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"Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

By: PeaceRiverBP, 7:22 PM GMT on December 20, 2009

.... But the fire is so delightful! And if you've no place to go; Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"

I've been hoping for a white Christmas and now it looks as though we will have one! Last night Cape Cod (and much of the East Coast) was hit with a massive blizzard. We've received about 18" of snow so far and it's still falling. The wind gusts have been as strong as 60 miles an hour. I had hoped that the weather would let up a bit so it would be a little more pleasant to go outdoors to take some photos, but so far, the storm has hardly abated. That said, I will start out with posting these pictures here and will add more later, after I have put on several more layers of clothes and waddled out into the maelstrom. I'm a notorious wimp when it comes to cold and I've already been wearing so many clothes that as I sat down in my truck to drive to work on Friday morning, I felt like an astronaut seated in his space capsule preparing to blast off into space and trying to function in his cumbersome suit and thick gloves. It reminded me of the days when I worked in the Commercial Fishing Industry and my standard for telling when I had donned enough layers of clothing to be somewhat comfortable on a winter's day (and this is no joke) was that if I could put my arms down by my sides, I knew I needed to add another layer or two. The penguin walk was de rigueur. Today will be another penguin-walk day.

These photos were taken a hour or so ago.

About 18 inches of snow.

Note how the snow drift comes up the sliding glass door, which is up three steps from the patio.

The wind-driven snow has plastered all the windows to the point that we can barely see anything out of them. Some windows are completely opaque.

Okay; now for the outside photos:

Don't trip over light!

We had to scrape and sweep the ice and snow off the front door!

Knee deep!

Where's my truck?

Okay, I'm ready to go in, now. That's enough fun for one day!

And a few Christmas pix:

Sammy and our Christmas tree.

Christmas tree with grand-daughter doing her homework in the background.

Grand-daughter posing on the staircase, behind the tree after she helps us decorate it.

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