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Hurricane Arthur

By: NEwxguy, 1:41 PM GMT on June 30, 2014

June 30th

So July may come in with our first tropical system. Shouldn't be a danger as far as wind damage,but could generate some heavy rains,first along the North and South Carolina coast.Then may move northeast making a fairly close pass to SE Mass. bringing some heavy rains. It all depends on the front that will be slowly making its way through Southern New England by the end of the week,still a lot of possibilities and it may very well pass well out to sea and not effect us at all.Lets hope so with all the holiday plans this weekend.

July 1st

Very warm and very humid next couple of days then the active weather moves in.Potential for some very wet weather may ruin 4th of July activities,will still have to watch the track of future TS Arthur.Now predicting that it will become a weak Cat 1 hurricane has it moves past North Carolina and makes its closest pass by SE Mass. Not much wind effect for us up here,but a lot moisture coupled with the slow moving cold front could bring a lot of heavy downpours into southern New England. In situations like this, very hard to predict where the heaviest precip will line up.

Northwesterly vertical wind shear is forecast by the models to
gradually subside over the next 48 hours, which should allow the
cyclone to develop its own upper-level outflow pattern. In fact,
latest visible and water vapor imagery indicates that cirrus
outflow has been expanding on the north side of the system during
the past few hours, suggesting that the shear conditions could
already be subsiding. The low shear conditions and warm
sea-surface temperatures should allow for at least steady
strengthening, and the cyclone is expected to become a hurricane by
72 hours. The official intensity forecast is similar to the
latest intensity model consensus ivcn through 36 hours, and then
slightly higher after that.

July 2nd

Not much has changed from yesterday,Arthur has strengthened a little and the track still seems to be the same. Coastal sections of the Carolinas getting the brunt of Arthur,but for us it could ruin the 4th of July concert and fireworks in Boston as the moisture from Arthur and the slow moving cold front occur on Friday into Friday night. Officials weighing the idea of postponing it until Saturday night.Its still highly uncertain how much of an effect the TS will have,but a good bet a lot moisture will get drawn up into our area.We'll just have to wait and see. Tonight should give us a better picture.

July 3rd
As expected Arthur is now a hurricane,and during tonight will pass over the outer banks of North Carolina and then head northeast out to sea. Still in question how close it makes a pass to SE mass and Cape Cod,but it is likely they will see minimal tropical storm winds.The real story will be the heavy rains most of southern new england will experience. Today in the warm soupy air more thunderstorms and heavy downpours will form,the greatest risk is western New England,but storms and showers could popup any where at anytime. Then predecessor rains will start moving in late tonight and tomorrow morning, and then rains from Arthur will hit us tomorrow afternoon and evening. Expecting anywhere from 2 to as much as 5 inches in some areas.It's still a question mark where the heaviest rains will hit,but the greatest risk is eastern areas and down along Cape Cod.

Updated: 1:14 PM GMT on July 03, 2014


Summer is here

By: NEwxguy, 2:01 PM GMT on June 23, 2014

June 23
Summer began on Saturday,but the weather has not felt like summer,with temps in the 70's,very dry air and morning temps in the 40's.The next couple of days will feel more like summer,but not heatwaves or 90 degree temps in sight.In fact it looks like we will finish June with a 90 degree day.I can't remember the last time that happened.

June 24
We really need some rain,it has been so dry.For the month of June we are getting close to 2 inches below normal.Last year for the month of June we had almost 10 inches of rain.Some rain expected for Thursday,although risk of showers late tomorrow,especially North and West.Humidity will be in the increase later today.

June 25
Looks like we are heading into a more summery pattern as the warm and humid air starts to make more of a presence felt in New England.Still going to get the fronts moving through not allow long heatwaves,but before the fronts move through we will get a couple of days with very warm and very humid air.Some heavy thunderstorms moving in first in the western and northern areas tonight and through the east tomorrow.Expect some very heavy rains,possible strong winds in the stronger storms.Then looks to be another warm comfortable weekend,before more very warm and very humid weather moves back in for the start of next week.

June 26
Some heavy downpours before dawn.Almost an inch of rain.
Humid air is still in place until the front moves through this afternoon,which will probably create more showers and storms,before the front moves off the coast.Still looks like a beautiful weekend coming up.

June 27
We've settled into a summer pattern now.Eventhough we are still getting cold fronts,they have less of a punch than earlier this month. Dropping the temps somewhat,but most of all dropping the dew points.Beautiful weather right through the weekend,before more humid weather returns for next week,then another front on Wednesday dries us out.

