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Big Day at the Park! - Walking with a Florida Bobcat

By: PeaceRiverBP, 3:46 PM GMT on December 26, 2007


This weekend, January 12 &13, Paynes Creek Historic State Park is having a "Fort Chokonikla Living History Encampment" with lots of activities, things to see (including a Seminole camp) and various vendors selling food and historical-type goods! Anyone in central Florida wishing to drive down, just follow US 17 to Bowling Green and follow the signs from where 17 intersects with Main Street.

I'll try to get photos and post them here later!



Thanks to Ivansrvivr, I am now doing some informal research on Florida wild cats, both native and non-native and everything in between and I've found some fun and interesting reading!

Please feel free to post cat photos of your own and include fun cat-facts!



Sammy & I just got back from our evening walk and we were following a bobcat for a good part of the way! The bobcat didn't seem very concerned about our presence and bounded back & forth along the trail in front of us, staying about 100 feet ahead. Sammy was intrigued, but he didn't make any attempt to catch up with it, however he kept his nose to the little puddy-prints and he was very curious about all the spots where the cat had come in and out of the brush as it bounced along on it's meandering path.

This is a photo I got off the web for a Florida Bobcat... hope it's not one of those photos that disappears after a while and becomes an X in a box!

But this was the view we saw:

(Photo from same website:

Hello, Everyone!

Christmas was a busy day.... cooking, cleaning, visiting and eating.... for me, anyways, for Lorne, Sammy and Triton they just got to socialize and eat!

But, I was able to get some cute photos of Sammy, who hasn't quite figured out that he's not a little puppy anymore!

We hope you all enjoyed a WUnderful, restful holiday!


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Sammy says Merry Christmas!

By: PeaceRiverBP, 8:33 PM GMT on December 10, 2007

Hello Everyone!

I've been incredibly busy lately, so please don't feel snubbed if I haven't had a chance to answer emails or post much- I'll catch up after the holidays!

Thanks for all the posts and mailings! I'm so grateful to know each and every one of you! :-D {{{HUGS}}}


My last post to Wanda got me thinking about what we all want for Christmas... Wanda wants to get a house, we want to get rid of ours'..... what do you want for Christmas???

This Blog got me to thinking about the silly things our pets do over the holidays.... please share your pet stories!

Ghosts of Christmas’s Past

The Christmas season has always been my favorite time of year, beginning when I was a child and my siblings and I would help my mother turn out hundreds of holiday cookies; our noses taking in the gently spiced air as the Pepparkakor (an old recipe for Scandinavian gingerbread from our Danish kin) baked in the oven. We were a New England family of modest means, so sometimes our Christmas tree was harvested from the woods; often it was a small cedar tree, fragrant and prickly, but just as beautiful as any ‘real’ Christmas tree when decked out with lights, ornaments and tinsel. My mother made homemade eggnog as part of our tree-decorating ritual, so we could sip it as we carefully placed ornaments on the boughs. Sometimes the tree hid small surprises, like an abandoned bird's nest which would bring back memories of warm summer days when the birds would have raised their families in our chosen tree. My Dad was a carver who often carved birds and he made wooden bird ornaments that sometimes found a temporary home in those nests. Tree decorating day was a typical Norman Rockwell scene with ancient phonograph records playing carols on the record player (remember those?!) and snow falling softly outside the windows.

We had a fat tabby cat named Ginger; she was a good old cat- so patient and good tempered, and unlike most of the cats I’ve ever had, she was never seen to lay a paw on the Christmas tree. There were times when we saw evidence that she had been tempted by the glitter and beauty of our tree and had surreptitiously helped herself to it when no one was around to witness the act; she would be sporting an extra tail on her backside…. a silver, glimmering strand hanging from her behind, declaring for all to see her moment of weakness when the tinsel had dangled so prettily in front of her, daring her to gobble a stand or two. For this reason, I don’t use tinsel on my Christmas trees. My cats have always been infamous Christmas tree molesters who can’t be trusted alone with a decorated tree for even a moment. I’m afraid that if I had tried to use tinsel on my trees that they wouldn’t have been dragging a solitary strand out of their butts, but in their fervor to make the most of the short holiday season that their hind-ends would be festooned with silvery streamers like the handle-bars of a child’s bicycle.

Of course, cats weren’t the only ones who shared a guilty conscious when it came to the Christmas tree; many years ago, I had a Saint Bernard named Ralph who had come to us as a ‘rescue dog’. He was supposed to be put down, but he was placed with us in hopes that we could re-train him to be a good dog. Most Saint Bernard’s are just slobbery, lovable dogs and Ralph was no exception. He was smart, well mannered and endearing. But, he thought that Christmas trees were just for him- he’d often be found curled up under the tree, looking like a prince laying on a bejeweled bed, sparkling ornaments, twinkling lights and festive presents all around him, some of the presents looking a little worse for the wear if he happened to lie down on them. If we were given a gift that contained food, Ralph’s keen sense of smell would locate it immediately and he would tear it open, even if the tag said “Do Not Open until Christmas” and consume all the goodies. We’d find Ralph sleeping contently amongst the ruined package, wrappings and ribbons, snoring with dreams of sugar-plums dancing in his head. After our children were born, we bought an expandable ‘baby-yard’ that was usually placed on the lawn to keep tots in a confined space, but at Christmas, we used it as an anti-Ralph defense to keep our presents safe.

