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A Drive Through the Clouds

By: PeaceRiverBP, 1:18 AM GMT on September 16, 2009


Hubby Lorne & I just returned from ten days in Vermont, a much needed respite from a hectic summer season on Cape Cod. We chose to take The Ark up to a campground in the Lake Champlain Islands, and stayed at Champlain Campground on Grand Isle.

It was peaceful, beautiful and close to family so we could visit with relatives often and also near other great places to sight-see.

Note the windmills across the lake in New York State.

We had towed our little Ford Ranger behind the motor home, so when we had a few hours to kill, we took jaunts all around the islands and also went to Stowe, where we took a walk on trails near the Von Trapp Lodge.

Sammy celebrated his third birthday on September 13th, the day we had to leave, but even he really seemed to enjoy the vacation. Here he is relaxing on my sister & BIL's deck.

The campground had a nice pear and apple orchard where they told us we could pick as much fruit as we wanted and also could run Sammy there.

Sammy and Lorne at the lake.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was gloriously sunny everyday with lows in the 40's at night.

Although we did a lot of driving, the campground was picture-postcard pretty. I literally took hundreds of photos and it was really difficult to pick just a handful of favorites for this blog. My camera just didn't seem to capture the vibrant colors, but these shots will give you an idea of how lovely the area is.

But then we finally had to head for home. We packed up early in the AM to hit the road. Here, Lorne is hitching the Ranger up to The Ark.

As the sun was rising before we left, I went down the the landing near our campsite and took this video. The microphone on the camera picks up sound REALLY well; it's kind of nice that it picks up the waves as they roll in over the shale lake-shore, but I find the fact that it also picks up the sound of my breathing once in a while, kind of annoying. Has anyone else had this problem? It's not quite as bad as listening to Darth Vader, but an old friend was listening to a video and said, "I've never noticed that you breathe as loud as it sounds in that video." Of course I had to ask; "Do I sound like that?" Thank goodness he said no! Other than holding my breath, I wonder how I can eliminate the unwanted noise?

It was really neat to drive through the clouds as The Ark climbed the mountains! It was a bright, sunny day, but at times it appeared to get dark and foggy as we would pass through a cloud.

This You-tube shows one of the long ascents up a steep slope as we drove across Vermont's roof-top; and yes, that is a red monkey hanging up in the windshield (a strawberry-scented air-freshener monkey!)

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