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Pollen count

By: NEwxguy, 1:47 PM GMT on March 31, 2014

March 31
I guess the saying March comes in like a lion,goes out like a lamb won't apply to 2014.
We had bitter cold the first half of the month,and now we end the month with heavy rainfall causing lots of flooding issues.Roads have had to be closed in several communities.Today will be the last day for this slow moving system,but we can expect more showers with even some snowfall today.Snow should not accumulate.
A dry period for mid-week.

April 1st
So beware of strange stories you hear today,chances are they are a prank.
Still some flooding occurring on the larger rivers as the small streams empty out,but drying out will occur this week,before another system comes in for late Friday night into Saturday,nothing like this past system.

April 2nd
So we can feel spring finally,but its going to have its growing pains,with a very unsettled pattern.Several lows will be effecting the area over the next week.Next rain is Friday night into Saturday morning and more rain for late Monday into Tuesday.Will be some warmth maybe touching 60 inland,but with the very cold ocean,each day along the coast we will have seabreezes setting up which will cool the coastal areas down to the low 40's.

April 3rd
Beautiful day yesterday,upper 50's,won't be as warm today,but still in the 50's,then a cold ocean wind comes in for tomorrow,keeping us in the low 40's.After a little rain friday night and Saturday morning,it will clear and warm back up.

April 4th
Watching the pollen count steadily get higher as the spring season gets going.Tree buds are really growing now and starting to see the grass greening.Shrubs are budding also.So all the allergy sufferers out there prepare yourself.For weather,we have some showers moving in first in the west this afternoon and tonight for us in the east.Could be heavy for a while tonight,but done by early morn tomorrow.Nice weekend in store with temps in the 50's.

Updated: 1:16 PM GMT on April 04, 2014


Weekend Heavy rain

By: NEwxguy, 3:32 PM GMT on March 25, 2014

So we have ourselves another winter storm to watch.And I have to tell you,eventhough we have the forecasts for the main effects to go out to sea,I see a lot of things happening this morning,that make me want to sit back and be careful.Tonight will be the telling time for who gets whacked and who misses.Cape Cod still looks like they will get hit pretty hard,up here toward the Boston area,still looks like fringe effects,but certainly not written in stone.Sit back a enjoy the ride today.Watching local forecasts and the amounts of snow are all over the place.

Mar. 26th
Well,for me I haven't seen a flake of snow,but on cape cod,its a raging blizzard with heavy snow and winds gusting over 50 mph,and due to get stronger as the monster at sea continues to deepen.
If I see anything it will be a few flurries,but the outer cape cod and Nantucket will probably get close to a foot,but the winds will be the story with power outages down there. Even my winds up here are gusting over 30 mph close to 40.

Hard to think about weather when we lose two firefighters in a rapid burning fire in a tenement in Boston yesterday.The extreme winds certainly aided the quick spreading flames.Firefighters were trapped in a basement where the fire started and when a window broke the flash fire trapped them.13 other firefighters were injured.Can't say enough about our firefighters.

So I made to another Friday.We have the 50's today,but not going to last and we have a cold wet weekend ahead.May salvage tomorrow morning.Possible 2-4 inches of rain,may cause some small streams to spill over.Plus strong winds may cause some coastal flooding on Sunday.Problem is this is going to hang around through Monday until the upper low moves through.This may be a hint at a cool wet spring.

Updated: 1:11 PM GMT on March 28, 2014


first full day of spring

By: NEwxguy, 12:21 PM GMT on March 17, 2014

With spring starting this year,it will only show on the calendar.Weather will stay in winter mode,with repeated shots of arctic air.Currently in one on those cold outbreaks,and another is set for end of next weekend and early next week.No end in sight

March 18th
Pretty much the same ole weather pattern.With spring starting Thursday afternoon,it doesn't mean much as I see the same thing as we've seen all winter.A quick day of warm temps then another shot of arctic air.

March 19th
Warmup into the weekend,with a couple of shots of rain,tonight and again saturday,before we get another shot of below normal temps starting Sunday into early next week.

March 20th
Springs arrives shortly after noon today,and actually going to feel like it today.After some rain during the night,should be up in the 50's today.Slight cool down tomorrow,before more 50's on Saturday,then more much below normal temps on Sunday and Monday,then we have to watch a coastal storm threaten late Tuesday into Wednesday.
March 21st
It touched 50 yesterday,but with the strong winds,didn't feel like it,and today will be in the 40's,but feel much cooler.
Warm day on Saturday with showers,before the arctic air moves back in.Watching a major coastal storm for late Tuesday into Wednesday.Uncertain how close a pass it will make.Won't know until probably Sunday at the earliest.

Updated: 2:19 PM GMT on March 21, 2014


January weather in March

By: NEwxguy, 1:16 PM GMT on March 11, 2014

March 11th
So models have trended north and low pressure looks to pass right over the Boston area,so for most of this system it will be rain.But the backlash after the system moves off the coast will drop the temps rapidly and we could get a quick inch of snow and a flash freeze,so we have to be alert on what happens Thursday morning.

March 12th
Mostly rain coming later today and this evening.The real trouble comes after midnight.Temps are going to come crashing down from around 50 to around 20 by dawn.Expect a few inches of snow,but the real problem is the sudden freezing of all the water from the rains.Roads are going to be ice rinks.
Tomorrow will be like a mid January day.

March 13th
So we got almost 3/4 of an inch of rain last night,but the cold air has come rushing in and changed to snow.We have snow moderate at times and temps around 17 degrees

March 14th
Cold start,but quick warmup.Warm day tomorrow,then cold air rushes back in Saturday night and Sunday.

Updated: 1:15 PM GMT on March 14, 2014


Short warmup

By: NEwxguy, 2:00 PM GMT on March 03, 2014

March 3rd

Its still winter by the calendar and will look and feel like it.We missed the coastal storm,but very cold artic air is filtering in.Much below normal temps for the rest of the week.Another storm toward the end of the week,but this one may stay south also,too early to know yet

March 4th
2 degrees this morning,so the frigid mornings continue with no real breaks from the cold winter pattern in sight.
It truly is amazing how this pattern has been in place for several months now.Will keep watching for any signs of a pattern change,but right now more of the same.Storm track is staying south of us,but will have to watch this weekend,interaction with another arctic front and possible low forming on the front as the front passes by us.Possible light snow tomorrow as another front passes.

March 5th
So with the moist southern storm track remaining to the south,the northeast should stay mainly dry,except for some weak shortwaves moving through the northern stream,occasionally bringing flurries or even some showers this weekend.For today we may see some flurries and this evening some ocean effect moisture right along the coast.Maybe an inch in some spots.

March 6th
Quiet weather for a while,with small disturbances moving through every couple of days bringing a front through with not much moisture.Will have a warmup on Saturday,before it cools again Sunday,but don't see the frigid weather we've been having.Probably won't see these kind of temps going forward as the sun angle gets higher and daylight gets longer,but don't expect any heatwave,still remaining below normal for most of March.
The next threat of any large precip will be mid week next week,but too early know whats happening.

Updated: 2:24 PM GMT on March 07, 2014


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