help specific people when a pressing need becomes apparent.

Thanks to the hard work and diligence of one of our volunteers, Dylan Stanek and the tireless efforts of Karen Foster, a business woman in Harrisburg, one such case has come to to our attention and we are moving forward to help the community and this young woman.

Rita Tolbert is the single mother of three who lost everything in the tornado; she and her children are staying with friends while they try to find someplace to live. They lost all of their clothing, toys for the kids, furniture, appliances...all of those things most of us take for granted. Rita works as a home health care worker for the elderly and while she has been working steadily since the tornado, she can't seem to find anything affordable and has been relying on the kindness of friends (she has no close family in the area) to have a place to stay.

Enter Karen Foster and Dylan Stanek. Dylan volunteered for Portlight in the immediate afetrmath of the storm, helping with clean up and relief work, where he met Karen Foster, a local business owner, who told him about Rita and her plight. Through Karen's diligence a house was found that could be had for the cost of back taxes and closing costs. The house is in need of repair, having suffered a minor fire and some years of neglect, but the structure is sound and very reparable. Several churches in Harrisburg have committed to paying the tax bill and the closing costs. Several volunteers, including Dylan, have stepped forward to pledge assistance in repairs.

That brings us to Portlight, and what we can do. Rita and her daughters (Bri 5, LeLe 3 and Khloe 17 months) need our help. The repairs will require money and materials to complete, we'll need volunteers to help with the repairs and Rita and her daughters will need all the little things that make a life. The Tolberts are counting on us...

To volunteer to assist for clean up and repair efforts email us here or add a comment below. The need is immediate and we need to start work as soon as possible. You can also help by clicking the donate button. Volunteers will be working on repairs for some time and you can help. Stay tuned here and our blog for updates.

The email address and blog will be monitored closely and any volunteers will be contacted as quickly as possible for further information and instructions.

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