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Traveling with RedagainPatti Part 2 - the sailing

By: OtherBug, 4:03 AM GMT on January 19, 2013

So I have so many photos to post that I am making a blog just about the sailing part of my time with redagainPatti.
Part 1 of the traveling bog is found at - Part 1, to the Redwoods

As I shared before, this was almost a last minute thing pulled together by the family. The boat named Navigator of the Seas and left from the port of New Orleans. The ports we all went to was first Falmouth, Jamaica, then George Town, Grand Cayman and last port was at Cozumel, Mexico.

Because redagain and her family live rather close to New Orleans, they were able to get a last minute deal when the ship had not sold out. Then one of her daughters were watching and a room with a deck came open.... quickly that room was booked for redagainPatti with her mom, Lowgirlscout, and me!

The room however was still small but a corner was found for me to hang out in.
And many times I rested on one of the two beds in the room. Here I am below, waiting for my first port of call - Falmouth, Jamaica. I soon moved to the deck to check out the town. Our ship is a rather high and tall so we had a great view of all the places we put into along our trip

Resting While Waiting... The Picture which I liked the Best.

Here I was out on the deck. Looks like we were in a high rise apartment right?

Checking out the area around the dock Jeanie with OtherBug outside our ship, Navigator of the Seas

Here I am off the ship and in the town with Jeanie, one of redagainPatti's daughters. Look in the background. THERE's our ship!!!
This port was Falmouth, Jamaica and here redagainPatti ate her first meal from goat meat. She said it was great!! And that it was a little like lamb meat.
We do have more photos on her Flickr account so Just click here to see some more.
But look at the hat this guy is wearing. A lot of the folks down there seem to like them while redagainPatti said back in Mississippi, they only wear such hats if it is very cold outside.

Another means to travel by...

We were a little slow getting off the boat at the next port, George Town, Grand Cayman. The dock there is in waters are too shallow for the bigger boats so you have to first get off the big ship onto a small boat to ferry you into the land. RedagainPatti also had some blood sugar problems the night before so she waited to make sure she was ok to leave the ship. What we ended up doing was two wonderful spots very close to to the port. The first one was a very little fort built around 1790. It is called Fort George.

Our First Stop in Grand Cayman Another View of Fort George

However, would you believe the last battle the little fort saw was in 1972? It got demolished following a battle between a developer and the Planning Authority! Here I am on what is left of one of the walls of the little fort. A really cool place and something that was important in the history of things on the island and is right there at the port and the city that is growing up around it.

The wall of Fort George or rather, what is left of it. By George! It is Fort George!

On the way down the street to the next place to check out, we passed some street carts with some really cool stuff to buy.
Check out the artwork on those coke bottles below....

Art Work Everywhere!

And there was more special art work waiting for us at the Heroes Square Wall of Honor. And the photos we are sharing below is just one of the corners of this special place. Oh, Look carefully, you might see redagainPatti in a reflection as she was bending over to take the photo.

Grand Cayman Heroes One of the many markers in this area

Read and Remember Things to keep in mind

RedagainPatti and I think this is a very cool landmark and much worth the time to walk over to see it. We must go back again to this little place. We did not do all that we wanted to do.. one was to visit with a special person who is a friend of some in here.. Maybe next time darling Laurie!

At the next port, Cozumel, Mexico we went only to one place to pick up a geocache and there we met some cool folks. They told us they live about half the year down there. I guess they get away from the cold and snow of the north. Also we have a photos taken of the sunset on the last evening on the ship.
OtherBug at a Geocaching site Untitled

And so with the last photo of New Orleans with the sun rising over one of their bridges ... I end this blog but my travels are NOT over with.. I am heading off to a warm breakfast and then heading back north to see maybe see another landmark called "The White House"

The sun rose on our last day on the trip


Traveling with RedagainPatti Part 1

By: OtherBug, 1:21 AM GMT on January 18, 2013

Wow... been so long since I did a blog.. I just about forgot how to write! I am safe but about to head out again. This time I will travel down to the deep south into Florida. I have been there before and it was very nice.

Much better than what redagainPatti is dealing with right now... she had a ton of snow and would not let me outside as she said it was just too wet and bad. She posted a few photos up on her FB page of her Darling Cindy - (that's her red car) parked down the street at a BBQ place.

