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next nor'easter

By: NEwxguy, 2:36 PM GMT on February 24, 2014

For our last week of February,our winter weather returns with much below normal temps,and a couple of chances for snow.As with most of our storms this winter,Track and strength are still anyone's guess.
The first chance is Wednesday,right now if favors a well out to sea with just a brush with snowfall,but still waiting for energy in Canada to move more southward to get a better sampling of data.So a closer path with heavier snow is still not off the board.
Then this coming weekend,Saturday we may have another chance for snow.Hope everyone enjoyed the warm temps this weekend,it will be a while before we see warm temps again.


so the saying March comes in like a lion certainly applies this year.With our next storm scheduled for Monday.The big question is where the most snow will fall,and as always track is the ultimate decider,certainly looks like northern mid-atlantic is in the bullseye right now,but we have to wait and see as this system progresses across the country.

Updated: 7:31 PM GMT on February 28, 2014


warm,wet,thunder then cold

By: NEwxguy, 2:25 PM GMT on February 19, 2014

After a long weekend,in which I spent two of the days clearing snow,back for a short week.We have a warmup starting today lasting until Saturday,then the artic air comes back and possible coastal storms again.For those of you tired of winter,this brief break is welcome,but it won't last.Two possible rain events,late today and again on Friday.Far northwest areas my have a period of freezing rain to contend with at the start of each rain event.Northern areas will see more snow later today and this evening.

After a chilly night below freezing this morning,with lots of ice and frozen slush around,temps should rebound pretty quickly and most of the frozen stuff should be gone by afternoon.This will be the best day for the foreseeable future.Tomorrow will be around 50,but heavy showers will move in in the afternoon.Tonight we may see some snow/sleet/and freezing rain until morning.Then a slow cool down this weekend and return to below normal temps next week.

Snow melt the next couple of days,before winter sets back in for next week.Cold returns starting late Sunday and two chances for snow.First is late Sunday,at least a few inches,but with all coastal storms track and strength is critical,does not look major at this time,then once the arctic air settles in we turn our eyes to midweek coastal event,which could be a major snowfall,but still way too early to start making any big predictions.We'll just have to wait until early next week for models to get better data.

Updated: 1:54 PM GMT on February 21, 2014


not much time to rest between storms

By: NEwxguy, 1:57 PM GMT on February 10, 2014

about .5 inches of snow last night,just enough to coat the surface.Now more cold air comes rushing in.Winter shows no sign of easing any time soon.We continue to have a parade of systems some weak and some strong.Next up a strong system on Thursday,still a huge variety of tracks and strength.Track will be crucial for this system,due to the fact there won't be a huge amount of cold air to tap into.So a closer track will have more rain and a farther east track will produce heavy wet snow.Could be a lot of wind with this system also.Until Thursday cold air will be firmly entrenced.

Another winter storm is getting its act together along the gulf coast.This system will cause major problems in the south with ice,snow along the northern fringes of the precip through alabama,mississippi, and Georgia into south carolina.Once this system moves off the coast it will strengthen and head up the east coast spreading a variety of weather along the way.


The southeast is going to have a major effect from this storm,with a lot of icing for northern Georgia and South Carolina,snow just to the north of the icing.This storm will hit the Atlantic and head up the coast strengthening as it does with heavy snow,ice and heavy rains right along the coast.
It looks to cross Cape Cod tomorrow night,and deepen rapidly as it does.This will cause warm air to rush in from the Atlantic causing a changeover to rain 15 to 20 miles inland.How much snow falls will depend on how quickly the changeover occurs.Western areas should stay all snow and get anywhere from 12 to as much as 18 inches.This is going to be a major story the rest of the week,so everyone should be prepared.

Feb. 13th

Major heavy snowfall for some areas inland from the coast,closer to the coast,there will be mixing and change over,the big question is when the mixing and changeover will occur.Bad day all up and down the coast.

Deep low pressure moving up through the bay of Maine toward the maritimes, behind it some very strong winds today,but sun should return this afternoon,but with little effect with the strong winds.
We won't have much time to rest though as another coastal storm moves off the NC coast and bombs out as it moves northeast.Still some question how close it comes,but more snow for eastern sections tomorrow and tomorrow night.Still not sure of how many inches,Cape Cod could really get dumped on,but for eastern sections should be a plowable snowfall.

Updated: 2:02 PM GMT on February 14, 2014


brief quiet period

By: NEwxguy, 2:40 PM GMT on February 04, 2014

Feb. 4th,
February can be the stormiest month of the winter,and right now its certainly starting off that way,with each storm that comes along stronger than the last one.
Yesterdays storm dropped a couple of inches on me and 3-6 along southern coastline.The next storm starting after midnight and through tomorrow,will drop at least a foot,except for those areas that don't mix.
Another storm for next sunday night into Monday looks to be even stronger,but track will be the important feature that determines whether some people will get buried with strong damaging winds or the storm is farther out and the effects are less.

Heavy snow is here and coming down at rates 2 to 3 inches per hours.Expected to last through the day,but getting lighter this afternoon.

Things look quiet into the weekend,but will have to watch off the coast Sunday.Odds are that the system will stay far enough out to just brush,but the issue is a trough may set up over us and pull some of the moisture from that system,especially if it comes closer.Either way we will get some snow,just a question of how much and where.

Weekend snows looking less likely, except for some show showers off and on,as a great lakes disturbance slides throw.I'm still not sold on little or no snow.
Still see some possibilities of the off shore low linking up with the trough,but I'm leaning away from it right now.Cold will be the word through next week.

Updated: 1:57 PM GMT on February 07, 2014


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