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Ark for Sale

By: PeaceRiverBP, 12:09 PM GMT on June 13, 2008

Update: September 20th:

We have decided to put our beloved Ark up for sale. :-( It was a tough decision to make, but now that we are going to be renting a home we can't afford to keep a home and an RV. But, we are grateful to have had it for the last few years; it has been a wonderful lifestyle and we will miss it! Lorne & I hope to get another, much smaller RV sometime in the not too distant future!

In the meantime, we are both well and getting ready to go through the first 'real' winter we will have seen in quite a few years. We're looking forward to enjoying a New England Christmas, spendning more time with family and friends and a new grand-daughter due January 4th!

Thanks for all your posts! I'm borrowing my Aunt's computer to list The Ark on Craig's list, so I'm just stopping by the blogs for a moment to say hi before I get to work on our ad. I'm going to try to check back before I sign off.

Hope to talk to you all again soon! {{{{hugs}}}}

Update 6/29- we still only have Internet service on some weekend days- but at least it gives me the chance to pop in a say hello while I check the weather! I miss you all!

I just posted some new photos scroll down to post #48 to see them. I haven't taken any new pictures at the RV park- it's not as scenic as it was when we were parked in a nice shady glen in the woods as it is now, where our only view is of the other RV's that surround us on all sides. We are packed in so closely that when one of our phones ring, everyone in the area stops what they're doing to see if it was their phone. We can hear other people's TV's like they're in our living room. We can't wait to get out of here! I've always loved camping, but this is the worst campground I've ever been to! The park calls itself a 'resort' but we've been calling it a 'last resort.' :-)

6/17/08 Update- see comment #36

June, Friday the 13th, 2008

Hello, Folks!

Most of you who know me via these blogs know that my Husband & I live in our motor home. It wasn't a conscious choice to take up this lifestyle, we simply found that there were no jobs in the area that we were living in, in Florida and our motor home gave us the opportunity to go to where the work was. It's been a struggle to find enough work for the last three years and we've had to relocate to New England where the work is more plentiful and pays better. Family members with a large wooded lot have generously allowed us to camp out in their back yard while we get back on our feet, until a nosy neighbor ventured down the driveway and saw the motor home and complained to the Town. The Town sent personnel out to look at the situation and gave us ten days to find a place to go so we are on the move once again. We're really irked that some busybody just couldn't mind their own business and is forcing us out of our peaceful retreat amongst the trees, and the fact that we're going to have to go to a crowded, noisy, expensive RV park that is a longer drive to work and to visit with family who were formerly just across the property.

But, the purpose of the bog isn't to whine - it's just to say that I may not have access to the Internet very often after Saturday the 14th of June so if you post or email, don't worry if you don't get an immediate response- I'll reply as soon as I can!

Our back yard camp site in the woods.

Updated: 3:32 PM GMT on September 20, 2008


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