Well I missed out on the little trip she took today but I got to go out west in a large RV with her and off on a ship called Navigator of the Seas. So I had two trips gallivanting about without the Darling Cindy who stayed home during that time.

The first trip was with redagainPatti and her mom across the USA, mainly along Intestate 80. redagain was learning how to drive the RV when she was not behind the wheel, checked the maps for where they would get gas and stop for the night. I found out that you just don't pull that big Rig off just at any gas station as you might not be able to get up to the gas pumps or have a place where you can turn back around to get on the road. The trip was kind of fun till they drove into the state of Wyoming. That is where the first break down happen (The RV broke down two times within one month)..

RedagainPatti wrote about that in her blog and posted photos. It cost us all some days off the road but only 100.oo to fix as it was a bad engine part that cause the RV to heat up. However due to the time off the road, she and I were not able to make the plan trip to the WU West Coast meet.
here is a Link to her blog on that
And here is a link to a photo of me in the trucker's lounge. We found chairs big enough to sleep well in or two people could sit side by side in.
BIG Chair!!

We got back on the road after they rebuilt the pulley system of the engine
Link to the photos of the pulley system.
RedagainPatti talked about the history of the land we were driving over. Where there were volcanos and the special history of what folks did when they travel by foot out west... well sometimes they rode a horse or a wagon but a lot of travel was done by foot. One place along the trip was called Donner Pass. Seems it has a bad history of being hard to drive over even today. And one should never try it during winter when it might snow. We saw many places where they place gates across the road and shut down the Interstate when the weather is bad. Where redagainPatti is from, shutting down only happens if a tree has fallen over the road... well sometimes folks drive bad and have problems but for the most part, the roads are open for travel.

The weather was good and we made it to the coast and the Redwood Trees in the northern part of CA. RedagainPatti has almost all of the photos up on a slideshow on Flickr and here is a link to that - Link to the redwood trip Look on the top, right hand side for a little screen to click on to watch the slide show.

It is dinner time and I will be back to edit more on this blog but for right now.. here's a part of my story....
Next part of the blog.. or maybe I will just make a new one?... will be about this big ship I went on with redagain and four members of her family....Later!!! and with more photos!! I hope!!

...... update....... on Jan. 18, 2013

Together, redagainPatti and I found few photos taken just outside the Redwoods area, along a river where we camped in the RV. The name of the river was the Klamath. Most days were foggy but for the one day which we have below.

The trip back from the West Coast went pretty well till a jack on the RV broke. We were just inside the state of Texas. Within the comments of the blog, which redagainpatti did during that time, is the story of what happen, just look in comments On the bright side, there are a lot of very good people in Amarillo, TX and some cool places to eat ... Those folks know how to cook a very big steak btw.. Come hungry to the town and you will leave very full. And should a full tummy make one happy, then anything can be faced and deal with... One never knows what life will bring or what kind of weather will roll over your heads. However there are good folks all around and a lot live on WU.

It turned out that we needed the help from Barefootontherocks. She texted to redagainPatti about updates on the weather that was moving in behind the RV. Now this is what's called a very High Profile Vehicle and an eye must be kept on the weather as you really don't want to be driving in high winds. Once we had to pull off the road but were able to find a good place to park. Many thanks to her for keeping a watch for us during this time.

After running before the rain storms from Texas to Mississippi, we reached home to find that one of redagainpatti's daughters had somebody run into the side of a very small car the child was driving in.. It all turned out ok and the young gal was safe but knowing how the car was beloved and very small... redagainPatti worried over her till she was able to place her arms around her Jeanie. Somehow talk turned that we all needed a special trip somewhere with NOBODY doing the driving... and the idea came about to check the cost of doing a cruise. Five members of the family were able to work out the cost plus the time.

Wow.... My first ride in a RV where I can really see the lay of the land and now off to sail on a big ship to three different counties. The counties we went to were Mexico, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica. RedagainPatti carried me in a large bag about each port and we have a new file of photos taken during this time.

I will save this story for it's own blog on sailing on the big ship! Meanwhile photos can be found at this Link to the Flickr photos
And keep in mind to look on the top, right hand side for a little screen to click on to watch the slide show.

See you in the next blog! ... hugs to all..

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