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M 053110

By: OrangeRoses, 1:32 PM GMT on May 31, 2010

Thunderstorms Approaching. Track them on the link below.

SE Oklahoma Wundermap

WunderMap dimensions 167 mi | 268.75 km wide & 233 mi | 375 km high

Comments 5:03PM CDT May 31

Many thunderstorms were moving SE in my direction but not one arrived. It was just cool & cloudy this morning and around Noon the sun came out and heated up again.

M 052410

By: OrangeRoses, 8:21 PM GMT on May 24, 2010

It has been hot and humid lately »»airconditioning weather.

At 3:30 PM the Heat Index reached 95°

This Personal Weather Station is one of two realtime updating data sources in the entire county.


F 052110

By: OrangeRoses, 5:23 PM GMT on May 21, 2010

After the thunderstorms in my area and the tornadoes in Central » North Oklahoma this week, now it is time once again for the ground to dry out. The 7-Day forecast shows the temps climbing into the 90's ± 2-3° and no rain. The 3 local PWS are not online for some reason.

W 051910

By: OrangeRoses, 7:53 PM GMT on May 19, 2010

We may have some severe thunderstorms beginning this afternoon at 4PM and later continuing tonight(60% chance). The updating Suface Map below is here because the Tulsa and Shreveport NWS Offices time this red colored Warm Front's movement north into the Oklahoma Red River area with the breakout of thunderstorms.

Much of Oklahoma — 44 Counties — is under a Tornado Watch until 10PM tonight, but not my county.

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Next Day Update May 20, 2010

The severe thunderstorms started around 6 AM Thursday morning; by 7:30 AM 0.8 inches of rain fell. No rain fell all night, no thunder either. Right now ( 8:54 AM ) some more storms are on the radar moving NE & ENE into and around my area, which means the Severe Thunderstorm Watch could be extended past 9 AM when it is due to expire. They should have issued a Warning, not a Watch because the MesoCyclone Complexes were observed over 3 hours ago in Central Oklahoma moving SE.

The thunderstorms returned at 9:30 AM. Within 15 minutes another 0.4 inches of rain fell, making the total for today 1.2 inches. (

M 051710

By: OrangeRoses, 9:42 PM GMT on May 17, 2010

Mon. Afternoon Discussion from NWS Shreveport 308 PM

Upcoming forecast can be characterized by two distinct weather
patterns within the next 7 days. Early in the period...a lingering
frontal boundary...combined with sufficient low-level moisture...
will allow for periods of afternoon showers and thunderstorms
through Friday. The strongest convection is expected to occur
late Thursday night along and north of Interstate 20. Later in
the period...upper-level ridging becomes established across the
northern Gulf Coast on Saturday...providing dry conditions through
the remainder of the forecast period. Additionally...afternoon
high temperatures are forecast to surge into the low to middle 90s
this weekend into early next week.

De Queen is 23 miles | 37 Kilometers straightline distance away

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Weather Underground Icon Key ( Explanation )

The Aviation (AVN) Model Output Statistics (MOS) is a forecast product produced by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction. This forecast product gives detailed weather information in three hour increments spanning the 48 hours after the Aviation Model (A Numerical Weather Prediction Computer Program) is run. The forecast weather information includes temperature, dew point, wind speed and direction, cloud cover and obstructions to visibility, probability of precipitation, precipitation form (rain, sleet, freezing rain, or snow), and probability of severe thunderstorms.

The forecast weather information is derived from equations which relate the forecast output of the AVN to what actually is observed at the forecast location. In other words, a forecast is first taken from the AVN weather model. Based on how accurately this weather model has predicted weather in the past, NCEP has developed equations to skew the model's forecast output to make it more accurate for the location for which a forecast is being produced. The final "skewed" product is the AVN MOS product presented on this web site.

Sun 051610

By: OrangeRoses, 6:06 PM GMT on May 16, 2010

At 1:08 PM this small, slow-moving thunderstom appears it may be here within the hour.

Now it is 7 hours later. That storm passed through the area raining 1/3 in and was gone within an hour, and back to humid hot sunny again.


F 051410

By: OrangeRoses, 1:31 PM GMT on May 14, 2010

Part of this image was visible on the zipcode-assigned default radar for my area — SouthEast of Bethany, OK who happens to be slightly NW of Oklahoma City, close to the Wiley Post Airport smack dab in the geographic center of Oklahoma!

Released by National Weather Service Shreveport LA 326 AM CDT Friday May 14 2010:

»Surface analysis this morning shows the nearly stalled boundary is stretched from southeast MO through northern Arkansas an into norther central Texas. Radar imagery shows convection along this boundary as well to the west and north of the County warning forecast area. This boundary should not sink much south today. looks as if it will sink a little south by this evening and into tonight. This should allow for convection to develop across much of the County warning forecast area by this evening and into Saturday...especially over the northern half of the County warning forecast area«

Not much to be concerned about(once again) until the Thunder Booms! But then, there exits a calm before the storm (like there is right now) — 12 hours away.

