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Windchill advisories

By: NEwxguy, 3:13 PM GMT on December 31, 2013

2013 ends cold and 2014 will begin cold and snowy.
Winter has definitely dug its feet in and not going to relax anytime soon,although Sunday will go above freezing.
Several shots of artic air and a nor'easter for Thurs. and Friday

2014 is here and we start off with serious winter weather,could be blizzard conditions by Friday morning.Here in eastern Mass,we may get an ocean effect snow that may boost the total over a foot,will have to watch this closely.Extreme cold temperatures will make this snow very fluffy and pile up quickly and also drift.

so all the ingredients are in place for a major nor'easter for the northeast and east coast.
Energy from the gulf and energy coming in from the great lakes will combine of the east coast and bomb out as it passes SE of new england.The one thing that is saving a tremendous snowfall is the progressive nature of this low.Right along the eastern coast of Mass,will probably see the most snow,due to the northeast winds bring bitter cold temps across 42 degree waters which will enhance the snowfall.May see up to 15 inches especially SE Mass where they have blizzard warnings up.

As the snow winds down,now we have to deal with brutal windchills.Currently windchill in my area is -15,some places could see -20 to -30
All I can say is stay indoors if possible,cover as much skin as you can if you have to go out.Warmup coming Sunday

Updated: 2:16 PM GMT on January 03, 2014


Happy Holidays

By: NEwxguy, 2:18 PM GMT on December 26, 2013


One holiday down and one more to go.Very nice,but hectic Christmas.Love christmas,but nice to have it done.Way to hectic,and not enough time to enjoy it.
A little light snow today,mixed with a little rain this afternoon.Warmup coming this weekend,possible storm on Sunday,probably rain here in southern sections.

About a half inch of snow yesterday afternoon.Made for some slippery travel during the late afternoon commute.
Should get up into the 30's today and up into the 40's over the weekend,before a rain storm comes in late Sunday and Sunday night.Bitter cold weather coming in next week starting Monday night.

Updated: 3:51 PM GMT on December 27, 2013


Merry Christmas

By: NEwxguy, 3:17 PM GMT on December 16, 2013

Dec. 16th,
A few more days of winter and then we get a brief warmup end of week into the weekend. The weekend looks to be unsettled with a mixed bag of precip.
On Saturday nights storm we received around 8 inches,but then it turned to rain around dawn and we ended up with 6 inches of heavy snow.Then temps dropped from 32 at 8 am to 21 by 9 am and there was a flash freeze.Another system,this time a clipper system may dump a few more inches on us Tuesday and Tuesday night with two different clipper systems.How much we get is determined by where these two systems form and when the energy explodes.

Quick hitting storm today.expecting 2-4 inches in boston area,but it all depends on how quickly this system deepens as its making its pass,along the coast could see up to 6 inches if this strengthens quickly.
Certainly northeast Mass and NH and Maine coasts could get a quick 6 inches or a little more.
Then a warming trend sets in starting Thu.,weekend weather is still up in the air,but we have some form of precip to contend with.

Another quick hitting snowstorm for New England.Dumped 6 inches of fluffy snow on us late yesterday and first part of the evening.
Today will be cold and then a warmup starts tomorrow.
Maybe hitting 40,and possibly around 50 on Friday.Unsettled over the weekend,with Sunday possibly hitting 60 if the cold air in Canada doesn't leak down.Also could be some periods of rain.

warmer temps infiltrating our area finally,but the battle between artic air and warmer temps this weekend,some areas with rain,some areas may have to contend with ice.

Dec. 20th
I will be out until after Christmas Holiday,so I want to wish all my WU friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.
Our weather looks to be cold and dry,so people traveling in our area should have no problems.This weekend New England will have a wide variety of weather,from very warm conditions and rainy Sat. and Sunday in the southern new england,while northern areas will see snow to freezing rain and Maine could have a serious icing situation.So will have to monitor this as it develops this weekend.Everyone stay safe for the holidays.

Updated: 2:16 PM GMT on December 20, 2013


watching weekend storm

By: NEwxguy, 2:31 PM GMT on December 09, 2013

Dec. 9th
So we have a little snow,changing over to a little sleet/frzing rain,then rain,but very low impact.People just have to take it slow.At most in my area an inch of snow,already mixing.

