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stormy weather pattern

By: NEwxguy, 2:07 PM GMT on January 27, 2014

So while we get another shot of arctic air,this same cold front will dive south all the way to the gulf of mexico.A low will organize and will spread moisture over running the cold air and many areas along the gulf coast and the SE are going to experience everything from snow/sleet and freezing rain.This could be a serious situation for those in the south who aren't use to this kind of weather.Something to watch.Meanwhile we are going back into the deep freeze later today.This pattern we've been in with the strong high pressure in the west looks to be changing by the weekend

Serious winter weather for the deep south,but possible major ice storm for alabama,northern florida into Georgia,and SC,and some areas along northern Ga,SC,and western NC good see a decent snowfall.Meanwhile we are still in the arctic air through tomorrow,then a slow warmup into the weekend,at least back to normal Jan. temps.

So the pattern of artic air from canada seems to be changing.The west coast Ridge will be breaking down,and moisture will start to effect the west coast,especially the NW states.We will begin to moderate in temps,but also will start a series of lows that move west of us,thus a milder outcome,but still precip type issues,where the warm air overruns the cold air established at the surface.Will have to watch this play out.The first will be on Saturday and Sat. night.

Brief warmup this weekend before the colder air comes back in,but not to the levels we've seen in January.
The pattern change also signals stormier pattern for the Northeast,but track forecasting is very poor right now.Unsettled this weekend,but not much precip expected,but there are indications for a major storm midweek next week,but models are all over the place for precip and track.

For the next couple of weeks,it will be a very active pattern along the east coast and Northeast.There are going to be 3 or 4 storm systems over the next 7 to 10 days,and a couple of these are going to be very strong.The big question will be the snow/rain line.This will be determined by the track.We will have systems coming out of the gulf.We don't have the arctic air we had in January,but there will be a lot of cold air,especially when a high moves up around newfoundland,this has a tendency to keep the cold air in place.Can't go by models at this point,they will be changing each run until we get some actual systems to work with.

Updated: 4:46 PM GMT on January 31, 2014


Cold and more cold!!!

By: NEwxguy, 2:17 PM GMT on January 20, 2014

Jan. 20th
Our somewhat warmer temps are going to be a thing of the past starting this evening when a strong arctic front sweeps throug and temps will plummet and we may not see any recovery for quiet a while.Although slight and brief warmup by weekend,but then another cold front late Sunday.
Today's front may be accompanied by some snow showers or squalls.Watching some snow for late tomorrow and tomorrow night,but the heaviest appears to be south coast and SE Mass,depending on the track.

so it looks like models have zeroed in on the coming storm.6-10 inches in the boston area and close to a foot or more on cape cod and the islands and SE Mass where there are blizzard warnings posted.So this will be a quick hitter,and luckily the worst will be during the night,but commuting tomorrow morning will be hazardous.After this storm goes by it will bring in some extreme cold.Winter is here to stay for a while.


After an initial burst between 5 pm and 9 pm,got 2 maybe 3 inches,little snow after that for my area.All the big totals to the south of me.Some areas picking up over a foot of snow.But light fluffy snow,so easy to clear.So now we prepare for the cold and it will be cold!!!!

Pretty much the rest of January is going to be below normal.No change in the weather pattern,with strong high pressure in the west,and trough in the east which keeps getting energized every few days.

More of the same cold and a couple of week waves moving through Sat. and on Monday.Watching a coastal system on Wed. and Thurs.Not sure how close this will be on the coast.

Updated: 2:08 PM GMT on January 24, 2014


Unsettled through the weekend,then it extreme cold for later next week.

By: NEwxguy, 2:03 PM GMT on January 14, 2014

So our well above normal temps continue.Rain today and temps well up into the 40's,even 50's for cape cod.
Not real cold air coming in behind this system,but it will be a little cooler as the week goes on.A series of clippers into the weekend,but nothing to get revved up about.Possible some snow on Saturday,depending on temps and track of the clipper.

Another perfect January day,with temps around 50.Then a cooling period starts and by next week we will be back in the artic air,as the west warms up.No big storms insight right now,just a few small disturbances and most of those staying far enough off shore to only have minor impacts.But with an east coast trough setting up,we have to watch each system that comes through the pattern.

Going to be an unsettled weather pattern,with small clipper systems moving through,but with little moisture,it they do deepen,its off shore before it can have any big impact,but do expect periods of light precip right through the weekend from time to time.

Jan. 17th
So other than a few weak waves moving through,not much storminess in our future. The one big storm that was being watched for next Tues and Wed. looks to stay way south now as artic air pushes down from Canada and keeps the storm track well south.Will be getting very cold mid-late next week.Very low windchills a couple of days.

Updated: 2:12 PM GMT on January 17, 2014


say goodbye to artic temps

By: NEwxguy, 1:41 PM GMT on January 06, 2014

Jan. 06
We are in a warm sector briefly and moist warm air moving over the snow pack has created dense fog in many areas.This will last until a band of showers some heavy move through with a strong artic front this afternoon,then the artic air moves back in for the next two days.

I don't mind the cold as much as the windchill.It was so cold this morning with the 20-30 mph winds.Winds should slacken tonight and tomorrow will still be cold,but will start a slow warmup.

Jan. 08
Last day of real artic air,turning a little warmer tomorrow and Friday,big warmup for this weekend and early next week.Warm,windy and wet system for late saturday and Saturday night.

It was 16 degrees this morning when I got up,felt like a heatwave,heading for low 30's today.Nice recovery.As the warm air comes in,first in the upper levels,we'll get a little light snow tomorrow morning.Then on Saturday a warm and wet systems moves in with heavy rain Saturday evening with temps in the 50's.

A little dusting of light snow this morning,caused by warm air entering our region in the upper levels over the still cold surface layer.Things will continue to warm even near the surface.Moisture will move in tonight with some spotty drizzle,but the real rain will arrive late tomorrow afternoon into the evening.Flood watches have been posted for central and western New England.Temps will soar well up into the 50's by late tomorrow.Could see 1- 2 inches of rain.

Updated: 5:29 PM GMT on January 10, 2014


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