By The Numbers: 2010/09/19

By: Neapolitan , 9:54 PM GMT on September 19, 2010

A few highlights from the day:

  1. As of today, Igor will go down in the books as the largest Atlantic hurricane on record, with a gale diameter of 633 miles/1,018 km. Igor takes the number one spot from 1966's Faith, which had a gale diameter of 605 miles/973 km.

  2. As of today's 5pm TWO, Igor's ACE is 39.4875, which is--perhaps incredibly--higher than that of any storm in the Atlantic since 2004's Hurricane Ivan. ACE-wise, Igor has been a more energetic storm than even 2005's record-breaking monster Hurricane Wilma and 2008's very destructive Hurricane Ike. (Ivan's ACE was an amazing 70.4, a number which, given that the Cape Verde season is winding down, is highly unlikely to be surpassed this year.)

  3. Perhaps even more astonishing is that Igor's ACE to-date is higher than that for the entire Eastern Pacific this season. (The EPac has seen six named storms, including Cat 5 Celia). And Igor is closing in on equaling or surpassing the current ACE for the entire Western North Pacific, as well, which has seen 11 named storms (including the adorably-named Lionrock); if Igor can hold on for a few more days, he'll likely reach that number, as well.

  4. Karl left us since our last blog post, so here's his post-mortem:
    ACE: 5.8
    HDP: 4.48
    Initial TWO: 5PM EDT 2010/09/14
    Final TWO: 5PM EDT 2010/09/17
    TWOs as TS: 7 (42 HOURS / 1.75 DAYS)
    TWOs as HU: 6 (36 HOURS / 1.5 DAYS)
    TWOs as MH: 2 (12 HOURS / 0.5 DAYS)
    Total TWOs: 13 (78 hours / 3.25 days)

  5. Today marks our eighth consecutive day with multiple named systems in existence, and the 18th of the season. Overall, there have been six days this season with multiple active hurricanes, and two days with multiple major hurricanes. Since August 22, there has only been one day with no named storms in existence (September 5).

  6. If today ends without the birth of Lisa--which, given the state of 94L, isn't guaranteed--it will mark the longest gap between named storms in almost a month since Danielle came into being. Previous to today, no more than four full days since August 22 have gone by without the birth of a named storm.

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--Jim Pettit (Neapolitan)

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