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Mon 032811

By: OrangeRoses, 12:42 PM GMT on March 28, 2011

It rained last night 0.02 inches which makes a total of 0.33 inches for the month of March.

We have been in drought conditions since last year's summer of hell with a month or more straight of 100+ daily high temps and a little rain that was absorbed by the ground like a sponge or never sunk in deep enough if the the hard topsoil crust made it runoff.

Sat 031911

By: OrangeRoses, 1:46 PM GMT on March 19, 2011

Spring begins Sunday, March 20 at 6:21 pm CDT as the days grow longer until Summer begins in June.

Don't forget to look toward the East tonight after 7:50 PM to see the Super Moon rising. Will update this later in case it becomes cloudy.

8:06PM Saturday March 19, 2011

There are scattered clouds covering half the sky right now. Visual inspection outside showed some cloud movement to the NE. Wundermap shows some small clouds with clearing to the SW. GOES 13 ZOOMED in 150% shows small paintbrush tip dots of white in this area near the Red River. So... be patient if you want to see the Moon. Any treeline or Eastern horizon obstruction will block the moon's ascent anyway for about 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes more. Will try to get a photo and post it in an hour or so if the sky permits.

Universal Time (Z or UTC)

Mon 031411

By: OrangeRoses, 1:48 PM GMT on March 14, 2011

2:00 - 2:30 AM wind direction changed from East to Northwest in 30 minutes - indicating the approach of a cold front.

2:30 AM Temp 67° F thunderstorms and rain
3:00 AM 0.20 inches rain total
8:30 AM Temp 47° F. Temperature appears to be declining slowly right now.

the March 14th surface map time 900Z is 4 AM CDT shows the cold front(blue triangles) directly over my area (SE OK) moving southeast and will update as the March 15th front is 200 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico.


Sat 030511

By: OrangeRoses, 4:50 PM GMT on March 05, 2011

0.04 (hundredths) of an inch of rain fell between 2- 2:30 AM this morning »» Not much to measure and definitely startling to have such a tiny amount of precipitation with thunderstorms in the forecast.

So, today is cold in the 40's and completely overcast as the cold front leaves much colder air in its wake. The SW - NE frontline now is over at the Gulf of Mexico near Texas and from there extends north on half of the TX LA border and finally changes to NE as it disappears to parts elswhere.

The 9 AM CST NOAA map below will change later and will not be the same as it is now.


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