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By: NEwxguy, 5:49 PM GMT on May 28, 2013

May 31st
Happy Friday!!sure didn't feel like a short week,but its here and so is the end of May.
Overall May ended above normal,thanks to a hot spell the past two days,otherwise May was pretty close to normal for temps.
Precip was above normal,but not by a lot,thanks to the past couple of weeks.The first half of May was much below normal.We are still about 4 inches below normal for the year to date.

May 30th
So theres not much else to say about the weather other than its going to be hot. We had a cluster of heavy thunder storms move through between 10 and midnight,which dumped over a half inch of rain.The severity dimished by the time they reached me,but there was some pretty bright lightning.That was the opening of our heatwave so for the next 4 days 90's will be the story and 60's at night.A chance of some storms this afternoon,but not as bad as last night and not as many.Stay cool people!!!

May 29th
Showers moved through this morning,and now we have to watch the threat for severe weather this afternoon.Severe storms depends on how much sun breaks through,if we do get sunshine,then everyone has to be on their toes,things could start popping this afternoon.Lets wait and see how much sun breaks through.

May 28th,
I had a long 4 day weekend,but didn't get hardly any of the things I wanted to accomplish,due to cold wet days Friday and Saturday.Sunday we went to Rhode Island to visit friends, got some things done yesterday morning,and then had family over for a cookout.Yesterday was a beautiful day,the rest of the weekend was cold,cold cold.Even snow in New Hampshire,mostly the higher elevations,but some valleys got a few inches.
Now were headed for a heat wave expecting close to 90 on Thursday and then 90's through most of the weekend.May be some heavy weather tomorrow as we make the transistion.
Then this morning on my way to work,my wife calls and she is headed to work and gets a flat tire so I turn around and head back home to change her tire.
Why is it that last tire lug nut won't come off?
So my clothes were a mess so go back in and change,then spill coffee on the way to work.And then of course my boss calls me to complain about my work.So can someone explain to me why I got up this morning??
Nevermind,I had four days off,I shouldn't complain.

Wet and cool Memorial Day weekend

By: NEwxguy, 1:16 PM GMT on May 20, 2013

May 23rd
So my great idea to have a nice 4 day holiday weekend gets rained on.I was hoping a front would move through quickly and we would have a cool,but sunny weekend,now it appears a slow cutoff system will slowly move through our area with lots of rain and very cool temps only around 60.We might salvage Monday.Usually by this date we a couple of summery type days,but nothing like this is forecast,although we will start to recover to more normal temps next week,when I go back to work.

May 22nd
Some heavy showers and thunder yesterday afternoon and evening and even late at night to the west and south of me.Weakened as it got neat the coast with some brief heavy showers.The real story is the cool down.Dropped to 50 degrees by evening,currently at 56,cool and raw.
Front should slowly move back north and we get back into the humid air,but this may take all day to get to me.And again showers and thunderstorms will fire up this afternoon,mainly to west and south.

May 21st
Yesterday's tornado death toll in Moore,Oklahoma,continues to rise.Toll is up to 91,and probably will eclipse 100 with many school children when an elementary school was demolished.
The stories are chilling,but rescuers pouring into the area and pulling many survivors out of the rubble.Today another day of severe weather,we can only pray it won't be like yesterday.

May 20th
We haven't had much humid weather,a couple of days here and there,but as we approach Memorial Day weekend,we will encounter some humid weather,especially Wed. and Thu.
Right now Memorial day weekend looks on the cool side with cool mornings and somewhat warm days.But it is transistion time,so we will start to see the humid days start to increase,as we change to more summery pattern.
Certainly the large tornado outbreak in the midwest is an indication we are changing.Some serious tornado action yesterday and more to come today and tomorrow.
Prayers go out to all have been hit and all those in the area of threats today and tomorrow.

High fire danger

By: NEwxguy, 1:02 PM GMT on May 13, 2013

May 17th
Still a fire danger this morning,but winds should lessen this afternoon,so the danger won't be as high.
Looks to be a nice weekend,seasonable and continued dry.Then next week,humid unsettled weather moves in,not raining all the time,but threat of showers and thunder each pattern,becomes blocked again,hopefully improving by the holiday weekend.

May 16th
Its warm,but very windy and its dry,so a very high fire danger out there,so hopefully people will be careful with cigarettes and small fires.
Cold front will cool things down and should be normal temps for the weekend.

May 15th
Cold morning,35 degrees,but from here temps will be warming,but the warming trend will be started by a round of showers this afternoon,sometime after 3 pm.Some places may get a downpour with some thunder,but other areas will only see a brief shower.Eventhough a cold front will pass through tonight,it will be warmer tomorrow,with temps around 80 if your away from the influence of the ocean.Tomorrow night another cold front moves through and we get cooler air with flow off the ocean through the weekend.

May 14th
In training,so didn't get by to my blog today,ready to leave for the day.
Been a mostly cloudy day for us,and cool,staying in the 50's for the most part.Some wet weather late tomorrow,and then warmer temps.Avoided any frost this morning when clouds moved in.

May 13th
Its mid May,and we have frost advisories for areas away from the coast.Not unusual for this time of year in our area.I don't do any planting until around Memorial day weekend,you just never know.I have neighbors lose their tomatoe plants when they planted this early.Should start to warmup again by Wednesday,but no real hot weather in sight.I've only hit 80 twice this spring so far.Had some rain Friday and saturday,but not much,certainly doesn't help the deficit in my area.SE Mass got a couple of inches Saturday morning.

Happy Friday!!!TGIF

By: NEwxguy, 12:59 PM GMT on May 06, 2013

May 10th,
Beautiful day ahead,with upper 70's to low 80's,before the next wet system sets in late tonight after midnight.
Showers and thunderstorms off and on tomorrow,before much cooler and drier air moves in for Mother's day and Monday.

May 9th
Back after a day off feeling under the weather.Was at work on Tuesday didn't feel well all day and still not feeling good yesterday,rather than come into this nuthouse.Its bad enough being here when I feel well,nevermind feeling lousy.
Anyway our wet pattern has settle in,sc showers mostly light all day yesterday then a heavy shower with some thunder before midnight,more showers expected to form this afternoon as the upper low that has caused so much rain around the country slowly moves across and out to sea.Tomorrow looks gorgeous with temps around 80,then more showers moving in late saturday.Right now Mother's Day looks to be on the cool side,but becoming sunny. We'll have to see.

May 7th,
One more day of beautiful weather,into the 70's today,and then we go into a cooler unsettled weather pattern. We all knew it would end sometime,and we really do need the rain.Wet weather moves in tomorrow and then on and off periods of showers into the weekend.Not big washout,but there will be periods of showers and even some thunder with and occasional downpour.

May 6th

I title this blog with a tone of sarcasm.It was a beautiful weekend,cool ocean breezes keep a little chill in the air,but continued dry weather,need rain desperately and should get it by Wednesday,then we will head into a stretch of unsettled weather right into next weekend.No big warmups in sight,but should get well up into the 70's tomorrow,before the cooler wet weather moves in.We are getting into that time of year where we should see an occasional 80 degree day,but nothing in sight right now.In fact by next sunday we may go below normal,we'll have to see.

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