Weather Snapshot Now
ς Scared Thunderstorms Report Õ

2:20 PM• A T storm right overhead appeared on the Wundermap - only lightrain
4:00PM • T Storm originating 15 miles North in the middle of Broken Bow lake vanishes in 3 minutes
4:07 PM• Rotating Thunderstorm Hail 100% Bowie County, TX ETA 40 minutes. 5:01PM here now 60% hail.

Severe T storm warning for Northwestern McCurtain Cty, mainly in the Wright City area 25 miles NW of my area expires in 45 minutes. 17 T storms filled the Wundermap using zoom 10 but only 1 close to me!

But then a brave thunderstorm started to rain at 5:30 PM and by 6:30 PM 0.9 inches of rain had fallen! Lots of lightning, thunder, high winds and large plates (1-2in.) of hail were on the lawn bouncing around. The computer is off when severe storms strike, so this is not a live report but a recompiled event the next day.

In addition, 2 Tornado Warnings were issued at 6:29 and 6:50 PM. Both were 15 to 20 miles Southeast of me. At 11PM 0.3 in rain fell in the next hour bringing the severe thunderstorms total to 1.2 in.


W 051210

By: OrangeRoses, 8:51 PM GMT on May 12, 2010

Another High Wind Advisory has been released. Maps relevant to this were posted only a few days ago Here.

At 2:00 PM the wind speed(25 mph) began to get closer to warrant the High Wind label and at 3:30 PM 31 mph. These were not sustained winds, just gusts.

The actual sustained wind speeds for the times mentioned were 10 - 15 mph less than the gusts. The NWS uses a loose interpretation of the Advisory rules which state "sustained winds of 31 mph or greater are expected to occur for at least 1 hour" when it actually is referring to the temporary gusts.

It all seems like a lot of hot air sometimes.


Tu 051110

By: OrangeRoses, 11:49 AM GMT on May 11, 2010

The peak wind gusts during this High Wind Advisory yesterday(5/10/10) were 33mph at 6:30PM and 32mph at 8:45PM. Nearly simultaneous with the gusting winds were the lowest air pressure readings of the evening: 992 and 991 mb. (

Although it was "windy", the speed and duration of the wind even at its peak were much less than advised.


M 051010

By: OrangeRoses, 1:32 PM GMT on May 10, 2010

The rainfall amount in my area amounted to 0.3 in. overnight, but let us still keep watching this Warm Front as the NWS is now involving its movement in a High Wind Advisory. A high wind advisory is issued when sustained winds of 31 mph or greater are expected to occur for at least 1 hour. This advisory can also be issued if winds of 46 mph or greater are expected for any length of time.

To display high winds this map should show a spectral continuum of Orange bands darkening into Red.


Sun 050910

By: OrangeRoses, 9:29 PM GMT on May 09, 2010

Area forecast discussion
National Weather Service Shreveport la
222 PM CDT sun may 9 2010

frontal boundary currently located across the northern Gulf Coast
prognosticated to phase north during the overnight hours...with winds
forecast to become more southerly. The front...combined with
upper-level instability in the form of weak disturbances in the
mean zonal flow...will allow for the chance of showers and
thunderstorms tonight. Most of this convective activity can be
expected north of Interstate 20.

[ I 20 is 110 miles — as the fronts fly — South of me ] See Map

Let's watch the front move North and see what happens in the form of precipitation.

This map shows the current radar, fronts positions, and areas of high and low pressure for the United States. Blue fronts are cold fronts, red fronts are warm fronts, alternating red and blue fronts are stationary fronts, and purple fronts are occluded fronts. Front positions are updated every 3 hours.


M 050310

By: OrangeRoses, 8:49 PM GMT on May 03, 2010

DeQueen is 23 miles away( straightline distance ) — this simplified 56 hour forecast includes my area also.


Sat 050110

By: OrangeRoses, 12:49 PM GMT on May 01, 2010

Today is May Day, the first of May. Honeysuckles flowered despite the two Tornado Watches yesterday. They smell so nice and I am glad we did not have a tornado.

May Pole Dance at the Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools

We did not even have much rain after 9PM Friday, even though the last Watch expired at 2 AM this morning. It rained fairly hard during two timebands: 3:30 - 5:30 PM & 6 - 9 PM. The total was just over 1 inch and the April monthly rainfall total 4 inches.

5-1-10 Update Deepwater Horizon Incident Oil Spill

"Oil continues to flow into the Gulf of Mexico at an estimated to 5000 barrels (210,000 gallons) per day from three leaks in damaged piping on the sea floor from the Deepwater Horizon incident recently declared a Spill of National Significance (SONS). NOAA is assisting the Unified Command in evaluating a new technique to apply dispersants to oil at the source - 5000’ below the surface, if successful this could keep plumes and sheens from forming." (


The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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