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Happy Easter!!!!

By: NEwxguy, 1:31 PM GMT on March 18, 2013

Mar. 29th
Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates the holiday,and to our Jewish Friends Happy Passover currently going on until April 2nd.
Should be a very nice holiday weekend,with Easter Sunday possibly reaching 60 degrees before clouds move in during the afternoon and possible showers later in the evening into the nighttime hours.
Cold front moves through during Monday,which may bring a few more showers,then turning cool again like we have been for over a month.

Mar. 28th
So were almost finished with March.Even though we've been in a cool stretch,we really have averaged around normal.It hasn't been terribly cold and no real cold mornings.
Precipitation has below normal for March.Other than a brief warmup on Sunday(maybe 60?)its going to remain on the cool side of things.We still have the systems in Canada swirling around and bring down cool Canadian air.

Mar. 27th
Chilly morning,down to 25,but sun already warming quickly.Clouds expected to move in later today and may see a little light snow tonight.Should be only a dusting to maybe half an inch.
Puppy is is doing fantastic.She is going outside each time we take her out,haven't had any accidents,although close calls.Certainly not housebroken yet,given the chance there would be accidents,but is good that she goes quickly outside.
She sleeps through the night which is awesome,but it is a challenge to try to get ready for work in the morning.I have some pictures,just need to transfer them and will post them when I get a chance.

Storm passed out to sea harmlessly with only minor precip along the southern coast and cape cod.
The blocking pattern continues,so unsettled cool weather continues into the weekend,with only slight warming.The cold extends all the way down to the gulf coast where some areas have frost and freeze warnings up for the next couple of weeks.

Mar. 25th

I guess I'll keep this blog going,since it started off with the new pup story and since she is arriving this afternoon,may as well keep it going.
At least the weather is cooperating for her trip,with no weather problems leaving Tennessee and then to Atlanta and finally to Boston.
Weatherwise no big warmups on the way,but the temps will be creeping up,just for the reason the sun is getting warmer.

March 24th
Bright sun this morning,promises to be a nice day today,once the winds die down this afternoon,it will feel nice.Hey,might even see a 50 degree reading.May just be wishful thinking.

March 23rd

So it will be dry and calm weekend,but it continues below normal temps.And today will have gusty winds, so it will feel cooler,with lots of clouds.Tomorrow should be the better of the days.Our coastal storm still looks to move out south of us,but it will be close,in fact Conn.,RI, and SE Mass,may see a small accumulation.Something to watch as any jog more north would create problems.

March 22nd,
So a little sneek snowstorm hit SE Mass,and especially Cape Cod,where some areas received around 9 or 10 inches,but that has moved out to sea.
Looks to be a dry weekend,with slightly below normal temps,and hopefully the next storm will move out south of us on Monday.Models indicate right now it will pass out south,but it will be close so have to watch this carefully any little jog north would send some precip into southern new england.

March 21st,
So our blocking pattern is expected to stay put right into April.So my advice for people in the East and Northeast,don't take out the tshirts yet.
We see this from time to time,a negative NAO and it takes a few months for this to break down,and sometimes it breaksdown and then builds back in.So we'll just have to wait and see what happens,almost impossible to forecast when this negative NAO will weaken.In the meantime we have to watch two more situations.One will be later today and this evening.We have a large system passing well south of us,but trough will be moving off the coast and join with this system and form what they call a Norlun trough mainly over southeastern portions,but even along the easter coast we may see some snow.over the SE may see 2-4 depending on how strong the instability gets and a coating to an inche around the boston area,but this is extremely hard to predict.Then another system will be moving off the east coast,and should stay south of us,but it will be close so something to watch.

March 20th,
Those who are tired of this winter weather,better get used to it for a while.No signs of the blocking pattern breaking down.This will probably last through the rest of March and early April.These patterns sometimes are very slow to break down.Lets hope it breaks down early April or we could be in for a very cool wet spring.
Puppy news,she is scheduled to fly in Monday afternoon.I'll be watching a coastal storm closely around that time frame,but right now leaning toward it going out to sea.

March 19th,
So they say spring begins tomorrow,sure,what ever!!!!Another 10 inches of snow,a very heavy wet snow.Currently mixing between snow,sleet and rain.
Forecast below normal temps right to the end of the month with storm threats continuing.I have a feeling my tulips are not planning on poking through the ground any time soon.

March 18th,
Hope everyone had a Happy and safe St. Patrick's Day.Our winter continues to hold its grip,eventhough spring begins on Wednesday.We have another Major snowstorm headed into our area with snow beginning tonight. and continuing through at least tomorrow morning and depending on the track,may transistion to sleet and freezing rain and rain.When this change over occurs will determine how much snow we get.It looks like the farther west toward Worcester west will see more than a foot of snow.Right now my area is under a winter weather warning for 4-8,but if the changeover is slower,may see up to 10 inches.
I am so tired of snow at this point.And no sign of any spring weather in the forecast.

