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unsettled weather pattern

By: NEwxguy, 12:44 PM GMT on April 21, 2014

April 21st
Today will be a special day in Boston,lots of emotions today.
For those not familiar with this day,its a local holiday,called Patriot's Day,use to be called Bunker Hill Day,but schools and government are shut down,and of course the Boston Marathon.
It is always held on Patriots' Day, the third Monday of April. Begun in back in 1897.
It's always been a huge event,but after last year's events,it's huge now.
We get runners from all over the world.
This whole week has been so emotional with survivors and the families who lost their lives coming together to prove to the enemies out there,you can't stop us.If anything you make us stronger.
Great stories have come out of this horrible event,if you need inspiration in life,read some of the stories and the many books that are now being written.
Boston is a big city,but not so big as to still have that small town feel to it.And its pride really showed itself when everyone rallied around all the injured and all those still going through so much.

April 22nd,
Hope people get a chance to do some planting, plant a tree if possible and add to our wonderful earth. I just wish we could get our politicians more aware of taking care of our earth,but it doesn't seem to be that important to most people so we continue to abuse our planet.

April 23rd
Very typical spring weather pattern setting up,amplification takes place across the country.
Troughs in the west and east set the stage for unsettled cool wet weather for the coming week,while high pressure sets up shop in the central part of the country,and this looks to be come blocked next week,so not much change in the pattern for most of next week.Don't think we'll be seeing 70's for a while.

April 24th
Increased fire danger today as the system that went by yesterday keeps a strong NW flow with winds gusting 40-50 mph.Winds should start to relax this evening.Quiet on friday,but another system moving in Friday night and Saturday with a lot of wet weather and chance of thunder on Saturday.Quiet on Sunday and Monday,but blocking pattern setting up for at least the first part of next week,and depending on what weather you are under,it will last probably most of next week.
Indications are that it could be very cool and wet at times.We'll see

April 25th
chilly morning down to 37,Strong winds caused some damage around the area,some trees down and damaged houses.
Unsettle weekend,rain tomorrow showers on Sunday and cool with winds off the cold ocean.
Next week looks to be below normal with some possible wet weather mid-week.
I'll be in Las Vegas,so expect some much warmer temps there.

Updated: 3:40 PM GMT on April 25, 2014


Happy Easter!!!

By: NEwxguy, 5:53 PM GMT on April 14, 2014

April 14th,
Enjoy this day here in the east,it all changes starting tomorrow with heavy rain and then much colder weather to finish out the week.Complete pattern change

April 15th
So our city remembers the horrible events a year ago.Difficult to remember those days,but inspiring to follow the inspiring stories from the survivors.I am so proud of my captital city.We've come together so well.

April 16th
Just when you were ready to break out the shorts and tshirts, you wake up to .5 inch of snow.
Heavy rains last evening turned to wet snow before ending prior to dawn. Coated the ground with half inch of snow and temps dropped below freezing.Windchills running in the 20's.
Cool weather the rest of the week,getting back to normal by the weekend.

April 17th
Does not feel like spring.Still in my winter coat.Daffodils are starting to bloom,but I can even see them shivering.Should start warming a little into the weekend,but the next couple of days we'll have an onshore breeze chilling the air.

April 18th
We will have a very slow warmup through the weekend and along the coast not much of a warmup until Monday.But the holiday weekend should be nice.No big warmups in sight,but we should get into the 60's going into next week,away from the coast.

Updated: 1:46 PM GMT on April 18, 2014


Temps above normal then below normal

By: NEwxguy, 1:23 PM GMT on April 08, 2014

April 8th
Showers some heavy during the night and early morning,but then some sun this afternoon and temps will shoot into the 60's,before a cold front moves through late today or early eve.Looks like a dry week until late Friday,and although 50's tomorrow,back into the 60's the rest of the week.
April 9th
Nice warmup yesterday although the wind didn't let you feel the warmth as much.Cold front went through early evening,with very strong winds.Cooler and breezy day today.
April 10th
After a few showers tomorrow night and Saturday morning,we'll have a couple of days in the 60's and Monday into the 70's,before a strong cold front turns us below normal starting on Wednesday.

April 11th
A little rollercoaster ride over the next week,by Monday we'll be in the 70's,last time that happened was October.Then with a strong cold front and deepening trough in the central and east,temps will come crashing down by Wednesday and end the week below normal.

Updated: 1:02 PM GMT on April 11, 2014


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