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By: Portlight, 1:43 PM GMT on September 29, 2009

Steve Melton (FLDART) has just returned from delivering a load of much needed supplies to the Baxter family in Lithia Springs, GA. We continue to help them financially...and with a host of needed ngoods donated by our Wunderground family. They have now found temporary housing and our next effort, in addition to some ongoing financial help, is to begin providing furniture for their home. These people lost everything. If you are wondering "Do they need....?"...well...the answer is "Yes!"...they need it all...


You asked me to describe to you what we found when we arrived in Lithia Springs,
Georgia, yesterday. Well sir, I dont know if words can do it justice; but, I
will do my best. We arrived yesterday around Noon. As we drove through town on
our way to meet with Krissy, the first thing to draw our attention was the
smell. A strong odor of decomposition and decay permeated the air. Speaking with
a Douglas County Sheriffs Deputy, he told us that the flood water had contained
raw sewage, plus the contents of a couple of hundred homes, deceased animals,
and the contents of several businesses including a large supermarket that had
been inundated. After asking for directions the Officer informed us that many of
the roadways were still closed and several street signs were gone. He graciously
offered to escort us to the Baxter's residence. On our way there we noticed the
water level in a few of the places had reached over 20 feet, as evidenced by the
telltale muddy
brown high-water mark left on the trees and buildings.Several businesses along
the main route, were beginning the long and tedious process of cleanup. The
contents of these buildings were strewn about the parking lots covered in silt
and debris. Large dumpsters were being brought in to some locations, and bobcat
loaders were being used to simply dispose of everything. Driving through the
Baxter's neighborhood many residents were observed removing items from inside
their homes and stacking the debris outside. I mean everything, beds, furniture,
appliances, clothing etc..Most of them appeared; understandably; to be in a
state of shock...
When we arrived at Krissy's home, we were greeted with tears and heartfelt
thanks for everything that Portlight has already done...I assured her that we
were just beginning, and that everything would be alright. After 23 years in
this business I still become emotional when confronted with such suffering and
loss. She related to me, a remarkable story of survival, which I will relate to
you all soon.
As for the home, it was submerged to above the roof line... ALL contents were
destroyed...When I entered the residence there was still standing water in the
floors. Debris was strewn from one end of the house to the other and the ceiling
had totally collapsed throughout the home. Black Mold and Mildew was already
beginning to appear on everything. I was reminded of the results of the storm
surge from Hurricane Ike Last year. In addition to the home itself two vehicles
belonging to the family were destroyed in the front yard. They were submerged
under approx. 20-25 feet of water. The church of latter day saints brought by a
clean-up kit. While this was a noble and heart-felt effort, I just don't believe
this is gonna cut-it. I am planning to return to the area on Wednesday, in order
to complete a more thorough assessment of the area.
Paul, These desperatly people need and deserve our help... I emphatically
implore you and all the others involved in our cause to step up.


Updated: 3:30 PM GMT on September 29, 2009


Baxters Update...plus FEMA visit

By: Portlight, 3:36 PM GMT on September 23, 2009

9/28 Update

We have a team on site at this hour. Pictures and a report soon to follow. I spoke with Krissy a little while ago. She relayed the specifics of her meeting yesterday with a FEMA representative. I'm truly too mad to write about it right now. But if there is a more useless expenditure of my tax dollars than FEMA, I don't know what it is.

This family is very grateful for all the support they are receiving. They have a temporary home. We are getting them furniture, etc., thanks to your generousity.

Stay tuned...

Brian and Chrissy Baxter have lost their home in Lithia Springs, Georgia, due to the recent flooding. They also lost all their furniture, their clothing, and everything else that was in their home...as well as a car. The water was up to just a few inches from the ceiling inside their home.

The Baxters have five children: Tony (male, age 13), Victoria (female, age 12), Brian (male, age 11), Nathan (male, age 10) and Aiden (male, age 1). The family is currently staying at an Extended Stay Hotel in Lithia Springs, Georgia. The hotel is without electricity.

Both Brian and Chrissy work. However, they are unable to get to their jobs due to the flooding in the area. We don't know how much money they need. We do know that the family currently needs help with paying for lodging, food, clothing and transportation. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Portlight Strategies, Inc., has set a goal of raising $10,000.00 to help the Baxters defray the short term expenses of lodging, food and clothing.

Please share your good fortune with this suffering family.

Use the PayPal button @ www.portlight.org

Or send checks to:

Portlight Strategies, Inc.
2043 Maybank Hwy.
Charleston, SC 29412

memo: Baxters

Update 9/23

Krissy, her husband Brian, his mother Helen and the five kids are staying at a place called Extended Stay Hotel in Lithia Springs. They just got electricity about an hour ago.
They have lost everything. I talked to Krissy and found out the sizes of clothes they all wear.

Tony male age 13 (6 feet tall)
shirts large mens
pants 34 x 32 mens
shoes 9 1/2 - 10 mens
size 34 boxers

Victoria (Tori) age 11
shirts med girls
pants 12 girls
shoes 5 1/2 kids
underwear med girls

Brian (10)
shirts med boys
pants 12
shoes 5 1/2 kids
underwear med briefs

Nathan (10)
shirts med to large boys
pants 14 boys
shoes 6 kids
underwear med. boxers

Aiden 1 1/2
size 2 Toddler
size 4 diapers
size 8 little kids shoes
prefers sippy cups

Krissy 28
shirts med. womens
pants 7
shoes 7
undies 6

Brian 28
shirts X-large
pants 38-40 inseam 34
shoes 9 1/2
38-40 boxers

shirts large womens
pants 10-12
undies 8
shoes 8 1/2

I just talked to krissy, her family and the people in the room next to them were invited to go to someones home for dinner. They are taking things one minute at a time.
They have lost everything. furniture, beds, dishes, clothes, towels, wash cloths, linens, school supplies, book bags. just everything. they were told they were not to go back to their house again until they were given the all clear from the people in charge. When they were told to leave they were told to grab a few things and get out the water was coming. each one grabbed an extra set of clothes. Krissy did go back later and saw how high the water was so she swam to the house to save their dog Sophie.
Krissy and Brian both work but have not been able to get to their jobs. They do not expect to be able to get back to their house until the first of next week if not longer. Then they will see what if anything they can salvage.
please continue to pray for them and everyone effected by the floods.
Praise God that they are safe and for all the caring people that are helping them.

Updated: 5:58 PM GMT on September 28, 2009


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