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Happy New Year

By: NEwxguy, 2:17 PM GMT on December 31, 2012

End of the last short week for a while,unless you are someone who gets MLK day off in about a week and a half.
Got to 12 degrees early,then clouds moved in and temps started to rise.It will stay cold through the weekend,but nothing severe and even a couple events of flurries Sat. night and Sunday night.Then starting Tuesday a warmup into the 40's,which will feel nice.Some sort of storm the end of next week,but probably will be a warm storm.
The start of the NFL playoffs this week,which is always a fun time.

Holidays are done.They seem to arrive quickly and end even quicker.So much going on during the holiday period,time just flies by.
Also illnesses are rampant around the country.The flu has arrived early and effecting most of the country.
My wife was sick over the weekend,and has mostly recovered by now,now its me not feeling well,started New Year's eve,and definitely didn't feel well yesterday,went to work this morning,but going to leave early,should have just stayed home.
Came out this morning and battery was dead,and had to jump it.Must be a weak battery,first cold morning will kill a weak battery.So will leave work early and stop and get new battery
I hope everyone's new year's was a good one.

Jan. 01,2013
Happy New Year to all.
Starting off the new year,sunny skies,but very windy,Colder air is moving in through the week,morning temps most mornings will be in the single numbers,some slight warming by next weekend.
Spent a quiet new years eve.
Hope everyone had happy and safe new years eve.

Well,2012 going out with a moderate snowstorm,the most snow we've seen this year including last winter.
my totals 7 inches.Fairly light to shovel,except for bottom layer.Everything coated with ice this morning,care walking around is needed. May get a little melting this morning,but colder air moving in tomorrow and even colder to finish the week.So there won't be much melting going on right into the weekend.
Patriots finished the season on a positive note,shutting out Miami 28-0.This gives them a bye next week,as Houston collapsed at the end of the season.Denver has the other bye.

Updated: 2:15 PM GMT on January 04, 2013


Quiet Friday

By: NEwxguy, 1:57 PM GMT on December 26, 2012

December 28th
Our major storm has moved into the Maritimes,bright sunny morning,chilly and fairly icy with the left over water that froze,had to spread some ice melt on the driveway this morning.
Eyes on next storm,but at this point doesn't look major as storm gets its act together farther east of us,but still something to watch.Snow starting tomorrow afternoon tapering off after midnight.Possible 2-4 inches,the heaviest amounts south of Boston in Conn.,RI,and SE Mass,but off course this depends on track and when the system does its deepening.Cold air moving in for the New Year's eve and day,but nothing terribly cold,more normal for winter.

December 27th
The storm that has battered almost 60 percent of the country is moving through New England right now,and depending on where you live in New England you are getting either heavy snow,mixture,or heavy rain.In my area in eastern Mass,a brief period of light snow in the evening quickly changed to rain and heavy rains and strong winds most of the night.Coming to work this morning alot of road flooding.Rain is expected to taper toward late morning as a dry slot lifts north.Currently around 50 degrees on the cape and the islands to lower 30's north of Mass.Once the storm system swings by early afternoon,wind shift will bring in colder weather and may even see a brief period of light snow.Then we get a break until late Saturday when another coastal storm theatenes us with possible plowable snow.Models have been shifting back and forth the last couple of days,and most are trending closer to the coast now.One model creates a monstor snowstorm,but for now we'll just watch this.Another possibility is it doesn't get going until its east of us.We'll see.

December 26th
Loved the Christmas break,and enjoyed wonderful times with th family,but tired now.Ate too much drank too much,and after all the work,it is quickly gone.I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas.
The weather is certainly not taking any holiday break.Large very strong storm system moved through the central part of the country and now has turned the corner and heading NE toward us along the east coast. Many tornadoes reported in the south as a strong cold front swept through the area.These storms will sweep into the SE today.Meanwhile on the west and NW side of this storm there are blizzard conditions.
As far as we here in New England we will see just about every kind of weather you can see in the winter,from deep snow to ice/sleet to heavy rain.
Most of the snow will be well inland and more north where they could see up to 2 feet of snow in the higher elevations.For my area it will start as snow and tranfer to rain after a few inches of snow.Strong wind will accompany this storm,especially along the coast.

