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Drying out

By: NEwxguy, 2:18 PM GMT on February 25, 2013

Never thought I would be so glad to see a month come to an end,but Feb. is one of those month.Its the shortest month of the year,but it appeared to go on forever.Little sunshine,almost 5 inches of precip,one huge blizzard,over 1 inch of rain yesterday and not a whole lot of sun.March is not going to start off very sunny either,but right now no big storms in sight.We do have to watch a coastal storm mid next week,but right now looks to stay far enough south to have little or no effect."We have to watch it"
So meteorological spring begins tomorrow.This time of year it doesn't mean much.Won't see a lot warmer temps until at least mid month.Last year was an exception,it was exceptionally warm all month.

So a rainy day for southern new england while our neighbors to the north get a pretty heavy snowfall.The heaviest precip will be this morning,but with blocking out in the Atlantic, clearing will be agonizingly slow. Don't expect to see too much sun right through the weekend and we will be below normal for temps.

One more day of quiet weather and then that midwest storm starts effect us here in New England.
For the most part it will be rain in southern new england,but higher elevations and western portions on up into new hampshire and Vermont,Maine could see a sizable snowfall.The problem is things won't clear out quickly as blocking has established itself in the atlantic so storms will not be moving east very fast.It will stay unsettled right through the week with periods of showers gradually changing to snow showers by Thrusday night.Weekend looks dry,but we will be watching a coastal storm that should stay out to sea,but something to watch if the blocking continues out in the Atlantck

Final four days of the month,and it has been a memorable month.We've had a lack of winter all last winter,and pretty easy for the first couple of months this year,and then Feb. decided to remind us it is winter.A couple more inches of snow last night.After periods of snow all yesterday afternoon that didn't amount to anything,it cooled enough last night to pick up a couple of inches although pavements only had a coating on it.
So we have a couple of quiet days ahead before another wintery mess moves in Tuesday night through Wednesday.It should be cold enough for snow to start tomorrow night and some areas especially higher elevations could get significant accumulations before a gradual changing over to mix and rain.

Updated: 6:59 PM GMT on February 28, 2013


changing conditions

By: NEwxguy, 4:53 PM GMT on February 18, 2013

We/ve been transitioning back and forth rain/snow,but should change to all snow this afternoon.not a blockbuster storm,but could see a few inches.But its very wet and raw weather,not enjoyable to be out in this weather at all.


So oncall this weekend,hopefully it will stay quiet.Still waiting for our storm,but indications now is that it will be weaker than expected.the low over the great lakes and the coastal low won't phase until well east,but still expect to see some precip later today and tomorrow.Todays precip should be a mix or all rain to begin, and then once the storm system starts to wrap up and pull somewhat colder air down,much of the area should change to all snow.Especially along the east coastal areas tomorrow should see some accumulating snow. how much is still up in the air.

Happy Birthday,George.You started it all,sure wish we could get you back,current string of presidents don't even come close to your standards.
So our area starts the preparations for another weekend storm.Precip starts tomorrow afternoon,and gets heavy tomorrow night into Sunday.The difference with this storm over the past couple is it doesn't have the strength,or as much precip.But the danger with this storm is where the snow falls,it is going to be very heavy bringing down tree limbs and wires.Won't be surprised to see numerous power outages.Still a big question on where the rain/snow line moves.Inland has the best chance for a large snowfall up to a foot.Other areas may switch to rain and then back to snow as the storm bombs out south of us and bring in more cold air.

Just when roads are getting back to normal and snow banks have settled so you can see around corners,mother nature decides to put back what was taken away.Really amazing how all the models are pretty much in agreement with this storm.The only question is where there might be some mixing or a change over to rain,for a short time.
Where it does stay snow,it could be meaure around a foot of new snow or little more.Nothing like our earlier blizzard,but still pretty significant storm.
Time table starting Saturday evening into Sunday morning.So all those snow lovers down the coast from us,if you want winter,come north my friends,winter in in full swing.

So we get a little warmup today,before we plunge back into the cold tomorrow and Thursday.A brief period of showers,some could be heavy this evening,before a cold front moves through around midnight.All eyes are watching this weekend for another coastal storm,still a lot of questions as to snow/rain line,but at least in the interior could see some plowable snow.Plenty of time to watch this develope.

Feb. 18th
I am off today,but oncall,so not really off.
One of those holidays,that government have off,but a large number of the private sector have to work.
We escaped the brunt of yesterdays large ocean storm,although cape cod got hit pretty hard.
about 3 inches in my area,but a lot of blowing and drifting of the snow.
Winds have been very gusty.
a brief warmup tomorrow,with some rain showers in the afternoon,and then back to cold for the rest of the week.Another warmup on friday and we have to watch a very complex storm system for the weekend with two storm centers.

Updated: 2:13 PM GMT on February 24, 2013


More snow

By: NEwxguy, 2:20 PM GMT on February 11, 2013

Feb. 15th
So we have more snow predicted. In fact we are in a very stormy pattern,and several storm systems in our future. The first this weekend.A coastal storm moving south of new england will send a shield of snow up to southern areas.Heaviest SE and eastern sections,possibly 3-6 inches.Models are really fighting this one,so this go be more out to sea or send moderate snow into our area,won't know for certain until tomorrow.Another system mid week and another next weekend.In between bouts of artic air.So anyone thinking about spring,better just put it on hold for the rest of February,as the pattern will not allow any type of spring weather.Enjoy today as it may hit 50.

