Where Am I

By: OtherBug, 4:16 PM GMT on April 21, 2014

I've traveled near and far but I wonder where I am now? Does anyone know where I am?

Traveling with RedagainPatti Part 2 - the sailing

By: OtherBug, 4:03 AM GMT on January 19, 2013

So I have so many photos to post that I am making a blog just about the sailing part of my time with redagainPatti.
Part 1 of the traveling bog is found at - Part 1, to the Redwoods

As I shared before, this was almost a last minute thing pulled together by the family. The boat named Navigator of the Seas and left from the port of New Orleans. The ports we all went to was first Falmouth, Jamaica, then George Town, Grand Cayman and last port was at Coz...

Traveling with RedagainPatti Part 1

By: OtherBug, 1:21 AM GMT on January 18, 2013

Wow... been so long since I did a blog.. I just about forgot how to write! I am safe but about to head out again. This time I will travel down to the deep south into Florida. I have been there before and it was very nice.

Much better than what redagainPatti is dealing with right now... she had a ton of snow and would not let me outside as she said it was just too wet and bad. She posted a few photos up on her FB page of her Darling Cindy - (that's her re...

Updated: 9:24 PM GMT on January 18, 2013

Safe and Inland away from hurricane Isaac

By: OtherBug, 8:09 PM GMT on August 28, 2012

I want to just drop a fast and short note to let all of my family and friends know that I am safe and far inland from the storm. I was given right into the hands of my new host at the side door by the sweet mail person. Inside with the powerful AC, I have found a sweet seat with high wingback to rest with my feet up on the large foot stool. There is a large piano on the other side of the room and redagain says I may play this evening on it.. right now she is busy pa...

Leaving LakeWorthFinn's for a road trip with redagainPatti

By: OtherBug, 2:51 PM GMT on July 16, 2012

Hi WUBAs! I arrived at Finn's house on Saturday, safe and sound and had a great trip from Cayman Brac to SEFL! I didn't mind sleeping for a few days after all the jungle chopping and caving with crab & bride :) The best of it was seeing the famous CAVES! Man, them guys sure are prepared for hurricanes. I ate and drank so much at Crab's that I gained a few pounds, hope to loose them here in Lake Worth.Crab gently tucked me in a comfortable box for the journey and wro...

Updated: 7:33 PM GMT on August 20, 2012

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