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Gulf Oil Disaster Help Needed / Haiti Relief Recap

By: Portlight, 3:17 PM GMT on May 20, 2010

Oil leak response

Please read the e-mail below. We are going to try to help Molly get her hands on some boom material, round up some certified local helpers and get them deployed. If you feel moved to contribute, it would be well appreciated...as we will have some expenses here. Please use the PayPal link at our website. And mark your donation "BPLeak". Thanks!!!!!

Grand Isle State Park is currently being inundated with oil and BP has one miniscule boom, jetting out from the beach, failing to prevent the oil from washing ashore.

Through certain connections I was able to spend some time at Grand Isle State Park with Tamara, the park manager, and she told showed me the improvised boom that was placed over the lagoon in an emergency effort to prevent oil from contaminating that area.

As of the this morning (Tuesday, May 25th) HAZWOP people, provided by BP are slowly shoveling the area. Unfortunately, the improvised boom failed to keep all of the oil out of the lagoon and the area is being contaminated as of this morning.

Tamara made calls, upon my request, to her operations team and OSCHA to request outside help. OSCHA has approved volunteer help for the beach and her operations team is also in agreement, provided the individuals have 4 hour HAZWOP training.

Boom and pom-poms are needed as none are being currently deployed by BP. The engineering department at the State Park is willing to work with those who have boom/pom-poms available.

Please contact me with further information or contacts.

Molly Thomas

Haiti recap

In the months since January 12, 2010, when a devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked Haiti, your generous donations to Portlight helped to accomplish so much. As a small, grassroots group unencumbered by the bureaucratic red-tape of the large non-profit organizations, we were able to make important connections and utilize every dollar of your donations to work quickly and effectively on behalf of those both historically and newly disabled. We were also able to reach survivors in need of help in the most remote areas, which are so often overlooked in the aftermath of a disaster.

As our Haiti operations wind down, we’d like to recap our activities and accomplishments there:

• Secured warehouse space in Atlanta and Charleston to facilitate management, transport and delivery of critical goods and supplies
• Connected with over a dozen groups in Haiti with whom we were able to coordinate our outreach to people with disabilities
• Opened numerous pipelines for delivery of donated durable medical equipment to our warehouses
• Resumed shipment of DME and clinical supplies into Haiti
• Identified two locations at which we were able to congregate people with disabilities in order to provide a safe, efficient location for the delivery of services
• Secured the services of several on scene coordinators who identified locations of people with disabilities and facilitated their transport to our service locations
• Secured a $10,000 grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, as well as raised over $60,000 from our network of supporters
• Mobilized the leadership of the US disability community to come to the aid of their Haitian brothers and sisters
• Provided direct financial assistance to those on the ground facilitating the work there
• Secured a truck for use by those working with us in Haiti
• Secured the services of a Creole speaking Haitian native who coordinated all our efforts there
• Provided for the transport of 4 water filtration systems to Haiti, one of which was at our disposal to serve the needs of people with disabilities
• Secured the donations of well over $750,000 worth of durable medical equipment and clinical supplies
Secured a cost effective US trucking network to facilitate the distribution of supplies
• Facilitated air transport into Haiti of several medical service providers
• Created a social media network to facilitate communication with all our stakeholders
• Connected with the Southern Command in Charleston to facilitate transport of goods aboard Air Force C17’s
• Provided DME and other much needed medical supplies to the clinic at Universite Quisqueya (our staging area), which is still serving 300-500 patients per day
• With the help of the Liberty Schooner, completed “The Haitian Food Voyage”, shipping 30,000 pounds of rice to Haiti. Donors of $50 or more had their names embroidered on a flag that was given to Quisqueya’s administration and will remain there as a symbol of our partnership and your kindness and generosity
• Under the auspices of Brad Pitt and his Make it Right Foundation, shipped 10 pallets of DME, 30 pallets of water, 7,000 pounds of rice, and numerous pallets of medical supplies which were then distributed by volunteers with Make it Right and several other organizations
• Facilitated the transport of numerous shipments of supplies, including tents for temporary shelter, and building supplies and equipment for repairs to several facilities, including Universite Quisqueya and Notre Dame orphanage
• Provided DME, including crutches, walkers, canes, braces and hospital beds; clinical and medical supplies; foodstuffs and water to the following organizations and Haitian governmental departments:

Dr. Amy Nguyen and ACTS World Relief
Bons Maritan
Catholic Relief Services
Healing Hands for Haiti
Dispensaire de la Providence
L'ecole D'handicape de St. Vincent
Hopital de Canapé Vert
The International Institute of Sport
Love a Child
Sacred Heart Hospital
St. Nicholas Hospital
L’Arche Communauté
Dr. Michel Pean , Haiti Secretary of State for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities
Fondation Bethsai-De
Hopital de la Communauté Hatienne
Quisqueya Christian School
Haitian Health Foundation Jeremie
Baptist Haiti Mission
Double Harvest Hospital Croix des Bouquets
Hopital Sacre Couer Milot
FSIL Nursing School & Hospital

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