Feb. 14th
Happy Valentines Day!!!
Quiet weather for this special day.
Fairly mild weather ahead until Sunday when Artic air comes rushing in.some light snow on Saturday.More storminess next week.And the long range outlook has most of February having several artic outbreaks and storminess.This could be the first month in a long time that finishes below normal.

So I am back,left work yesterday shortly after arriving,not feeling well at all.I think my weekend of snow clearing caught up to me.A day of rest did wonders and feeling much better today.
On a weather note,weather has been kind of nice,perfect additional snow clearing,something my city refuses to do,and roads still remain half the width of normal.
I suspect they used most of their budget for snow removal if not all and can't afford to use anymore in case of any additional storms.
A quick hitting snow event tonight,but this should be mostly along the southern part of new england and only a couple inches,our storm for the weekend is gone,except for a small clipper on saturday with a little light snow.
Next potential large storm next week midweek,and too far away to even really talk about at this point.
Happy Birthday to Mr. Lincoln
Not a holiday,but nice to remember one our great presidents that help to shape the country we now have.
Our recovery is still ongoing,in my town they are doing nothing,so roads are still very narrow and snow piles continue to make street corners hazardous at best.And now a new hazard is making itself known. Huge holes in the road pavement are showing up,so one has to be alert.Some of these holes could do some serious damage if hit a high rate of speed.
Expecting a little snowfall tonight,but a few inches south of boston is expected.Our weekend storm is becoming less likely except for a little light snow on Saturday and Saturday night,but this is still a long way off and models will continue to change.Then some real cold air comes rushing in for a couple of days.


Well, I made it through the big blizzard,it was as predicted a major storm.
Totals outside my home here in Waltham,23 inches.
,but drifts were 3-4 ft,barely could see my car.
So basically spent most of the weekend clearing snow.
After effects sore shoulders,sore muscles and exhausted.
New England really took it hard.At least inland we just had to contend with lots of snow.Our coastline took it hard.
Especially SE Mass.,Cape Cod,where they experienced hurricane force winds,many trees down.Many coastal communities still without power.
Here in Waltham our streets are a mess,they have done a terrible job.
Now I understand it was a major storm,so states emergency were declared and travel ban was on until 4 pm Saturday.So they said good it came on weekend we will have plenty of time to clear the roads for Monday.Well,they didn't use the weekend to clear the roads,once the snow stopped plows disappeared.They did not use the weekend to clear the roads.
Main roads around the city are cut in half width wise,sidewalks are not plowed so people are walking in the street,thus drivers have to move over into the oncoming lanes.Many sections of road covered in 2-3 inches of slush.I was out driving around a little yesterday and never saw a plow or city truck trying to improve the roads.Now everyone is going back to work,and the roads are very dangerous.
Now today we get rain and no place for the water to go,so there will be major road flooding this afternoon.Just yesterday with the warmup and melting there were many flooded areas.
Currently we have light snow falling,which should change to rain by this afternoon.
We have to watch next weekend for another possible coastal storm.
Oh and as bad as the roads are,I see a couple out jogging this morning.(?????)

Updated: 2:08 PM GMT on February 15, 2013


Blizzard Warning

By: NEwxguy, 3:21 PM GMT on February 04, 2013

Hopefully everyone is prepared in my area and in fact the entire northeast.This will probably something we will all remember the rest of our lives.I certainly remember the blizzard of 78 and how that shutdown our area for a week.This could be very similar.We certainly are more prepared this time with advanced warning,but when you get totals up over 2-3 feet and winds gusting over 50 mph to hurricane force,it really brings an area to its knees.Good luck out there.

The stage is set for what could be an historic event for our area.
The current forecast hasn't changed from yesterday,and 1-2 feet is expected in southern new england,and depending on where,a coastal warm front sets up what they call a deformation zone,over 2 ft is a distinct possibility in certain areas.
Strong winds 40-60 mph,could cause power outages.
New moon will bring astonomically high tides so some coastal flooding is likely.
Blizzard conditions will set in Friday evening into Saturday morning.
Don't be surprised if you hear thunder Friday night.

Its been two years since we've had a storm dump over a foot of snow,heck its been a struggel to get 6 inches,but all that comes to an end on Friday and Saturday.The stage is set.For major New England nor'easters,there are basic things that have to be in place.And all those pieces are coming into place.
I'll outline them in the blog below.

Feb. 5th
Cloudy morning,any light snow is following along the south coast of Conn. and RI,and even there its nothing to worry about.May see a few flurries or very light snow tonight,but the bigger storm may come on Friday,but models still are split on wheter there will phasing of the southern and northern streams.If phasing occurs,then it will be a significant system,and then the question becomes where the rain/snow line sets up.In the meantime it remains cold,high temp this month so far has been on last Friday at 35 degrees,since then we have not been above 32.

Start of a new week.And my least favourite day of the week.Weekend looks so far away.
Anyway still firmly in the grips of winter.Light snow all day yesterday,not amounting to much until late afternoon and early evening.Ended up with about 1 inch.
Temps in the 20's or low 30's all week,and in the teens at night.Kind of what you expect this time of year.
By Friday we could have our first large storm system coming up the coast.We haven't had a major coastal storm since the last week in December.This one could come close enough to change to rain in southern new england and then back to snow.Still all week to watch this.The ECMWF is the only model calling for a major impact,but its been doing this consistently for several model runs,so something to watch.
Fairly exciting superbowl,disappointed SF couldn't finish it,but in all,I didn't have much interest this year.
May be a warmup starting next weekend.


Updated: 1:37 PM GMT on February 08, 2013


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