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By: OrangeRoses, 2:08 AM GMT on June 29, 2011

Realtime 30-Day Gauge Height Glover River
This is the only river monitored in McCurtain County
Source Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Our drought status is now ( July 18 ) "moderate" - D1. Ten days ago it was D0. This shows the short term effects of 100+ Daily Heat Index temperatures and no rain.

The continuously updated graph above displays a 4.4 inch drop in water level (13%) in the last 30 days.

The long, hot, drought spell paused June 28, 2011 at 5:15 PM. Two inches of rain dropped out of the Tornado Warning Sky in 30 minutes. Yes, a quick mini flash flood locally in spots. Temperature dropped 24 degrees in one hour from 4-5 PM.

Local storm reports:

06/28/2011 515 PM
2 miles N of Idabel, McCurtain County.
Thunderstorm wind gust (est)65.00 mph, reported by storm chaser.

06/28/2011 0515 PM

2 miles N of Idabel, McCurtain County.
Funnel cloud, reported by storm chaser. Lowering of the cloud base resulting in multiple funnel clouds reported by storm spotter just north of Idabel along Hwy. 259.

0529 PM
Idabel, McCurtain County.
Hail (est)1.75 inch, reported by law enforcement

5:40 PM
5 miles SW of Idabel, McCurtain County.

Thunderstorm wind gust 66 mph, reported by mesonet.
Measured at the Idabel Oklahoma mesonet station

I was watching the Wundermap showing a tornado moving due south from Broken Bow 8 miles North of me when very short, frequent electrical outages kept restarting my computer. Then the rain began with some hail moving horizontally pounding the outer walls. Very loud thunder, very close low lightning for 30 minutes and I'm still alive.


Updated: 7:03 PM GMT on July 18, 2011


Th 060211

By: OrangeRoses, 11:53 PM GMT on June 02, 2011


At 1:05 PM CDT Monday, June 27th the heat index reached 100° and two hours later at 3:15 PM
H.I. 105° with the temp 98°

From the National Weather Service

Special Statement at 11:12 AM CDT on June 27, 2011

Hot temperatures will result in high heat index values this afternoon!
Maximum temperature readings are expected to rise into the upper 90s to near 100 degrees this afternoon. When you combine these readings with the expected humidity values the forecast heat index
values provide readings of 103 to 106 degrees this afternoon at various sites across the four state region. [ Including SE Oklahoma ]

Remember the the heat index is measured under shady conditions and direct exposure to sunlight can increase the heat index as much as 15 degrees. A heat index of 105 degrees is considered the level where many people begin to experience extreme discomfort or
physical stress.

Effects can be minimized by reducing outdoor activities, drinking plenty of water or non-alcoholic beverages, and wearing light-colored clothing. If possible, spend more time in air conditioned
facilities this afternoon.

On June 25th, Saturday afternoon at 4 PM the Heat Index reached 104°F with the accompanying Temperature 94°F.
It's very dry, the ground is hard and the grass stunted but still green where there is shade during the hottest 4 hours of the afternoon.
A slight amount of rain (0.16 inches) fell June 21. We won't get any rain unless a Pacific or Gulf of Mexico hurricane veers inland toward us as a tropical storm. Pray for rain and pray no more fools leave barbecue coals unattended that cause fires very easily in this extremely fire-prone area now.

The K4O4 McCurtain County Airport has been offline for over two weeks, so the temperature and humidity right now Wednesday June 22 at 9 AM is: 75° F | 84%

Saturday the 18th is the hottest this year. All time records may be broken. Between 4:30 and 5:30 PM the temperature peaked at 100°F and Heat Index 105°F.

Even hotter now than a few days ago. Friday the 17th.
1:15PM Heat Index 103° with a 95° Temp.

Today Monday the 13th the Heat Index reached 100°. This occurred at 4:15PM and the temperature was 98°

Earlier... first week in June
June seems like late July / August. At 5 PM the temp was 93° but the Heat Index was 99.5° ! This was the daytime high for today and most likely for the remainder of this week and the next 7 days.

3 days later on Sunday, June 5th it gets hotter! Heat Index 105° F. | 40.6° C. with a 95° F. temp which is still rising.

But then, an hour later just past 3PM was a Weather Advisory about a severe thunderstorm in the area which was visible on the Wundermap. The temperature fell 12° in an hour to 83° and reached overnight low of 62° at 6 AM. No rain at all here, btw. Today may be a repeat of yesterday with these "pop up out of nowhere" thunderstorms forecasted at 30%.

4PM June 9 Heat Index 97° Temp 94° Rel Humidity 44%

Useful Calculators for Heat Index and Relative Humidity

<opens in new window or tab allow popups or press Ctrl Key and click>
Heat Index

Relative Humidity

Updated: 9:33 PM GMT on June 27, 2011


The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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