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Harvest Moon

By: PeaceRiverBP, 2:56 PM GMT on October 17, 2008

I love this time of year in New England- the lush, green of summer is slowly being gilt with the burnished golds, fiery oranges and deep cranberry reds of Fall! There is the spicy scent of the wild grapes fermenting on the vine that lends a sweet perfume to the crisp, clean air. Pumpkins are displayed on many door-steps and soon, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations will emerge from attics and basements as people prepare for the holidays. This will be our first 'real' winter in six years, as we've been in Florida for a while, so- unbelievably- I am actually looking forward to seeing snow! When I left home for Florida, after years or scraping ice off my windshield and shoveling snow- sometimes over and over again when the snowplow would go by (again) and plow us in had left me jaded to winter's charms. But, now I am eagerly anticipating seeing the first gentle flakes float down from the sky and gradually coat everything with a fluffy, white icing; as elegant as a wedding cake. Here on Cape Cod, we don't always have a white Christmas, but like Bing Crosby's classic carol, I really am dreaming of a White Christmas! I loved Florida, it is a beautiful State and we met many wonderful people there, but Christmas just wasn't the same for us down there. I'm sure that I will come to miss Florida more as the cold weather sets in in earnest, especially when friends and family who still live there tell us that it's 80 degrees on a February day when it's 18 degrees out up here!

Oh, well, that's life! We can never have everything we want, but we can try to be happy with what we have. Times are tough for many folks these days, so we are trying to find enjoyment in the small things- spending time with family and friends and wandering the local conservation areas, beaches, or just strolling down the road, walking the dog and taking in the beauty of the fall foliage.

I recently uploaded a series of photos taken at Nauset Beach in Orleans, MA, last month. My sister and her husband were visiting Cape Cod from Vermont, so after dinner one night, we all took a walk on the beach and I was able to get some surprising photos! It's things like this that can help us forget that we all may be tightening our belts and doing without, but there is still plenty out there that makes life worth living and keep our spirits up while we forge ahead and work towards a better future.

PS: Thanks to all who posted, emailed and telephoned while Lorne & I had no Internet and were going through some very hard times. We moved into our new home, a small duplex, last weekend and we're settling in. Luckily, the apartment comes with cable TV and Internet, so I will be back amongst you, again- much to my delight because I have missed you all! Lorne is still doing well at his job and my summer rental-cleaning job is coming to an end, so I am going on interviews until I can find something else. Sammy & Triton love their new digs- and so do we! We miss The Ark, but it's not a practical winter home up north, so we will have to force ourselves to give it up as soon as we find a buyer. (boo-hoo!) I'm trying to make myself just concentrate on looking forward and not moan over all the awful things we've gone through over the last few years. Better days are ahead! Right? :-)

Hugs to you all!

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