Updated: 2:02 PM GMT on December 28, 2012


first day of winter and we're still here

By: NEwxguy, 1:57 PM GMT on December 17, 2012

December 22nd
Long holiday weekend has started.Ventured out and traffic is crazy.Will stick at home.
Brief flurries early this morning.Another chance later this afternoon as the artic air comes streaming in.Possibility of light snow on Christmas morning.Bigger storm for Wed. night and Thursday,looks to be mostly snow.As this storm is coming from the Gulf of Mexico,should have a lot moisture to feed on.This may be our biggest snowfall in a long time.We'll see.

December 21st
So we all find ourselves still here,wake up alarm went off as usual.After a bad day at work yesterday,not particularly happy about it,but I will make it through this day and get to my holiday break and relax with the family.
Rain and wind have moved in,wind has not been too bad,but it is expected to get even stronger as the morning progresses.I tied down my two reindeer and snowman outside.My snowman would not appreciate taking another tumble like the other day.
There is a chance of a little light snow on Christmas day,but just enough to create a holiday scene,but this is not definite yet.
Bigger question is the possibility of a bigger storm next Wed or Thursday and still up in the air on where this tracks which will determine the precip type.
So I want to take this time to wish all my WU friends a Very Merry Christmas. I will be back next Wednesday,although I am oncall this weekend so you may see me post from time to time.

December 20th
Another above normal season.Something we are getting used to.With the unmistable change in our world climate,it looks like above normal months will be the norm for the foreseeable future.
December will definitely be above normal.Lots of artic air locked up in Canada and no mechanism to bring it down.Oh once in a while we will get artic intrusion,but they will be only temporary.Usually brought down by the passage of a strong system.Another strong system is moving through the midsection bringing blizzard conditions to the upper midwest,while we will be on the warm sector,with heavy rains and wind tomorrow.Then this will bring down some cold air that will last through the holidays.A very weak system may give a little light snow late Christmas eve or Christmas morning,but certainly won't amount to much if anything.May be another system mid next week,but that is not set in stone at this time.

December 19th
Another hump day.This week seems longer then most,because of the holiday break coming up(not that Im counting the days),the events in Newtown, Ct. and all the stories seem to go on and on,once we get into the winter months,all the weeks seem long.Then the holidays rush past quickly and we settle into the long January and February months.
The rains have stopped except for a few lt showers,but mostly cloudy skies and windy.Temps aren't all that cold,still around 40 this morning,but will be dropping tonight.Fairly nice day tomorrow,before another big storm for Friday,heavy rains and wind expected,but another warm event,while parts of the midwest experience blizzard conditions.So for the forseeable future,the storm track stays west of us,giving most of us rains.The holiday weather looks cold but dry.

December 18th
Woke to heavy rains this morning,which have since tapered to a few sc. lt showers.Things will slowly improve and tomorrow should be a fairly nice day.
Another large and wet storm will move in Thursday night into Friday,this will also be too warm for any snow.So for now the storm track is to the west of us,keeping it warm for these storms.Behind the Friday storm some artic air will move in.Probably the coldest air of the season.So Christmas should be chilly,but dry.

December 17th

Very stormy week ahead.Currently this morning our area is experiencing freezing rain.Car was coated in ice this morning and trees and wires are getting coated.If the warm air takes its time moving in,this could become more serious.warm air moves in tonight with some heavy rain,which will end the ice danger.
I have a lot of thoughts rolling through my brain about the events on Friday,but hard to focus on any one thing,other then the pictures I see of all those wonderful innocent lives that were cut short far too early.I just can't wrap my brain around the whole thing yet.So painful.My heart and prayers go out to all the families.

