Adventures with Parnassus!

Happy New Year!

By: PeaceRiverBP, 2:43 AM GMT on August 14, 2011

It has been a long spring and summer, but I am finally seeing my way clear to return to my WU blog. My handle (PeaceRiverBP) seems doubly ironic now that I'm no longer living by the Peace River and I'm no long a "BP", thanks to my recent divorce. But, I guess it doesn't matter where I live or what my initials are, after using this handle for nine years, it's who I am. :-)

I've missed you all and I hope to gradually find the time to get back into visiting my fellow WUBA's on a regular basis. I've been working two jobs all summer, but that will wind down soon. I may take another part-time job over the winter, but we'll see what opportunities present themselves.

In the mean time, I've also been redecorating my home to make it more my own and working in my vegetable garden, which has supplied me and my family and friends with all the vegetable we need! Sammy and I still get out for our daily hikes in the forest and every day, I am grateful to live in such a beautiful, peaceful place. My woodland wanderings with Sammy have been incredibly healing during these dark days. But, that's all behind me now and I'm all about moving ahead with this newest chapter in my life.

Carpe Diem.

Here I come!

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Adventures with Parnassus!

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I've many passions but two of them are reading & camping, so naturally my camper's name is Parnassus for Christopher Morely's "Parnassus on Wheels".

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