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Labor day weekend

By: NEwxguy, 1:15 PM GMT on August 26, 2013

Don't know about anyone else, but I consider Labor day the last weekend of summer.We still can get some heat for the first couple of weeks of September,but it never feels like summer,it has that feel of fall,no matter what the temperature.Maybe its the shorter days,or just seeing September on the calendar.Looks to be an unsettled week ahead with humidity,but right now Labor day weekend looks perfect.


A couple more light showers before dawn,but nothing to help the dry spell.All the heavy showers were down along the Conn. and RI and SE Mass area.Sun starting to break out now,should be a warm and humid day.
Things are changing as usual,first half of the weekend looks good,but not as warm as they were originally predicting and more unsettled weather moving in late Sunday and Monday.

Our dry spell continues with no relief in sight.There is a chance of showers or storms in western parts of New England,but only a very slight chance in eastern areas.
Doesn't look like any real summery warmth will be moving in this weekend.The hot high pressure in the mid sections of the country will be slipping toward the west and a deep trough will be digging over us as the weekend progresses,giving cooler temps and possibility of some showery weather starting late Sunday into next week.

I start my long holiday weekend at the end of the day today.As far as the forecast goes for the weekend going to be a mixed bag. After a below normal day today,summer will return tomorrow.Saturday looks good,and then showers and storms return Sunday and through midweek.Don't care,will take advantage of any good weather we have.

Updated: 1:13 PM GMT on August 29, 2013



By: NEwxguy, 2:10 PM GMT on August 19, 2013

Aug. 19th,
After four relaxing days off,back to the grind.Also returning is summer. August has been below normal.Starting tomorrow,we get into the mid to upper 80's tomorrow,and possibly hitting 90 Wednesday and Thursday in some areas.This will probably be summer's last gasp.Cooler weather returning for the weekend.Tropics remain quiet.

Summer heat returns for the next few days with increaing humidity.Enjoy it while you can,things are going to turn drastically cooler and next week,may be cool and wet.This is it folks,last summer gasp.

Starting off warm and should make it to almost 90,some areas will hit 90.Warm muggy day tomorrow,and that will be it.

Didn't quite reach 90 yesterday,maxed out at 89,so today is the last chance to hit 90.Don't see any other opportunity after today as we cool down,and next week we'll have a lot clouds and occasional showery periods.
The heat is going to settle into the mid section of the country.

Aug. 23rd
TGIF!!!And after this week,I really mean it too.
So our cold front went by and cooler drier air is rushing in now,but another secondary cold front will come through late today with a few very lt scattered showers and then very dry and much cooler air moves in for tonight and tomorrow,with gradual warming on Sunday and Monday.After that it turns very unsettled and increasing humidity.

Updated: 1:16 PM GMT on August 23, 2013


feel of fall

By: NEwxguy, 1:57 PM GMT on August 12, 2013

A beautiful weekend with mostly sunny skies,warm on Saturday,cooler yesterday,but still nice.Waiting for a couple of fronts to pass the next couple of days with a warm front tonight and cold front late tomorrow afternoon,with some showers some heavy.
Then back into some falllike weather.Beginning to look like August is going to be below normal.Below normal months are few and far between.

Aug. 13th
Rain is moving into our area this morning and will get heavier as the day goes in with embedded thunderstorms.In fact a see a tornado warning just SE of Philadelphia.So some of these storms could get severe especially south of our area.Definitely some downpours headed our way.

Cold front came through last night with any fanfare here in the east.Showers dried up before they got to me.This morning definitely has the feel of fall.Temps touched 59,but with lowering dewpoints and a stiff breeze,definitely feels like september,not mid August.
Long dry spell with a gradual warming into next week.Just in time for my 4 days off.

Updated: 12:55 PM GMT on August 14, 2013


Flood watches

By: NEwxguy, 1:02 PM GMT on August 05, 2013

Aug. 5th
Once we got all those fronts by us,the cool canadian air has come rusing in.Took Belle out early and it was chilly,but didn't wear a sweater or jacket.I refuse to wear extra outerwear the first week in August.Tomorrow morning may be tough to hold to that rule.
First two days of the week below normal,then unsettled weather moves in Wednesday night and may hang around until Friday night.We'll have to see how it all evolves.Could be some flooding problems in certain areas.

Aug. 6th
It definitely doesn't feel like August this morning.Definitely a September chill this morning,but it won't last.Dewpoints will start increasing through the day tomorrow and Showers will move into the area late tomorrow night and last through Friday.Not raining all the time,but there will be periods of downpours and some thunder.
So far the weekend looks good with another fall like airmass moving in for early next week.

So we have one more dry day today with comfortable temps and low dewpoints,then tonight the dewpoints start to increase and showers start to move into western sections.Tomorrow lots of showers around,but the heaviest in western areas as a warm front moves through the area.More showers and storms on Friday as a cold front slowly moves through our area.The front may not make it by us here in the east until Saturday morning.

Humidity on the rise this morning,dewpoints up to 67 early and probably reaching low 70's by this afternoon.We've had a few light showers move through early with the warm front.May be another round of showers and storms this afternoon,but the real action will probably be tomorrow with the approach of a cold front.

Aug. 9th
Happy Friday to all.The predicted heavy downpours predicted for this afternoon,have arrived this morning.Looks to be a wet day with thunder and downpours most of the day.Watching any potential for severe weather this afternoon,although don't expect much sun to destabilize the atmosphere.Something to watch,especially with some turning in the atmosphere,may be a quick spinup in any strong cells.

Updated: 12:48 PM GMT on August 09, 2013


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