Updated: 5:40 PM GMT on December 22, 2012


calm before the storm

By: NEwxguy, 1:59 PM GMT on December 10, 2012

December 13th
Several quiet days ahead with near to slightly above normal temps.Then starting Sunday the plot thickens,as well as the clouds.Starting Sunday a series of systems move south of us.Sunday and Sunday a small weak system effects the area with mostly light snow interior,and a mix closer to the coast,amounts should be fairly light. Then a stronger system for Monday and Monday night,and the possibility of a strong nor'easter for Tues into Wednesday.The problem is there isn't any artic air around so precip type depends on how much cold air gets drawn down from Canada.We'll just have to wait until this weekend for a clearer picture.The Tues-Wed. storm could be a very strong storm with high winds,my guess is without any real cold air around this will probably be mostly rain,especially in southern new england.

December 12th
So that magical number combination has arrived.
All the weddings taking place today,with the assumption that will be a lucky for their marriage.If only it was that easy.Anyway,good luck to all those getting married today,and be sure to work at your marriage and don't sit back thinking those numbers are all you need.
Weatherwise,back to normal temps,was at 27 this morning,40's by day.Friday looks to be warm,then a cool down and all eyes turn to next week.Very stormy period ahead and uncertain,what kind of precip it will be.One strong coastal storm early next week.So stay tuned.

December 11th
So a front has moved offshore,bringing an end to our springlike weather.mid to upper 50's last evening.Took my evening walk in my spring jacket,and even that was pretty warm.Certainly doesn't inspire the Christmas feeling.But temps should slowly fall today and tonight will be back into the 20's,more December like.Should stay dry the rest of the week,and warming as the week goes on,with possible 50's again on Friday,before another front moves through on Saturday,then we have to watch a system for Sunday into Monday.Not a lot of cold air around,but enough to give snow to northern sections and we will have to wait and see for us here in southern new england,but looks to be mostly rain with a mix.

Crazy weather pattern across the country.Blizzard conditions out in the upper midwest,and we are expecting 60's today and many of the local area,but definitely 50's in southern new england.Front comes through tonight,with some heavy showers,about the time the patriots are playing the Houston Texans on Monday night football.Should be a great game between two very good teams.
The rest of the week should have more normal weather with a system sometime next weekend.

Updated: 2:00 PM GMT on December 13, 2012


unsettled weekend,but mild

By: NEwxguy, 2:27 PM GMT on December 03, 2012

December 7th
clouds have moved in quickly,won't see much sun for next 3 or 4 days,rain should move in this evening through most of tomorrow,then get a little break Saturday night and Sunday,before more rain moves in for Sunday night and Monday.

December 6th
Woke up to 27 degrees this morning,yesterday I woke up to 54 degrees,what difference a day makes.
Anyway,cool day today,struggle to reach 40,but then the trend is upward.Looks to be a very unsettled pattern into early next week,with periods of rain,starting late tomorrow.Not raining all the time,but periods.Should be a wet and windy game for the Patriots/Houston on Monday night.

December 5th.
Remarkable night temp wise,it was 58 degerees when I went to bed last night and was still 54 degrees when I got up.This kind of reminds me of our warm December last year.
But cold front has moved through,just a couple of very light showers.and winds have picked up from the wnw,and dropping temps especially this afternoon.Cold night tonight,and chilly day tomorrow,but a shortlived cool down as more warm weather moves in for the weekend,but unsettled weather right into next week.

December 4th
Dense fog out there this morning,travelers be careful.Should burn off by late morning.Another warm day but little sun,cold front during the night and turning much colder,then another warmup starting friday.Weekend does not look good,with periods of rain and mild temps.

December 3rd

Our first full week of December and we have above normal temps.It shot up to 50 in the evening last night after being in the 30's most of the day.Continued warmth through Tuesday,before we drop back to normal.
Exciting Patriots game yesterday. As always Miami gave them a battle down in Miami,but Patriots kept them at bay.

Updated: 2:05 PM GMT on December 07, 2012


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