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By: PeaceRiverBP, 7:16 PM GMT on January 10, 2007

Hello Folks!

Ive been meaning to start up a new blog since the beginning of the New Year and Im finally sitting down to do it.

Of course, Ill continue with my SAMMY UPDATES as he grows up- hell be four months old on Saturday the 13th. Hes still just a big baby; I have to continually remind myself that he is only a matter of months old and not too expect him to act as mature as his size would normally indicate in most other breeds of dogs.

The newest chapter in our lives revolves around looking for a RV to buy. One of my daughters is getting married next Fall, 2000 miles away. Weve been wracking our brains for a way to attend without leaving our animals alone or boarding them, as both the kitty and puppy are too attached to their humans to be left behind. We thought wed look into renting an RV so all the critters could come with us, but the cost was prohibitive- to put it mildly. Then we decided that wed start looking into buying a used RV. My husband & I have always talked about how nice it would be to travel after we retired so this has been in the back of our minds for a while.

And, to stir the pot, the cost of living in Florida has gone sky high in the last couple of years, so it would add some comfort to know that we would always have some place to hang our hats. The way things are going, when we retire in 10 or so years, we may just sell the house and live in it permanently. (If the price of owning a home continues to rise we may sell out even sooner.)

Before I was married, I spent a year living in an RV. Actually, it was a 1952 Ford school bus that was converted into an RV and it had all the comforts of home, including bath and full kitchen. I even kept a 30 gallon fish tank in it. It was this bus that led me to my first husband, who rented the bus to me at $20.00 a week. (This was many, many moons ago.) He had bought the bus while he was on vacation in the Pacific Northwest, back in the early seventies. It was at about this time that there were the first Big Foot sightings out there and the joke around town was that they had spotted my ex-hubby out in the woods, since he was a large man who was covered with a were-wolf like coating of black hair. (Hee-hee! When wed been married about a year, I moved our bed so I could vacuum underneath it and there was a perfect rectangle of black hair on the carpet where the bed had been! I gasped; My God, he must be molting! But then I noticed a small tear in the underside of our horse hair mattress! Who knew that a horses hair looked just like his?) Anyway, after he brought it home and parked it on an empty lot behind his house, he decided to rent it out and I became his tenant.

I was only 18 and wasnt the least bit perturbed at the idea of living in an old school bus. There were a few times when I was startled to open the curtains and see a chicken staring in the window at me, but other than that, it was very quiet and peaceful out there. My landlord and I came to be friends and eventually, sometime after the bus had gone to that great junkyard in the sky, we were married and had two daughters. Even though the marriage didnt ultimately work out, I still have fond memories of living in that old bus.

Now, history may be repeating itself, if we end up living in a RV again. We are looking at a 34 footer that we hope to buy this weekend- if all goes well. Its considerably more modern than the old bus- and roomier, too, what with a queen sized bed (thats bigger than the one we sleep in now!) and a large bath room that includes a shower- to quote the owner; Its big enough for me and two fat women! and a nice galley kitchen. In fact, its so nice that I refuse to believe that well actually own it until its sitting in our driveway.

In the mean time, I thought Id ask all you folks out there in WUBA-land about your RV travels- where have you gone? What places did you enjoy the most? Are there horrible places that youd never go again? Any advice about modern RV living?

As always, thanks for stopping by my blog youre all terrific!

Updated: 5:05 PM GMT on January 28, 2007


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