And soon to be our new member of our house.Sadie is her current name,but we will be changing to our own selection once she arrives.

Updated: 2:16 PM GMT on March 29, 2013


winter feel

By: NEwxguy, 2:13 PM GMT on March 12, 2013

March 15th,
Took my evening fast walk and it felt like I had dropped back into January.Wind chills were in the teens.I was wrapped up like Mid-January and when I was walking into the wind it was painful.Winds were gusting over 20,and with temps in the mid 20's,it was not pleasant.Need to send out the search part for spring.Yesterday morning I saw a Robin in my back yard,he's got to be thinking,he should have stayed south for a couple more weeks.Below normal weather is expected right through next week.

March 14th
Won't go into any long explanation about the AO/NAO many explanations on the internet,but for New England in the winter it usually means colder than normal,and that is what we have right now.Our days in the 50 are a distant memeory as we do have a negative AO/NAO pattern,that may last through the month of March.Eventhough we are running above normal it doesn't seem like it,but due to the fact the days that have been above normal have been much above,it pushes the monthly average above norma.
For storm systems we have a weak one on Saturday which may bring a small accumulation on grassy surfaces,but since it is occuring during the day it should be warm enough where pavements will just be wet.A bigger system on Monday night into Tuesday night,but right now leaning toward a warmer system.

March 13th
Enjoy today people here in New England,cold air moving back in tonight and will be generally below normal temps for the foreseeable future,as we move back into a blocking pattern with a trough over the east and series of systems moving through the pattern.This time of year with the higher sun angle any system moving through the day,has a hard time generating any snow accumulations,unless you get very heavy precip.A small system on Saturday should give us light snow or mix,doesn't look any thing to worry about,next week will be the big system,and without a lot of arctic air to feed on,this will be mostly a wet system,but we'll have to wait on this one.

March 12th
Above 50 yesterday and again today,but don't get use to it,as winter is still going to return.Much colder weather setting in for Thursday into the weekend. Mostly dry weather ahead,but possible small system Saturday night,with chance of light snow or mix.
The big question will come mid next week.Indications of a major system,but at this point not sure of how this system will evolve.Will be watching this as the days progress.

Updated: 1:29 PM GMT on March 15, 2013


More snow than expected

By: NEwxguy, 2:22 PM GMT on March 04, 2013

March 8th
Since this storm started showing up in Models,the predictions have been all over the place,from mostly rain,to going out to sea.Well,most of us here in central and eastern areas are seeing about a foot of snow.Here in waltham we have about 8-10 inches.They have never been able to hone in on this forecast.

March 7th
So our nor'easter is finally effecting our area.
Currently light snow is falling,eastern and central areas,rain down on cape cod,heavier snow se Mass and RI.Strong winds with gusts over 40 along the coast.Flooding expected along the coast and since this is going to last through Friday,each High tide will be worse.So this is going to a major impact on area over a long period of time.Coastal sections that have been battered repeatedly since Sandy are going to take another beating with this storm,there may even be some homes that will be lost to the sea.

March 6th
I very large and strong storm will be passing south and east of New England,which is probably a good thing. SE New England will feel the brunt of the storm,but eastern sections to about 50 miles west of Boston will also have some major impact.As with most storms this time of year rain/snow line is crucial and always hard to predict. There is no major cold with this system so the Atlantic air influence will be the deciding factor on who gets a lot of heavy wet snow and who sees only a few inches.Right along the coast and down south of Boston will see mostly rain,but it will switch back and forth.Probably snow at night and mostly rain in the day time hours.
The wind will be a big factor.Already winds are out of the Northeast 10 to 20 with gusts approaching 30 mph. and will only get stronger tonight and tomorrow with gusts approaching 60mph.
There will probably be mod to major coastal flooding as this is a long duration storm over multiple high tides.Severe coastal erosion will occur.Power outages can be expected where there is a lot of heavy wet snow

March 5th
So it looks like our coastal storm may impact southern and eastern new england more than was expected yesterday.Models are moving the system closer to new england. The US models are bringing in farther north and thus warmer with heavy snows inland and heavy rain south and eastern areas,while the european models are farther off shore and colder and snowier for south coast,cape cod and eastern areas.Most forecasters are leaning toward the farther offshore.There is still the possiblity of a completed miss.Nothing is for sure at this point.

March 4th,
Not much change in the weather pattern,large low off of Nova Scotia continues to spin,with small areas of light precip.rotating around this low.Yesterday we had off and on light flurries,a few sprinkles late afternoon,then some steadier light snow in the evening,but nothing adding up.This pattern will continue all week,which should protect us from a strong storm moving off the mid-atlantic coast,which should stay far enough south of us,but may cause some strong winds on Thursday.Could be some heavy snows for western virginia and West Virginia area.
No real springlike weather in sight,although next weekend should improve the temps a little bit.

Updated: 2:52 PM GMT on March 08, 2013


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