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Tue 010312

By: OrangeRoses , 2:03 PM GMT on January 03, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 7:15 AM: Temp 26.6 °F Windchill 18.2 °F East 8.1 mph

The Overnight low was 2 degrees cooler from 2:30 - 5:30 AM Data Source: McCurtain County Airport

The Idabel Personal Weather Station KD5ABR
has a broken wind device, or something stopping it from a display of wind speed and gust. It was working yesterday afternoon on Monday but around sunset it suddenly has no reading for the wind and continued all night.

2 PM Update
Right after I posted the problem with KD5ABR above, it began to slowly start working. Now it appears back online, doin' just fine.
Also, my local mesonet.org site for data has just begun to display at 1:30 PM. Mesonet records wind gusts and steady winds. The speed is higher than KD5ABR during the same time periods, most likely because Mesonet is 7 miles SW of the personal weather station that has some wind sheltering from a residental neighborhood and trees, whereas the former is out in open land with little barriers. I wonder if either of the local weather data suppliers ever read this blog.

Wed. Jan. 4, 2012 Update

Morning temperature fell at or below freezing at 3:15 AM and remained so as of this posting at 7:51 AM.
The Windchill was at or below freezing all night— from 11:30 PM Jan. 3 until now also. The low point W.C. of 24° came at 5:15 AM with a corresponding T. of 30° and wind speed/direction 6 mph Northeast. There is no rapid warmup from the cool sunshine this morning so far.

Thur. Jan 5, 2012 Update

7:35 AM Overnight Low 26° Windchill 22° Wind West 4 mph Source: Mesonet

24 hours ago yesterday, only five minutes later, than now, the temperature graph slope shows increasing temp and windchill. However, today the graph slope is decreasing for these two values.

Highs forecast today to be 64° by both the NWS and WU Best Forecast. Friday's High of 70° (WU) & 66°(NWS) predicted.
Tonight (Thursday) the Low 36° and 41° ( NWS & WU).

Thursday 8:10 AM Temp 29° ∞ Same time Today Jan.6, 2012 39° with "Scattered Clouds 1300 ft, Mostly Cloudy 3200 ft, Mostly Cloudy 3900 ft" ∞ The 7:31 AM GOES 13 Satellite showed low clouds over the Red River in SE OK ∞ Today's Highs predicted to be, depending on who you believe, 72° (WU Best Forecast) or 67° NWS ∞ With the 10 degree warmer temps, yet with Easterly light winds, it should be closer to the higher one
∞ My guess will be 70°( don't worry, I won't change this temperature) >

The high temp was 68° at 2:55 PM. It was overcast from 10 to 1 during the peak heating time with a southerly wind.

Patchy Fog Forecasted on Saturday Morning

8:35 AM It is Saturday Morning and no fog at all. Scattered Clouds at 2200 ft and 100% Humidity.

NWS Hazardous Weather report at 6:39 AM reads:


∞ Messages from Princess Glaciera ∞

And so I return once again to watch
I am pleased to see you chill
You have learned. I will go.

But I will return...

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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1. YelloworangeRose
2:02 AM GMT on January 07, 2012
it is cloudy here and sometimes scattered rains. It is 10 am here and yet looks like its 6 am. Orangerose thanks for sharing your weather. see you around.
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