Some years later, I was given a cat named Colby. Colby was a Maine Coon Cat with a marmalade colored coat, and a white nose, bib and feet. He was a big boy who grew to be 32 pounds. He also believed that Christmas trees solely for his entertainment. He would wait until the household was asleep and then would turn into Ninja Kitty, silently slipping ornaments off the branches and rolling them under chairs or the sofa for safe-keeping, like a squirrel hiding his acorns. When the bottom three feet of the tree was naked, he would start on the strings of lights and pull them off until they were strung out across the living room as though he were setting up a trip-wire to foil burglars. After a few years the novelty wore off and we almost forgot about his nocturnal holiday activities until one night we were awakened to a loud crash! I stumbled still half asleep into the living room and turned on a light. There was our beautiful tree, lying on its side. I was somewhat perplexed, because we’d taken care to tie the tree up to the ceiling so it couldn’t be knocked down, we’d decorated it so that the most attractive (to cats) bird decorations were at the top and well out of reach of the kitties and there was no furniture near enough for them to use to climb up and reach those realistic looking bird ornaments. But, after I stood the tree back up, it was like a being at a crime scene investigation and all became clear to me. There, under the tree, was a branch that had been ripped out of the trunk and still wired to that branch were the little feet of a dove ornament, now hanging upside down like a coal miner’s canary. Colby had made a daring leap from the side board, latched on to the poor dove and his ample weight had torn the branch right out of the tree. Luckily, that episode seemed to cure him of his tree-fetish. We were about to start looking for a 12-Step program for him.

Now we have Triton, another rescue pet. Triton was a itty-bitty kitty when we got him as a stray- a mere 2.8 ounces of dirty fluff who had somehow survived a 25 mile jaunt down the highway clinging to the underside of a friend’s truck. The friend had no idea where this tiny kitten had come from, but he was starving and thirsty, so we gave him food and bought some kitten milk at the store and since no one ever claimed him, we kept him. He’s just two years old now, so he’s only has a few Christmas’s under his belt, but he’s already into the spirit of things.

During his first Christmas, he was amazingly well behaved when we put the tree up. He sat under the tree and looked up at it, but his fluffy little mitts didn’t touch anything. I was very pleased and told him what a good kitty he was. Later, when we went to bed I wasn’t getting much sleep- not because of the kitten, but because hubby was snoring- something he doesn’t often do, but he was snoring to beat the band that night and he kept rolling over on me. So, I’d just get to sleep and he’d SNRKZZZZZZ right in my ear. I’d roll hubby over and try to get back to my own zzz’s when he’d roll over again, this time leaning on me heavily and I’d roll him over again. This happened repeatedly. Around 11 pm I heard jingle, jingle, jingle! Many years of owning cats has taught me to keep bells around the bottom branches of the tree so they’d alert us to any kitty mischief. You know WHO was at it! I wearily arose, dragged myself out to the tree and took our sweet little kitty away from the Christmas tree saying: “No, no- don’t play with the tree!” I put him to bed with us and he started to give himself a bath, so I tried once again to get some sleep, but hubby was still snoring and rolling around, so I wasn’t having much luck. I was just beginning to doze when jingle, jingle, jingle reached my ears again. Triton was carried back to bed with us once more, with a stern: “No, no!”

It was a looong night! Snrkzzzzz, rollover hubby, jingle, jingle, jingle, go get kitty, snrkzzzzz, rollover hubby, jingle, jingle, jingle, go get kitty…. At one point when I went to find him, I couldn’t see him anywhere around the tree so I went back to bed, but the continued jingling proved that he was still up to no good, so this time I poked around the lower part of the tree and there he was, in by the trunk, playing ‘Tiger in the Jungle’. A jungle with lots of neat little kitty toys hanging everywhere! Finally, at 4am, I shut the kitten in the bedroom with us, put ear plugs in my ears and managed to get a few hours sleep before the alarm went off. If Triton needed to use the cat box he’d just have to hold it for a little while!

This is the main reason we do not put up a Christmas tree until Christmas is just a few weeks away! Now that we live in a motor home, our tree is just a tiny 2 footer and Triton is now bigger and heavier than the tree, so we have to place it in the bathroom for its protection anytime we are not able to guard it against the ravishings of a playful kitty!

Our pets may try our patience once in a while, but I can’t imagine an existence without them. They just want to enjoy Christmas in their own way!

And so, my WUBA friends, I dedicate this blog to all of you…. I’m so grateful to have met you; you have so enriched my life! {{{HUGS}}} and Happy Holidays! :-D

~ Beth & Lorne and Sammy and Triton

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What REALLY happened at the WUBA Pancake Breakfast! See post 109

By: PeaceRiverBP, 11:18 PM GMT on December 02, 2007


Please take a moment to honor our Veterans and remember Pearl Harbor.... and don't forget to hug a Vet!

What a fun day! Thanks so much to everyone who attended and helped to make it a success! It was SO GREAT to meet my fellow WUBAn's! We gabbed, ate and ate and ate- the day just flew by! The Toys for Tots drive brought in quite a few toys that should brighten the Christmas's for some lucky kids!

Can't wait to do this again!

There's a BUG in our bed! This is Bug's assembled cut-out.

Pancakes on the go!

OGal & Blu

Group shots

Bug doing a lively dance as Gamma takes her photo!

Toys for Tots

Finn & Damon

Bug having some refreshment

The WUBA cutout gallery

Most of the group

I really love this picture of Damon & Sammy

Egrets wading in the river

Wanda on the suspension bridge

Mama Gator with two of her babies

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