Doesn't look like winter is going to ease up anytime soon.Active weather pattern and each time a system goes by it pulls down artic air.Pretty strong system this weekend.Looks like it will come close enough to give us snow changing to a wintry mix. Still too far away to nail down exact track which ultimately determines who sees the most wintry weather.

Stage is set for major winter storm this weekend.Cold air in place today and reinforcing shot of artic air later today and again on Friday.High pressure will settle into the Maritimes this weekend and coastal cyclogenesis makes for a lot of wintery precip.Still uncertain of track,but whether there is a change over or not there will be significant snow,if the colder solution holds,we could be talking at least a foot of snow,especially inland from the coast.Will have to wait for a couple of days to nail down the track.

With our nor'easters the strength and track is usually determined by whether the northern and southern streams phase.At this time it looks like they won't phase for our weekend storm,so models are trending weaker and further south.Of course with these coastal storms things can change over the next couple of days,but it doesn't look like a blockbuster storm,in fact its very possible it may turn into less then 6 inches.Since the coastal system hasn't formed,we'll just have to wait and see.

Updated: 1:51 PM GMT on December 12, 2013


Spring weather is over

By: NEwxguy, 2:40 PM GMT on December 02, 2013

Dec. 02
So the weather service winter starts.And it starts off unsettled,but not very winterlike,winter is out west,but colder more winter like air should arrive by the weekend.
Will review some of the long range forecasts I've seen in the next few days.
November came out about normal for temps,with the first half being above normal and the second half being below normal.Despite the big rains last week,we still ended up over an inch below normal for the month,which continues the long string of dry weather.We'll see if this continues for December.
Lot of changes coming in the next 7 days.First a brief warmup as a warm front comes through tomorrow night,with a few showers late tomorrow and wednesday morning.A dry period for the second half of Wednesday into Thursday,then a cold front moves through late Thursday and cold artic air moves in for the weekend,could be some heavier showers on Friday as the cold air comes in.Then the front settles to the south and hangs up off the south coast with waves rippling along the front.A more significant system for monday,and at this point should be mostly wet rather than white for southern new england,but could be some significant snow to the north and some ice in between.We'll have to wait to see how this shakes out.
So the battle grounds are being formed.Those of us who live in the northeast know every winter is different,depending on how the winter pattern sets up.
If you watch winter forecasts,it centers around the NAO,AO,La nina and El nino,Siberian snow cover.The short story is some winters the cold air gets locked up in Canada and is unable to plunge into the US,Other winters due to certain pattens,the door is open and the artic air has free pass to us here in the east and cold fronts push right through and cold air wins out.Then there are those winters where the artic air plunges into the midwest,but has trouble pushing through the east and we are caught in the battle zone between cold and warm.This often causes major ice and snow conditions.That is what is setting up for the coming next 7 days.Warm air will be flooding in into Friday,but then an artic front will push through early Friday and may change the rain to snow before ending,then we should have a cold weekend,but more stormy weather starting late Sunday night.That front that came through on Friday gets hung up south of us and will try to move north again,but have a hard time pushing the cold air out,so we are going to see a mix of snow,sleet,ice,and rain,and it will depend on where you live ,and just 10 or 20 miles will make a difference on what kind of weather you encounter.Monday morning commute should be interesting,and everyone should pay attention over the weekend.

Another cldy day and a few light sprinkles around.Warm front moving through should warm us up close to 50 today,even without the sun.Cold front moves through late tomorrow morning,but slowing down,so it will be warm tomorrow also,cold air doesn't get in here until late tomorrow night.Depending on how quickly the cold air moves in,precip could change to snow before ending,but not much.

The feel of spring is just about over,currently in the 50's here in eastern parts,but cold front moving across central new england will quickly start dropping the temps.Showers will be over spreading the area scattered this morning,but nothing heavy.A lull mid-day,then later this afternoon a low moves along the stalled front south of new england spreading heavier rain into our area,with a gradual turn over to snow.Centeral and western areas could get several inches,here along the coast 1-2 is possible,depending on how quickly the change occurs.Cold weekend ahead before the next system moves in Sunday night.

Updated: 6:46 PM GMT on December 06, 2013


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