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Blog Open - Response Plan

By: Portlight, 10:23 PM GMT on August 12, 2009

Response Plan - Blog Open

As Portlight Strategies, Inc prepares for any potential land falling hurricane this year we would like to update you on our response plan. This plan is broken down in to two phases. The first phase will be a short term response that will focus on providing food to un-served, under served, and forgotten people. The second phase will focus on a small number of specific projects that will help rebuild communities and/or individuals lives in un-served, under served, and forgotten areas.

The first phase of the response will begin prior to a hurricane making land fall and will last for about 10 days post landfall. We will work to identify rural communities that will be hardest hit based on storm track and intensity. Once this process is completed we will begin working with Community Disaster Services in order to begin moving field kitchens and other assets closer to the un-served, under served, and forgotten areas expected to receive the heaviest damage. During the first 48 hours after landfall, field kitchens and supplies will begin to make there way in to these areas. Portlight Strategies, Inc. will work with the Community Disaster Services teams in setting up field kitchens and serving food. Portlight Strategies, Inc will also work to arrange volunteer assistance for these efforts.

The second phase of the response will be based upon needs assessment performed during the phase one response. The needs assessment will work to identify a small number of projects which the Portlight community can take on. These projects will focus on rebuilding un-served, under served, and forgotten communities and assisting individuals with in these communities as they work to rebuild their lives from the devastation theses storms cause.

Your support will be critical as we begin to execute this plan. It is never too early to make a donation. The more preparation that can be done ahead of time, the more effective and immediate the response will be. So please make a donation today!

Or send checks to:

Portlight Strategies, Inc.
2043 Maybank Hwy
Charleston, SC 29445

As we move forward we continue to work towards increasing our financial reserve. No matter the results of the 2009 Hurricane season there are certain to be disasters during 2009 which leave forgotten people in need of aid. Our ability to respond to these people and communities is only governed by supporters like yourself. This year we have already responded to the Myrtle Beach wildfires and the Volusia County, Fl flooding. So please consider making a contribution before the next disaster hits!

Portlight Strategies, Inc. has already had several successful fundraisers this year and we have more in the works! The next events will take place in Kansas City, Ks, Charleston, SC, and Jacksonville, Fl ans Savannah, GA. If you are in one of these areas and are interested in assisting with the coordination of these events please contact paul@portlight.org. If you are not in one of these areas, but are interested in putting a committee together to organize an event please let us know. The events are a lot of fun and will help support our disaster relief efforts.

As we move forward we want to make sure that we express our gratitude to everyone that has or will support our efforts! We look forward to being able to provide post disaster aid to forgotten communities and people with disabilities largely due to the support of generous people like yourself!

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This is the banner for the Portlight Relief Events. Many thanks to the Weather Underground for stepping up to the plate as the national sponsor of these events. View the press release.

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