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By: PeaceRiverBP, 8:33 PM GMT on February 11, 2007

Hello Folks!

Hubby, Sammy the puppy, Triton the kitty and I have just returned from a long weekend at Brownsville Park, which is a 75 acre park just north of Arcadia, Florida, and only 17 miles from our house. We wanted to go somewhere pleasant, but close by for our trial outing and Brownsville was the perfect place. It is small- only a few dozen sites, but it is located on the Peace River and it has several beautiful nature trails.

Neither the puppy nor the cat were too happy on the onset. They cowered in the stateroom (our bedroom in the RV) with Triton hiding in his kitty litter box, which is tucked into the vanity under the sink, and Sammy was just about sitting on my lap as I sat on the floor, trying to comfort the cat. It wasn't a very comfortable ride but it did give me a chance to check things out from a different perspective; I had expected there to be a lot more noise from things banging around in the cupboards, but it was amazingly quiet. I also noticed that I had left a roll of tape sitting in a valance over one of the windows and waited for it to fall off as we rounded a corner or something, but it hung on and was still there when we parked.

Hubby picked out a spot at the park and I poked my head up from my seat with the cat & dog on the floor and noted that we were right next to the restrooms and pump out area.

"Are you sure you want to be right next to the bathrooms?" I asked. We have our own plumbing on the RV, so we have no need of being near the facilities and I was foreseeing lots of people to-ing and fro-ing through our campsite.

Hubby didn't seem to mind the idea and began to set up. All the sudden, we heard loud voices echoing out of the open concrete building, followed by an equally loud, echoing FLUSHHHHHHHHHH! Hubby immediately started packing up and we moved as far away from the bathrooms as possible.

We finally made ourselves at home and then watched as the park filled up with other folks who had decided to get a head start on the weekend. Luckily, this is a very small park, so it was almost always quiet and it never seemed crowded.

Sammy, who turns 5 months old on the 13th, and Triton the kitty settled in quickly. We want to take them camping frequently so they get used to life on the road as we anticipate going north for two weeks this coming fall when we leave Florida to attend the wedding of one of my daughters. Both Sammy & Triton coped with their new surroundings just fine, so I don't think they'll mind a longer journey. I only hope that hubby & I can cope with living in New England's chilly temps for two weeks!

Triton is an indoor cat, so we kept him in the motorhome, but we took Sammy on two or three walks a day around the park and on the nature trails. He just loved walking through the woods - a first for him- and all the new smells out there! I took photos, but they don't do justice to the area. Most were taken in early morning light and I think it was too strong.

Hubby and I are disappointed the weekend passed by so fast. The weather was perfect! We enjoyed being outdoors most of the time and learning how things work in this RV. I learned that the oven is hotter than the dial reads, but that was the only problem I had all weekend- slightly well-done apple cinnamon muffins. You can probably guess that we ate very well! Although we grilled most of our meals, I was able to cook, bake and nuke just like at home. My parents drove up to join us for a Saturday cookout, complete with blueberry pie for dessert!

We had so much fun that we are considering selling our house and making this a full-time lifestyle. Hubby would have to work at least part-time, but it would be wonderful to be free to spend at least a few months a year on the road, seeing the sights and visiting family and friends.

Wouldn't that be the life? :-D

Our campsite

Triton the kitty looks around

The river's edge

Most of Florida is very sandy, but this little creek runs over limestone

Hubby and Sammy approach the end of the trail

Sammy enjoys the ride home!


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