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By: OrangeRoses , 5:25 AM GMT on January 29, 2012

So nice with my Sisters
The Angels of Avalon breathed lιfe into the sad world
Ι return again for a short while...may the chιll remind you... again
Be careful, what may happen
Have one ιota of respect for thιs...all around

I shall go now. Pay Attention!

48° Now at 11:25 AM Sunday with clear skies and very light winds coming from the South. The winds earlier, from 9 AM yesterday to 9 AM today, were from the North-to-NorthEast for at least 24 hours. This is significant as it explains the very rapid warmup that began at 8 o'clock— the overnight low being 26° — and continues. No windchill factor at all since Sunset last night.

At the airport, just north of the mesonet site, the temp was 52° at 11:35 AM with winds below 5 mph.

Monday Jan. 30, 2012

The avg. windchill was below freezing from 4-8 AM; temps remained above 32° as well but flirted just a tenth of a degree above at 7 AM. It will be warming up days and nights for a few days. The Wednesday High may be 70°... it is not prophesied.

National Weather Service Shreveport
819 PM CST Tuesday Jan 31 2012

areas of rain showers and embedded thunder continues to build NE across
north central la this evening...along an 850mb Theta-E axis that
continues to propagate just ahead of a middle level shortwave
traversing east through the region. In its wake...the sky is
beginning to clear from the west...along a dry slot which the short
term models spread east-northeast into SW Arkansas/NE Texas/northwest la. This has allowed
patchy dense fog to develop across deep East Texas and northwest la...over areas
that have received rainfall this evening.

Have increased probability of precipitation to high chance/likely for the remainder of
the evening for much of north central la...tapering probability of precipitation back to low
chance as the rain showers should pull most east of the region after 06z with
the departure of the middle level shortwave. Did also remove probability of precipitation
for the remainder of the night for much of NE Texas/extreme SW
Arkansas...where the dry slotting will persist. However...low stratus
should develop/spread north across these areas later tonight. Did not
make many changes to the forecast min the 01-02z temperatures
should not fall much more overnight...especially once the low
stratus redevelops.

A weak cold front noted across NE and central OK into northwest Texas this
evening will only make very slow progress southeast overnight...before
stalling Wednesday morning. Can/T rule out isolated -shra
developing along/just ahead of the front over southeast OK...but the best
forcing along this boundary will wait until late morning/midday
ahead of another shortwave over southern nm...that will quickly
translate east across OK/Arkansas Wednesday. The extent of any severe
convection Wednesday will be dependent of the degree of forcing
and low level instability...although there is agreement in the
short term forecasts that steep lapse rates and adequate deep layer
shear may allow for a few isolated severe hailers from the I-30
corridor of NE Texas north into southeast OK/SW Arkansas.

_________________________________________________ ______________

• • • 12:06 PM CST on Wednesday February 1, 2012
Isolated showers and thunderstorms will be possible in extreme southeast Oklahoma...North East Texas...and South West Arkansas. Movement is to the North East at about 25 mph. Rainfall amounts will be light as mid day approaches...but could be moderate in stronger storms. te-vis

No showers, no storms here, but, apparently, it may have rained 10 miles north of here according to the radar at 1:30 PM, 3 hours ago, that included a hailstorm with 1.5 inch hail. At that time the wind suddenly changed from SW to NW. Now it is back to East. Ι would have heard any thunder. The quiet, totally overcast sky gradually cleared this afternoon until we had sunny skies again around 3 PM. The temperature rose 5 degrees in six hours to 67° by 3 PM.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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