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light snow event for Sunday

By: NEwxguy, 5:50 PM GMT on January 28, 2013

So we end the week and start a February.I'm always glad January ends,to me its the longest month.It was certainly an up and down month,but ended almost 3 degrees above normal.Last year January was even warmer.
Also last year February was almost 6 degrees above normal,so it'll be interesting to see what happens this year.Rarely get two years in a row of such warm temps for a month,but January did it,so we'll see if February stays above normal.It will be starting off below normal the first week.Still looking at a little light snow on Sunday and Sunday night,but not a major impact.Right now at most 2-4 inches and most of that eastern and south eastern sections.

So we in that period of winter when we the coldest weather usually occurs.Instead we get 62 degrees yesterday evening and around 60 into this morning.Enjoy the warm weather this morning,temps will start to fall late morning into the afternoon after a cold front passage this morning.
Last night heavy showers moved through,and winds were gusting over 50 mph,some spots recorded gusts over 60.Some trees down and power outages around the area.Winds aren't quite as strong but still very windy with gusts 30-40 mph.Just scattered showers left.More winterlike weather into the weekend,with a chance of light snow on Sunday.

Jan. 30th
Our one day warmup is here,the day starting out in the mid-30's,but climbing,and once the warm front moves north of us later this morning,big jump in temps to the 50's and our high temps may come this evening we may even hit 60 toward midnight and early morning hours,but it also comes with high wind warnings and heavy showers,maybe even thunder this evening and overnight.Back to cold starting tomorrow afternoon.

Some freezing drizzle during the night had everything coated with a thin coat of ice this morning.Lots of spinouts on the highway this morning as people refuse to slow down and cause accidents.
A slow warmup today above freezing into the 30's,but real warm weather comes in tomorrow for a one day stay.Still no big storms in sight.

So we've reached the last week of January and eventhough we've been very cold this past week,January still remains above normal.Wednesday we could hit 60,but before we get there,a battle with cold and warm will setup over us in the northeast. Most areas will have a period of light snow starting this afternoon,and may transistion to a period of sleet and freezing rain/drizzle tonight and early tomorrow.The cold air probably won't get pushed out until tomorrow night,and a very warm day on Wednesday,then some heavy showers and maybe some thunder late in the day and then temps head down from there.
January continues to be very dry,2.5 inches below normal.


Updated: 4:55 PM GMT on February 01, 2013



By: NEwxguy, 1:57 PM GMT on January 21, 2013

Didn't change the title of the blog since we are still in the middle of the artic air.In fact today feels much worse than yesterday due to stronger winds. Windchills are below zero or single numbers in most areas.
It was at 1 degree when I left the house this morning.And with a little wind,the windchill was -5 to -10 degrees.Thats cold.
Another cold night tonight,tomorrow slightly warmer but less wind so should be much more comfortable. A little snow tomorrow night,but not much,the best chance of accumulations along the south coast of new england,but the storm doesn't get going until well out to sea.I'm sure everyone will be happy with the warmup next week,eventually getting into the 40's.Heatwave!!!!

It was cold this morning,but I've seen a lot worse.8 degrees this morning.I suspect it will be around zero tomorrow morning,since highs today will only get to the teens,so not as far to fall tonight.
The snow on Friday night is looking much less,as models trend weaker with this system and no phasing will occur until well out to sea.Stil time for changes,but I suspect if it does change it will be for less snow.Chilly this weekend,but a warmup coming next week.

Jan. 22nd
So the snow along the coast never materialized,except down on Cape Cod and the islands,which received 2-4 inches and Rhode Island.
I have about .5 inches on the ground.So now the cold takes over with dangerous wind chills through Thursday.Then we have to watch a storm late Friday into Saturday,strength of this storm is still questionable,but at least a moderate snow event will take place.

Jan. 21st
Yesterday's 54 degrees will become a distant memory has winter has decided that he's going to move in and set up residence for a while.
The results, frigid temps,temps we haven't seen in a couple of years, and bouts of snow from time to time.
Our first chance of snow starts later today and through the night. The problem with this storm is that it is strengthening at sea,so prediction where the heavy bands of snow set up is extremely difficult.This will be a coastal event,with the greatest chance of deep snow will be right along the coast,espicially the SE and the NE coastlines.But depending on how quickly this storm strengthens will determine,if more areas get heavy snowfall,and how much.
After tomorrow then the artic air takes over until the next storm moves in on Friday,which could be another significant system.So put away your light clothes and get your shovels and snowblowers ready.
The less said about the Patriots the better,they looked awful last night,not the way I wanted to see them go out.

Updated: 6:35 PM GMT on January 24, 2013


Cold Friday,Mild Weekend

By: NEwxguy, 2:02 PM GMT on January 14, 2013

Cold this morning,dropped to 16 and not going to rise much today,but this cold is only here briefly,temps will start to rise after midnight,should get into the 40's tomorrow,and first half of Sunday,then floor drops and our temps plunge Sunday night,not to recover much all week.Won't be surprised to see some below zero mornings mid week.
Pats and Baltimore on Sunday night.GO PATS!!!!

