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W 072909

By: OrangeRoses, 9:33 PM GMT on July 29, 2009

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Rainfall From Sunday July 26th until Wednesday July 29th 4:33 PM CDT
5.38in | 136.7mm

Rainfall Updates

Airport Data
August 1st Precipitation 1.64 in / 4.17 cm
July Precipitation 6.49 in / 16.50 cm

Local PWS Data Monthly totals
August 1.76in / 4.47cm
July Precipitation 5.69in / 14.45 cm

The lower July data from the PWS is due to the instrumentation being offline for a few hours one day. What was not recorded showed as an empty space in the rainfall history graph on that day.


Sat 072509

By: OrangeRoses, 12:24 AM GMT on July 26, 2009

Special Weather Statement Statement as of 3:44 PM CDT on July 25, 2009

... A very wet and unusual weather pattern is expected to take shape across the four state region during the upcoming week...

For the last several weeks... the four state region has been under the influence of an upper level ridge of high pressure which has meant very little rainfall and hot temperatures across the region. This pattern will quickly change as an upper level trough axis builds its way southward out of the northern and Central Plains into the Southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley.

A frontal boundary will move southward into the region during the day Sunday
and the boundary is expected to stall out across northern Texas
to near the Arkansas and Louisiana border much of next week. Weak
but potent upper level disturbances will parallel this boundary
and the result will be periods of moderate to heavy rainfall
across the four state region.

At this time... the highest rainfall amounts are expected generally
along and north of the Interstate 20 corridor of northeast Texas
and northern Louisiana. This includes all of southern and southwest
Arkansas as well as southeast Oklahoma and the northern third of
northeast Texas. Where the heaviest rainfall occurs next week will
highly depend upon just where the frontal boundary stalls out.
Five day rainfall amounts beginning on Sunday could total some
three to six inches with higher amounts possible in isolated area.
Along with the increased rainfall chances through the week...
daytime high temperatures will average some 10 degrees or more
below normal for the final week of July.

I like this forecast, Nature Speaks, we can do nothing, and we do need rain(hopefully the slow & gentle kind) not the river rafting flooding that is all too common here.

Courtesy of

Today July 28th we have a flash flood watch from the 3.36 in | 8.5 cm rainfall yesterday; it's fairly warm and humid. Waiting for more rain later especially on Thursday!


M 072009

By: OrangeRoses, 9:41 PM GMT on July 20, 2009

Cooler for the past four days, especially overnight lows. We had some rain also ( 0.41 inches ). Will update when conditions change.


Sat 071109

By: OrangeRoses, 1:29 PM GMT on July 11, 2009

Heat Advisory Extended *again* until 7 PM CDT Thursday

The images below display two different data sources to see just how hot it feels in my area, and a monthly graph also. As always, refreshing this page will show the latest available data. Notice the red line on top of the 24 hour graph just below disappears at 2:00 AM and will appear again in the morning as the temperature slowly rises. The Advisory ends at 7 PM yet the temp & index start a steep decline after sunset( 8:30 ). It still feels very warm until at least midnite with the dewpoint rising.

But there is a hopeful forecast:

Area forecast discussion...corrected
National Weather Service Shreveport la
350 PM CDT Tuesday Jul 14 2009

models continue to indicate a break down in the upper level ridge should occur by Thursday or Friday allowing the a moderation of the extreme high temperatures we have been experiencing over the past week. This will provide some lift for scattered showers and thunderstorms in the northwest flow aloft for the Thursday through Saturday time frame. [7/16 - 7/18]

At the same time maximum temeratures should drop to near seasonal normals. This should be a welcome relief to the drought like condtions the four state area has experienced
since early June. So look for another hot day...Wednesday and maybe Thursday...followed by somewhat cooler temperatures for the remainder of the weekend.

Realtime Data from 60 second updates.

(updates 1-2 hours)

Airport Month of July Graph


W 070809

By: OrangeRoses, 8:39 PM GMT on July 08, 2009

Heat Index is slowly creeping higher this afternoon into the high 90's F with one PWS over 100 F (ambiguous data) that is always higher than anywhere else in this area. Relative Humidity can have localized differences, even in a small neighborhood, just like different rooms in a house have varied humidity. As temperature and humidity increase the H.I. is higher than keeping R.H. the same and T increasing, but even at lower T values should RH increase a lot it would feel hotter also.


Su 070509

By: OrangeRoses, 10:00 PM GMT on July 05, 2009

It rained 0.94 in | 2.4 cm in four intervals — between 2 AM and 4:30 PM. More on the way this evening. The ground was very dry after 2-3 weeks of temperatures soaring from 90° to 100°+ F. Some front lawns had morning sprinklers and the predawn dew disappeared over the past week. We have had bipolar rainfall starting with Flood Warnings in April through May, and then in June little or none. And now it returns again, with enough to soak the topsoil without ponding.


F 070309

By: OrangeRoses, 3:29 PM GMT on July 03, 2009

Heat Advisory 10 AM to 9PM Friday and Saturday July 4th

Click the IDAB SITE link to watch the graph update at 60 second intervals ( in a separate window or tab ). IDAB SITE Realtime Graph


Th 070209

By: OrangeRoses, 6:40 PM GMT on July 02, 2009

Earlier today I watched a formation of cirrus clouds that stretched from West to East across a pale blue sky. It looked like a Giant Swan with long extended wings. Such beauty there is in Nature when we have a moment to observe something that will never be exactly the same again. Along the northern horizon was a straightline of cumulus clouds growing & lifting upward from the heat(convection). I wondered if they would grow into cumulo-nimbus thunderstorms(which I watched develop quite rapidly before). Solar Radiation right now is 990 Watts / meter²


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