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TS Karen

By: NEwxguy, 1:02 PM GMT on September 30, 2013

Last day of Sept. and we are looking at some very warm temps for the first week of October.Wednesday being the warmest probably low to mid 80's.
warmth will last all week,but not quite as warm as wednesday,in fact it may get humid friday and saturday.

Warmth continues,a couple of weak fronts,but only cooling off slightly.After today's 80's,back to the 70's tomorrow,and probably through the weekend.In fact a warm front will pass Saturday and it will actually get a little humid Sat and Sun.

Another warm day,before we start to cool it down,and it becomes somewhat unsettled.Weather early next will be determined from what happens with a potential tropical system in the gulf.It may bring some tropical moisture up our way by Tuesday.We really do need some rain.
TS Karen has formed this morning and is expected to make landfall around the Alabama/Florida Panhandle area.Karen's track will be determined by the front moving east.The High is building along the SE Coast,so the front is going to slow down and may even stall,so I am expecting Karen after landfall to fall apart and its moisture will ride up the appalachian chain.We'll know better by this weekend when Karen is expected to make landfall.How strong she is when she makes landfall is uncertain.

Watching TS Karen in the gulf,looks like she's going to be blocked from ever sending moisture up our way,as a front moves through on Tuesday and she slows down in the south and hangs around the Southeast,could mean some drenching rains for the Southeast next week.
Our weather is going to be unsettled as we have several fronts and waves moving through our region into next week.Temps will remain above normal as we should be in the 60's and most days will be around 70 or a little higher depending on how much sun we get.Even after the front moves through on Tuesday it will still be around 70.

Updated: 1:18 PM GMT on October 04, 2013


TGIF and dry weather continues

By: NEwxguy, 12:54 PM GMT on September 23, 2013

How strange is it to look out in the tropical atlantic and not even see an invest.This has been such a strange tropical season.Little or nothing to worry about.At this point in time,the most likely area to watch will be the carribean and gulf,but the conditions at this point do not favor any developement.

So we've been in a very quiet weather pattern,going back to the last week in July,after our heatwave.Sept. has been very quiet with only a few frontal passages to give us any rain.This pattern should last through the weekend,but models now have picked up on a possible strong coastal low for monday or tuesday.Models are split on whether this stays south and is much weaker,while another group of models strengthen this low with even some tropical characteristics and bring up the coast into new england.Still way too early ,but definitely something to watch.

So our quiet comfortable fall weather continues right through the weekend,although probably increasing clouds late sunday.As for our coastal low,models seem to be edging this more east of us and probably will miss us completely or graze SE Mass and cape cod with some rain and wind/waves.Still too early with certainty,will have a better picture once the low starts to form of the SE coast.After that weather could become active as a Neg. NAO sets up in the north atlantic,which usually brings some very unsettled weather to the northeast

Will keep the title of the blogs since there are no end in sight for this weather.Looks to be a perfect weekend,and at this point the coastal low looks to pass out to sea well south of the New England,so continued dry spell,with little to no precip expected.Slight chance on Tuesday as a weak cold front comes through.
Area really needs some rain,The summer was 5 inches below normal and fall starts off very dry.

So our coastal low should stay out to sea,but it will be a close call,will have to watch for any changes this weekend,but once that system moves by,we get a long stretch of dry weather and above normal temps next week.
At least mid 70's with the possibility of even warmer temps if the high stays strong.Not a bad way to end Sept and start October

Updated: 2:17 PM GMT on September 27, 2013


Nice start to the weekend

By: NEwxguy, 1:19 PM GMT on September 16, 2013

Sept. 16th,
Once again a shot of cold air brings the threat of frost in our valleys and western areas.One day of cool air and then back to more normal temps by mid week.

Down to 41 degrees this morning,still haven't hit the thirties yet,but tomorrow morning might be that morning.Always a shocker when the first morning in the thirties hits.I see some early trees starting to change colors so the change of seasons is moving on.Fall begins on
September 22, 2013 at 4:44 P.M EDT

Sept. 18th
So we've had our couple of very chilly days.Heat kicked in for the early mornings,but starting to day we get back into the 70's and mornings will not be quite as cold.Still in the 40's,but should not be any danger of frost in those areas west and north.I had no frost in my area.Normal first frost is around Oct.7th for me,sometimes second week in Oct.Still continued below normal precip.,things are really dry around here.Next chance of rain is Sat. night and Sunday morning.

We here in the northeast shouldn't be complaining about our weather.With temps in the 70's and a few 80's and low humidity,this is perfect.Should last through Saturday,before a front comes through on Sunday with showers.
The low that was forecast to come up the east coast looks like will stay south of us next week,and we will stay dry and cool the first half of the week.One note,the Canadian does still bring rain into our area on Tuesday.

Sept. 20th
Continued beautiful weather into the weekend,but Sunday will have a period of showers as a cold front moves through,but these should be heaviest in the morning tapering off in the afternoon.Cooler weather for the first half of next week,then another warmup mid-late week,So this pattern of cool downs and warmups continue.


Nice start to the weekend,before some heavy showers move in early tomorrow morning,before ending mid-day.Then some fall weather moves in just in time for the start of fall

Updated: 2:55 PM GMT on September 21, 2013


Hello Fall

By: NEwxguy, 2:51 PM GMT on September 09, 2013

Sept. 9th
Down to 43 degrees this morning,coldest morning of the so far this season,but now we head up the temperature ladder heading for 90 degrees on Wednesday and humidity on the rise starting tomorrow,then back down for the weekend.We are in a pattern,where we get a frontal passage every 3 or 4 days and in between the fronts we get a brief warmup.Its also noticed after each front the cool down is a little cooler each time.
Summer makes a brief return,with a warm front moving through this afternoon and a sharp rise in humidity and 90's tomorrow.Cold front with strong storms late Thursday and back to fall weather.
Everytime this date rolls around,all the memories of that day come flooding back.First disbelief and then horror and sadness and anger.Those who lost someone on that day feel even stronger emotions.

Humidity hangs on for one more day,then cold front moves through late tonight or early tomorrow morning.Could be some strong storms western and central new england,should weaken by the time they get to us here in the east,but still could be some heavy rains through the night.Hopefully the Patriots game can get finished without too much trouble.

So our front is making its way across New England today,and will introduce much cooler and low dewpoints later today into the weekend,another front on Monday and some very cool air for mid next week,before we warm up,but no summer weather,and doubtful we will see anything like the past two days until next spring.

Updated: 1:02 PM GMT on September 13, 2013


chilly morning

By: NEwxguy, 6:13 PM GMT on September 04, 2013

Sept. 04
Back from my extended holiday weekend. It was nice,Weather was not great,but really only rained Saturday morning.Heavy rains deposited about 1.22 inches,but the rest of the weekend the downpours and heavy rains went all around us.Stayed very humid all weekend,but this morning woke up to cool dry refreshing air.Still should get up to the low 80's before a reinforcing shot of canadian air comes through early tomorrow, and the next two days we may not hit 70.

Sept. 05
Another sign of the changing seasons.Our first frost warnings in New England.These have been posted for the colder valleys in western Mass and southwestern New Hampshire and southern vermont.Another wake up call that summer is about over.As far as the NWS it ended on August 31st.

First morning,that I had to wear a sweatshirt to work.44 degrees this morning.Warmup this weekend before another cold front comes through on Sunday,and a brief cool down another warmup mid week.So for now,fronts moving through,and brief warmups are the pattern through next week.

Updated: 12:59 PM GMT on September 06, 2013


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