About 3 inches from yesterday storm,after a little light rain at the end,couple of inches on the ground.Temps aren't too bad upper 20's this morning,but strong cold front coming through late today,and much colder air rushing in tonight and tomorrow.Then another warmup this weekend,before the artic air really comes rushing in late Sunday and lasting through next week.There will be a couple of near misses with coastal storms tomorrow night and again Monday night,but should stay far enough out to sea.Only Cape Cod and the islands get some snowfall depending on the track,but with any coastal storms,we have to keep an eye on them.

Made it to midweek,and we have a little snowstorm going right in the middle of commute,very slow going,but not a major storm.2-4 inches in my area.At least we get a little warmup on the weekend before an artic front moves through Sunday afternoon,then we really get into the cold temps for most if not all of next week.

Looks like we're in for a little snow.The farther away from the coast the better chanced for more snow.My area along I95 will be touch and go for snow/rain,but should get at least a couple of inches.It it stays cold enough may see 4 or 5 inches.Not a major storm,but enough right at commute time to mess up the morning traffic.
Then an artic front on Thursday for a cold Friday,warmer over the weekend and then Sunday afternoon the artic door opens up and a strong front moves through and a frigid week ahead next week.Well, it is winter right?

Jan. 14
A few more hours of above normal temps and then slowing falling temps this afternoon.Don't expect extreme cold,but over the week, dropping back to where it should be for this time of year.
From here we enter what is usually the coldest part of the winter,up until mid Feb.there have been extremely cold weather west of the Mississippi,but that should not make it to us.The worst of the cold should stay bottled up in Canada and northern New England.We may see some wintry precip on Wednesday morning,but nothing major.
Big Patriots victory yesterday.They handled Houston easily again,although this time Houston did manage to stay in the game a little longer.So a rematch of last year with Baltimore coming in next Sunday.Can't wait.

Updated: 8:12 PM GMT on January 18, 2013


Dreary weekend

By: NEwxguy, 2:09 PM GMT on January 07, 2013

Jan. 12
Doubt I'll see any sun this weekend,so eventhough temps will be above normal,without sun,it won't be any big temperature jumps.May hit 50 tomorrow,but not much more.

Its Friday,this first full week back after the holidays,seemed very long,also due to the fact I was not feeling well.I'm feeling much better now,with a small residual cough and congestion when I first get up in the morning.
Oncall this weekend.
We have an above normal weekedend,with a good chance of 50's on Sunday.Showers tonight and tomorrow morning as the warm air arrives.
Then Monday a cold front moves through and then the cold air starts to move in with chance of rain on Tuesday and as it gets colder may be some wintery precip for inland and northern areas.End of next week is much colder,so our winter reprieve is coming to an end.
Of course the Patriots play Houston at 4:30 est on Sunday,weather will not be a factor.The playoffs all weekend
4:30 pm est Baltimore at Denver
8:00 pm est Green Bay at San Francisco
1:00 PM est Seattle at Atlanta
4:30 PM est Houston at New England

Woke during the night to the howling of the winds.
Cold front moved through with wind gusts over 40.Winds have subsided somewhat by dawn,but still pretty windy out there.These will gradually diminish in the afternoon,with a chilly night ahead.

Mostly cloudy skies,down to 22 degrees this morning,but day time temps get into the 40's,so we can't complain.Still looking at possible 50's this weekend.
Heatlthwise still feeling not great.This thing is a tough battle.Just when you start to feel better,the next day,not so good.This is going to be one of those things that will linger for a while.
Amazing flu statistics around the country.Tough winter for illnesses.Stay safe out there and wash your hands often.

Another day in the 40's,but windy,so it really doesn't feel as nice,but very sunny.
Cool down on Thursday,but not much,and big warmup on the weekend.If things come together,it may be in the 60's.We'll see.Cooling off next week.Uncertain if it turns stormy,but indications right now is for a big cold surge after the middle of the month

Looks like were in for a mild spell,a couple precip events,rain,but nothing significant.Possibly 50's for this weekend.
NFL playoffs this weekend,and for the most part none of the games were that good.The Seattle/Washington game was pretty good,but with RG3 really hobbled,they didn't have much of a chance.
So Patriots will host the Houston Texans next Sunday.Don't expect a blowout like last time they met,but Houston did not look impressive beating the Bengals Saturday.
Still fighting an illness, coughing and sneezing and generally not feeling well at all.Started to feel better Saturday and then yesterday went backwards.Had some chicken soup in the afternoon that made me feel much better,so its not a wives tale,chicken soup does help.Brought some with me to work today to help me get through the day.

Updated: 6:39 PM GMT on January 12, 2013


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