Updated: 1:32 PM GMT on June 27, 2014


cool and dry

By: NEwxguy, 1:53 PM GMT on June 16, 2014

June 16th,
Spring in New England varies from year to year,from hot to wet and cold to perfect weather.
This spring we've seen just about everything except hot weather, a few days into the 80's,but averaging in the 70's.We've had a lot of cloudy and some rainy days,but we are running below normal over an inch,but then there's other areas of new england way above normal in precip.
Last year we were way above normal for my area reaching almost 10 inches for the season.
Right now we are in a nice pattern,where the week is unsettled,but the weekends have been perfect.
We are heading into another unsettled pattern for midweek,and right now the weekend looks beautiful,but on the cool side.

June 17th
So humidity moves in today and will be around through tomorrow,then cooler drier air moves back in for the end of the week into the weekend. Kind of the same pattern we've had all spring.
Couple chances of storms, first late tonight and again tomorrow afternoon.

June 18th
The big storms weakened as the reached the east coast, so I just got a quick shower before dawn.
Front moving through today,but no instability,so should move through dry,Then the dewpoints start to drop and by tomorrow in the 50's.Nice weather through the weekend it looks.

June 19th
Summer officially begins on Saturday and weather will be more springlike,but with the high sun in the skies,it will be very comfortable this weekend.

June 20th
Not much to talk about in our weather. Northwest flow and cool dry refreshing air.
I get home at night and work outside in the yard tending to the lawn or flowers.
Starting to warm up beginning of next week,but still no 90 degree days insight.
This is my kind of weather.

Updated: 2:00 PM GMT on June 20, 2014


back door cold front

By: NEwxguy, 2:56 PM GMT on June 09, 2014

June 9th,
Everyone has their own idea of the perfect weather. Some people actually like rain,some people love the snow and winter time, for me the perfect weather is 80-85 and low humidity.This weekend was that weather.Unsettled week ahead,but possibly another perfect weekend next weekend.
A few showers around today,but more general showers around tomorrow.Lower temps due to the cloud cover,but higher humidity.

June 10th
After a near perfect weekend weatherwise,this week is all over the place.
Some humidity,some showers, a couple of cool fronts,throw in a few thunderstorms.
a few showers today, a little sun increasing humidity,then this evening a backdoor cold front moves down from the north with a few showers and storms this evening,which will switch our winds off the water. Only in the 60's tomorrow,with a cool breeze along the coast,70's inland.

June 11th
warm and fairly humid yesterday afternoon,but cold front came down from Maine and now winds off the cold ocean,our temps dropped from middle 70's to lower 60's in the evening.Breezy and cool today and tomorrow.

June 12th
Cool damp day,a few scattered light showers around,but nothing major.
Won't see much sun today,probably won't see a lot of sun until later Saturday.
Still waiting for the heavier showers to show up,first as the warm front moves through tonight
and then the cool front Friday night.

Updated: 1:33 PM GMT on June 12, 2014


commemorating D-Day and perfect weather for this weekend

By: NEwxguy, 1:26 PM GMT on June 03, 2014

June 3rd
Some years we jumped right into a summer pattern,the jet stream heads north, high pressures situates itself off the coast and we get into some early hot weather.Not this year.
The low over the Hudson bay area is still sitting there,where its been for months.What this does is send pockets of energy down from Canada,repeated cold fronts and with blocking set up out in the NW Atlantic,things don 't move through quickly. We got a nice break this weekend and part of today,but all that comes to an end as a cold front moves through tonight and tomorrow.We;ll have some heavy showers,which should be done by tomorrow afternoon,but then a low pressure will head out along the south coast of new england and Thursday looks to be a very rainy and cool day.Should improve by the weekend.Don't see any break in this pattern until we can get rid of that Hudson bay low.

June 4th
Some rain early this morning,and then dry rest of day except for a spot shower this afternoon inland.But it looks like a possible heavy rain event for tomorrow,as a strenghtening low pressure moves along the south coast,but weekend looks great

June 5th
A lot of rain moving through our area,but its moving right along,so it will be letting up this afternoon,with just some left over light showers and drizzle through the evening.
Everything in line for a beautiful weekend.

June 6th
It hasn't been an enjoyable spring so far,only a handful of days that were comfortable and dry.
Its been a very unsettled spring,but not a lot of rain in my area. In fact a little below normal for precip.
This weekend will be what I call perfect weather,with mostly sunny skies,low dewpoints, and temps warm,but not hot.Low to mid 80's on Saturday,low 80's on Sunday.My kind of weather.
And we should stop and remember all the soldiers that lost their lives on an incredible invasion at Normandy over 600 american soldiers lost their lives in that one battle.It sends chills down your back when you hear some of the recounting of what went on as they landed.

Updated: 4:07 PM GMT on June 06, 2014


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