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By: OGal, 5:29 PM GMT on December 30, 2009


In 2010 I resolve....

-- To appreciate my family, friends, and colleagues for who they are, what
they mean to me and others, and to gracefully overlook some things they do
(or don't do!). None of us is perfect and accepting that reality is a good
thing for relationships to flourish.

-- To act upon wrongs that need righting, crass statements that require
correction, and offenses that demand just responses. We set a positive
example by not accepting negativity in others.

-- To be a valuable teammate and to trust others to do their best. Each of
us should know what position we play, and regularly practice our skills to
be our personal best.

-- To actively listen to the voices of children and elders. The wisdom of
innocence and experience is both free and priceless.

-- To speak truth to power, but to be both polite and persistent. There's a
fine line between persistence and pestilence. Resist aggressiveness, but
advocate with assertion, confidence and commitment to the cause.

-- To accept that I don't know everything. By finding others who know much
more, together we can create a great brain trust and blend expertise.

-- To pleasantly surprise someone every day with a genuine smile and
unexpected kindness in word and deed. Life's subtle gifts of concern are

-- To respect and celebrate the diversity of faiths, feelings, and fashions.
Differences are natural and honoring each other's beliefs creates mutual

-- To exercise artistic expression for its intrinsic value. The vitality of
the instrumental, literary, dance, visual or vocal arts fuels the soul and
expands the mind to new possibilities.

-- To invest a thoughtful minute before I speak or act. Regret is often
preventable. Reversing harm is one of life's most vexing challenges.

-- To honor those who courageously sacrifice for us at home and abroad, care
for our health, educate, protect us and perform the healing and helping arts
so that our quality of life is improved.

-- To share even if I think I don't have enough. Setting an example by
gifting to others in need is one of the best lessons for children to

-- To protect, defend and advocate for people who rely on me. Give special
attention to the needs of others who may not know how to find their own

-- To preserve natural environments for their beauty and bounty. Natural
settings are home to plantlife and species which are too often victims of
our wants, not our needs.

-- To never give up on a person or a cause, despite the challenges we face.
Perseverance is an attitude that exemplifies leadership, attracts allies,
and creates meaningful change.

This blog is about changing your lifestyle. That applies
to weight and any other type change you might like to work on in your life. This is a place to post and incourage. As I have said many times to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more. Good foods of course help with the weight losing porcess but you still have to allow the goodies once in awhile. It is a great way to reward yourself for a week of eating the good foods.

There are many weight loss programs out there but the desire to lose the weight must take place in your brain first. Ya really got to want it!!!!

The folks that have given up smoking need to be mentioned here too. Once again the true desire to suceed has to be part of the process. Ya got to want to stop! You are giving you and your family a wonderful gift.

As many of us are getting older weight bearing excercises should be part of our daily exercise routine. We will talk about the best way to accomplish this.

By Rose Huscher

A) Warm-up with low intensity activity and active full
range of motion stretches.
B) Cardiovascular work can be brisk walking, jogging, land
or water aerobics, swimming or cycling for at least
thirty continuous minutes
C) Cool down to safely lower your heart rate by gradually
slow your pace.
D) Toning and weight training will increase muscle
strength and bone density.
E) Stretching and flexibility moves are essential to
reduce risk of injury, improve range of motion and
relax contracted muscles. Don't skip this important

Waiting for all those new resolutions to be put on my blog

charlesimages 8:03 PM GMT on January 02, 2010
ALRIGHT OFFICIALLY HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS. Very simple....and the main theme is...


Nothing is going to hold me back this year. Each day a new adventure that I will take on with a full, clear head of steam. I took 2009 to organize all of my thoughts and ideas (planting the seeds if you will) and now here in 2010 it is time for those seeds to take root, sprout, and grow into huge beautiful trees. Everyday will be valued. Nothing will be left to waste. I'm going to do my best, to be the best, in every sense. I am excited! Beginning all of this here in January, I am starting up with a very successful business that not only can I prosper in myself, but also be my own boss, work from home (or anywhere) and one of the best things is, the more people who follow me with this the better. I will be distributing an amazing product and making a living by helping others find their financial freedom and feel good taking this! There are bonuses as well!! The coolest thing is this will be "gravy" for me. I find once you set your mind to something and really concentrate, you can do anything. I also have plans to do some storm chasing officially in the plains this year! There is a lot I could list, so much I will be doing, but this is going to be good. It's a big year!! This is going to be MY year!! I'm not settling with failure for my results. set the bar high! I wish everyone else all the best this year, LET'S DO THIS TOGETHER!! WE CAN MAKE 2010 AMAZING!!

Happy New Year! =D

Emmy's plans for 2010:
This is what I'm going to work on in 2010
1) Keep the weight off
2) Be more patient for people who
just don't get what I'm trying to say
3) Get the theater going to the next
level -and getting the Board on board
4)Listen harder
5)Work on inner peace
6) Appreciate the best of what a person
can offer to the best of their ability
7) bring out the best of others to the best
of their abilities
8) Gratitude on all levels.

Gams goals for 2010:
1. Be more patient with others and situations.
2. Find more "me" time to enjoy life outside of immediate family.
3. Run all 6 miles in April for March of Dimes 10K.
4. Finally lose those 15 pounds; get & stay in shape.
5. Start working on my next career, my artwork.

Surf's thoughts for 2010:
1. to continue to plant trees til I reach 80 - (negating the impact my life has on the planet)
started last year, I'm at 29 trees planted thus far. Plan to reach 80 b/4 I croak : )
2. re-read my YOLO list
3. continue to seek out ways of being of service to others
4. PLAY MORE - the clock is ticking
5. Work on quieting the senseless chatter that too often firestorms my brain.
"As for "waiting without thought"... I love it.
Getting rid of the interior chatter's a way toward peace, too." Shoreacres

NRAamy lose post back surgery weight, we know you can do it Amy.

Sandiquiz intends to be very good to herself in 2010 :)

SBKaren: Oh dear...resolutions...as Gamma said, I think I'd like to refer to them as goals. So, let's think.....

1) get back on the health bandwagon - I've been eating so badly during this season - partly because when I'm off work I'm off my schedule. So, back to work will mean back to regular schedule.

2) continue with my drop everything and play attitude. My daughter called me this morning and wanted to walk down to Main St. for coffee and a bagel. Did I really need either? No .... but never turn down quality time with family - never. I skipped the bagel and had a banana nut muffin...and it was good! Got into an extremely long conversation about dogs with the guy sitting at the outdoor table next to us. We continued up Main St. to the pier, and then back home - spending over an hour together. We're also heading back to Disneyland this Sunday before we all head back to work (both daughters and I have had extended time off). It's easy to forget about everything/troubles when you are there.

3) try not to be so bossy. This is hard for me because I'm such a control freak, but I need to realize that other people have good ideas too...and mine aren't necessarily the best or only way.

oneshotww 6:40 AM GMT on January 01, 2010
So in addition to the usual... losing weight, paying down some debt, blah, blah, blah - what changes are you hoping to make???

Mine are:
take the pup to the beach again (he really liked it)
watch more sunsets and sunrises
photo more sets and rises
take more photos period
train Rio some more

I'm a work in progress so these will change.

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